Sunday, May 18, 2014

Should You Be Recruiting New Real Estate Agents?

     Any new real estate sales manager needs to understand that their job is to recruit new real estate sales associates.  New real estate sales associates are just like listings.  They, not only, generate income for the company, they have ancillary benefits.  New sales associates attract other new sales associates.  They attract more income to the company. 

     Most new real estate sales associates have a hard time learning that listing is more lucrative than working with buyers.  New real estate sales managers are the same way.  They have to learn that hiring a new sales associate is the most lucrative thing they can do as a real estate sales manager. 

     Just as a new real estate sales associate will work with a luke warm buyer that probably is not going to buy a house from anyone any time soon, a new real estate sales manager will work with, cajole, beg, beseech,  an unmotivated sales associate to work.  A good sales manager will advise their sales associate to forget that luke warm buyer and find a HOT prospect to work with.  A good sales manager will advise their sales associate to work with buyers that are ready and able to buy today.  Is this good advice for a rookie Realtor?  Is it?  If this requires more explanation, here is a link. 

     Here is the sales associate's problem.  It is the same as the sales manager's problem.  The sales associate works with the mediocre prospect because it is the only prospect he has.  If the sales associate had more prospecting skills, he would have more, therefore better prospects with which to work.  When Mr. Luke Warm called and said, "Let's  go look at some houses.", Mr. Sales Associate would reply with," If we find the home of your dreams, are you going to buy it?".  When Mr. Luke Warm tells him that he can't make a decision that fast, he tells Mr. Luke Warm that he is busy.  Call me back when you are ready to make a decision.  You can't be that way if you don't have plenty of prospects.

     Mr. Real Estate Sales Manager is in the same spot.  If he only interviews one candidate per month, he better hire that applicant even if he lazy, sloppy looking and smells like cigarettes.  If Mr. Sales Manager had better prospecting skills, he would have more, therefore better applicants.  Therefore, he would be more selective about who he hires.   Prospecting skills are the foundation.

     Any good real estate school wants to help you recruit new sales associates.  At Climer School of Real Estate, we have a recruiting bulletin board where you can put recruiting brochures.  We would also like to link to your website.  We invite any Realtor or builder or time share resort to drop by recruiting brochures and leave them on our recruiting table.  Any sales manager that wants to recruit new agents should take advantage of this.  It is easy and my students do call.

     Another easy way that new real estate sales managers can  recruit new sales associates is to call all the new applicants for a Florida real estate license.  The Department of Business and Professional Regulation publishes this list every Friday.  It is public information.  Why doesn't every sales manager in Florida call these people?  They are red hot prospects for what you are selling. Here are five hundred new prospects per week.  They will go to work for you or your competitor.  If you are looking to hire new real estate agents, this is like fishing in a barrel.   The DBPR's website is .  Subscribe to the list and start calling the ones in your zip code.  If you need any help with that, call Kathy at 407 822 3926. 

     If you place some brochures on our recruiting table and link to our website and start calling the new applicants for a Florida real estate license, it won't be long until you have plenty of prospects to recruit. 

     If you agents see you "cold calling"  new applicants, they might start calling fsbos and expired listings.  What would that do to your income?


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