Thursday, May 29, 2014

Should A Quality Florida Real Estate School Match Their Competitor's Price?

     I had lunch today with one of my customer's today.  He told me how he came to be my customer back in 2007.  He told me he had, at that time, a loyalty to my competitor.  He needed to take his post broker course to renew his Florida real estate broker's license.  Somehow, he became aware of Climer School of Real Estate and our lower price for the same course. He checked around and was assured that our quality was equal or better than our competitor.  He called our competitor and asked if they would match our price.  He told them that he would rather go to their real estate school due to loyalty but our price was much better and he could not detect any difference in the quality.  They would not match our price.  He came to Climer School of Real Estate for his post broker course that he needed to renew his Florida real estate license in 2007.

     He told us at lunch today, since 2007, he has taken all his continuing education from us and has referred many, many students to Climer S
chool of Real Estate.  That story is probably why our market share has been increasing since 2007 in Orlando and our competitor's has been decreasing.

     Should you match your competitor's price when a customer asks you to?  There is an old cliche in business, "You can not go wrong turning a profit.".  I think there is a lot to agree with there.

     Many business owners have a hard time understanding that customers have value beyond this transaction. If that competitor had met our price, they would not have lost money on the transaction.  They would have lost some profit but they would not have lost money.  They would have made some money.  With the decision that business owner made, he lost a customer.  He lost his future business and his future referrals. Some businesses are more dependent on on referrals than others.  In the Florida real estate school business, referrals are like oxygen.  Referrals are the lifeblood of our business.

     If you find a cheaper real estate course somewhere else, call Climer School of Real Estate  at 407 822 3926 and ask us what is the difference between that course and ours.

     Climer School of Real Estate wants your business and your referrals for the rest of your real estate career.     

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