Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Florida Real Estate Tutor

       A tutor; that is what we all need.  We need someone to take us by the hand, one on one, and teach us what we need to need to know to start making money in Florida real estate.

Ron Climer .Florida Real Estate Instructor
     Where can you find such a tutor?  To answer that question, you need to ask yourself a question,"Why do I want to learn this?  Why do I want to learn to make money in real estate?"  The answer is obvious, to make money.  Does it make sense that the tutor you are looking for would love to teach you?  Why?

     If you could think of a way to compensate someone that knows to teach you, you would have no problem  learning what you need to know.

     How can you compensate your teacher?  The most obvious way to compensate your teacher is to pay tuition or a similar fee in advance.  What is wrong with that?  The problem with that is you may pay your money and not get your money's worth.  The reverse of that is the teacher teaches you and you pay him when you lessons bear economic fruit.  The trouble with that is that the teacher's teaching will only bear fruit if the student does what the teacher teaches him to do.  Only the student has control of that.

     The student does not know if the teacher can teach and the teacher does not know if the student will learn and implement the lessons.  If you want to learn how to sell real estate or anything else, find someone that knows  what you want to learn.  Devise a way for that person to be compensated for teaching you.  Your career will start faster.       

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