Sunday, June 1, 2014

Lady Realtors Take Control of The Household Money Decisions

     In the June , 2014 issue of "Money" magazine, there was an article about relationships.  The article stated that if women earned more than their spouse, they were more likely to to be more involved in the decisions of how the money was spent, saved and invested.  We did not need "Money" to tell us that. 

     It dawned on me that any woman that is selling real estate should set a goal to make more money than her spouse.  That seems to be a very doable (is that a word?) goal.  If her husband is earning $100,000 per year.  That is $8333 per month.  What would it take to earn $8333 per month in real estate?

     If an average house in Orlando, Florida $163,000, that would make an average commission about $3000.  Three transactions per month would get the job done.  How many transactions did you do last month?  If you did two transaction last month, you would only need to increase your results by 50%.  Call more real estate prospects.  How many are you calling now?  How many have you called today?

     Calling real estate prospects is the essence of selling real estate.  If you want to make more money, you have to call more prospects. If any woman started calling just one more prospect per day than they are now, would that increase her income?  I think so.  That would be that one more transaction per month.

     What could a lady Realtor do to increase her income besides calling more prospects?   She could create a web presence to make her phone ring.  If you have a goal to make $100,000 per year selling real estate, it is axiomatic that you need a web presence.  It would seem very unlikely that a person earning $100,000 per year selling real estate could not be found on a Google search.  Many lady Realtors don't have a Linkin profile or their own web site or a blog or Zillow profile or a Trulia profile or a Google plus profile or an Active Rain profile.  A web presence is critical to big income in real estate sales. You must be visible on the internet.  When would be a good time to start?  If you want to earn $100,000 plus this year, post a You Tube video today.  Go answer a question on Trulia Voices.

      What else could a lady real estate agent do to increase her income?  What if she concentrating on increasing her commission per transaction.  Instead of listing at six per cent, what if she started asking for seven per cent or seven and a half?  That would put a few more shekels in her purse every year.  It would also make her listings sell faster.  Here are a few more tips to increase income. 

     I did mention that this needs to be a written down, committed to goal, didn't I?  Setting written down goals is the best way to change any situation.  It works extraordinarily well with income.  If you are ready to make more money than your husband, real estate is the perfect vehicle to accomplish that goal. 

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