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Help! I Have My Florida Real Estate License But I Am Not Making Any Money

     Many people attend real estate school.  They get their Florida real estate license.  They embark on a new career.  It doesn't always work out the way they planned.

A Pre License Class At Climer School of Real Estate
     Real estate is sold on 100% commission.  To get commissions, someone has to sign a contract.  It seems that some new real estate agents do not understand this.  Unless you have a lot of money in the bank, you need to understand very quickly, how to get someone to sign a contract.

     The first thing you have to do is talk to someone.  Many agents go for days without speaking to a prospect.  That won't work.

     Let me start by giving you my definition of a prospect.  A prospect is someone that needs or wants your product, can afford it, and will likely buy it from you or your competitor in the near future.  There is a new word that many sales trainers are using today, leads.  I am not sure what a lead is but I think it is someone that has expressed a mild interest in your product.  If someone went to the company website and left their name and email address, that person would be a lead.  A real estate sales associate could contact them and find out if that lead is a prospect.  If you find out that the lead lives in New York and is planning on retiring to Florida in five years, that lead is not a prospect.  You have to talk to a prospect.  A prospect is going to buy from you or your competitor soon.  Where can you find prospects?  That is who you need to be talking to  if you have more money going out than coming in.

     When you talk to prospects,it is important what you say.  Learn to ask lots of questions.  Learn to use your customer's language.  Learn to get them to like you.  There is a lot to learn if you intend to make a good living selling real estate.

     Where can we learn everything we need to learn ?  Have you read a good book lately?  Have you read any books lately?  Have you read any books by Tom Hopkins or Seth Godin or Og Mandino or Ken Blanchard or Dale Carnegie or Napoleon Hill?  If not, when would be a good time to start?  Books are full of information about how to sell better, talk better, be better.  If you want to make a lot of money, you have to read.  There is an old cliche, "All readers are not leaders but all leaders are readers"  This is true.

     Where else can you learn to sell better?  Attend the training that you company provides.  Why would your company offer sales training to you if it were not worthwhile?  They would not.  If your broker provides training, find the time to attend.  What else are you doing with your time.  Unless you are talking to a prospect, you have time to attend the company training.

     Start to read.  Attend the company training.  There is a plethora of  information on line to help you sell better.  Get on line and start reading and writing.  Have you checked out Active Rain. com or Bigger or Trulia Voices. com or any of the other real estate learning websites that are there to teach you how to sell better.  Time is of the essence.  Depending on how much money you have, you have to learn to sell quickly.

     Once you learn how to close three or four transactions per month, then you can learn to be efficient. Then you can learn how to list and sell houses without so much rejection.  Start by learning how to get a listing.  That is a basic skill.  Let's go over that definition of a prospect, someone who needs or wants your product, can afford it and will likely buy it from you or your competitor in the near future.

     Where can we find a prospect?  Is a forsalebyowner a prospect?  Does he need your product, the services of a Realtor?  I think he does.  Can he afford it.  I think he can.  Is he going to list with you or your competitor soon?  I think so.  What are the odds that he will call you?  The odds are zero.  You could call him.  If you call, what are the odds that he will list with you?   The odds are good.  You look nice.  You dress well.  You have a pleasant personality.  You show up on time for your appointment.  You make a pretty good listing presentation.  You have a basic understanding of answering objections.

     If Mr. forsalebyowner does not list with you, what else could you be doing with your time?  You have practiced making an excellent presentation.  After you have practiced it a hundred times, you will get better. Don't you think.  If you called enough forsalebyowners to make one appointment per day, that is five per week.  Could you go see five prospects per week?  If twenty per cent of those prospects listed with you, that is fifty listings per year.  I think at least twenty per cent of those prospects would list with you.  If you don't know what to say to forsalebyowners,  watch this video.    

     Who else is a hot prospect?  Who else needs or wants the services of a Realtor.  What about expired listings.  In Orlando, fifteen listings expire in the Orlando Regional Realtor's Association's MLS every day.  Do they need a new Realtor?  Yes, they do.  Call them.  Go knock on their door.  They will list with you or your competitor today.  What else are you doing with your time?  Are you talking to prospects?  Are you face to face with a buyer or seller?  Are you?  If you are not face to face with a buyer or seller, you need to be calling prospects.

     Quit wasting your time.  Understand the previous sentence.  If you are not face to face with a prospect, how can you get face to face with a prospect?

     This is the essence of making money with a Florida real estate license.
  "How To Call Expired Listings"

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