Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mr. Sales Manager, What Is A Good New Real Estate Agent Worth?

     Many sales managers and brokers admonish their sales associates for not prospecting enough.  These brokers should lead by example.  Do your agents call forsalebyowners and expired listings?  Maybe they would if they heard you on the phone calling the new Florida real estate exam candidates from the DBPR list.  It comes out every Friday.  In central Florida, there are about one hundred new applicants for a Florida real estate license on this list.  Half of them are looking for a place to start their new real estate career.

Half of these real estate license applicants are looking for a broker
     Why don't you call them?  You could call the ones in your zip code.  If you don't have the list, call Kathy at 407 822 3926.  She will show you how to get it from the DBPR for free.  If you called the list and hired one agent, how much would that agent be worth to you?  Let's say you started that agent on a sixty forty split.  If he earned $30,000 for himself, he would earn $20,000 for the company.  Did I do that math right?  If he stayed with you for five years, is that $100,000?  If you don't call him, your competitor will.  What are the odds that Mr. Real Estate License Applicant will call you?  I think those odds are pretty slim.  If you call him and invite him to come interview with you, he probably will.

     Why don't your real estate agents call fsbos and expired and other luke warm prospects?  You know why.  They don't want to be rejected.  Why don't you call the DBPR list?  We know this will work.

     A broker or sales manager's job is to recruit.  Just as listing is the most lucrative thing a sales associate can do is get a new listing, recruiting a new agent is the most lucrative thing a sales manager can do.  Lead by example.  Call a recruiting prospect.

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  1. preach it Ron! Actually don't, your giving away my secrets! :)