Saturday, May 24, 2014

Help ! My Potential Customer Is Not Taking My Calls.

     Today, we have caller I.D. We have voice mail.  We have text.  It is harder to call someone, interest them, and talk to them.  I don't see any relief in sight .  This problem is going to get worse.  People are not going to talk with you unless they want to.

     Maybe part of our marketing plan should be to get them to want to listen to what we want to tell them.   How can we do that?

     Let's use an example of a couple that woke up this morning with a desire to move to a bigger house.  They want to sell their old house and buy a new house.  Is it a pretty good bet that they will Google "How to get your house sold in Orlando"  Maybe they will Google " How to get your house sold in College Park "

     Will your article that you wrote with that very title show up on Google?  If they Google" How to determine what your house in worth in Longwood Florida", will your You Tube video show up on Google?  Will it.  What will show up?  If they Google "Best Realtor in Altamonte Springs Florida", will you show up on page one of Google?  Will you show up on page two?  Will you ever show  up?  Will your webpage show up?  What about your blog, will it show up on Google?  What about your You Tube channel?  Do you have a You Tube channel? Does your competitor have a You Tube channel?  Does the top producer in your office have a You Tube channel?

     If you would start a You Tube channel and post a few videos about subjects that your prospects might be Googling, prospects will find you.  You want to have them call you.  You don't want to call them and interrupt them and try to talk to them when they don't want to talk to you.  By posting videos and articles on the internet, you can make yourself locally famous enough to make your phone ring.  They will call you.

     What if you sent out a letter every day to the fifteen expired listings in the MLS and suggested that they watch your You Tube video,"Why Your Listing Expired and What You Can Do to Solve The Problem".  Do you think some of them would watch it?  When they do,there you are telling them why they should call you.  Is your competitor doing that?  I will bet he is not.  If he is, you need to start just to keep up.  If he is not, you need to get more visible on the web, to get ahead of the competition.

     When you post a few videos on you tube, prospects will be attracted to them if you post about things that real estate prospects are interested in.  When they come to see your video, You Tube will direct them to your other videos.  They watch several of your videos and it makes sense to call you and see if you can help them get their house sold.  Can you take it from there?

     If you would start a blog today, in a very short time, you will have a lot of articles posted about subjects that a real estate prospect would want to read.  Someone might find one of your articles on Google.  They might read that article and be impressed enough to call you.  You could email a link to one of your articles to a FSBO or foreclosure victim.  He reads it.  He calls you.

     If you had started this two years ago, would it be doing you some good by now?  If you started it today, would it be doing you some good two years from now?

     The internet is where the market is today.  If you don't have a presence on the web, start today to solve this enormous problem.  If you are in business to make money, you MUST be present
on the web.

     Google yourself.  Google "Ron Climer".  Google "Cheapest Real Estate School in Orlando, Florida"


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