Sunday, June 29, 2014

Give More Than You Get

     In bussiness, in social settings, and any other human interaction, give more than you get is a good axiom.  If you strive to give more than you get, you will always get more. 

Ron Climer believes that effort can never go unrewarded
     If you can,t accept this on faith, that is understandable.  It is very ambiguous.  Try to prove it to yourself.  Give this a try for about thirty days.  Think about a interaction you have.  Let's use your job as a n example.  Do you give your employer more than he pays for?  As Napoleon Hill calls it, do you go the "extra mile"?  If you don't give more than you get, don't expect a raise anytime soon.  If you do give more than you get, a raise is as inevitable as the sunrise. Here is a link with more detail on that.

      When you give more than you get, there is always a psychic debt to you.  If you get more than you give, you create a debt to the universe.  You will have to pay this debt with interest. 

     Is that right?  Does that make sense?  If your current employer doesn't recognize your talents and abilities, someone will.

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