Friday, June 27, 2014

Keeping Your Real Estate Attitude Positive

     Most of us will agree that a positive attitude is a good thing.  How can we keep our attitude positive?  I saw a great picture on Facebook this morning.  It was a picture of a pride of lions marching towards the camera.  The caption read," Surround yourself with people that are on the same mission as you."   What a great thought.  Who you associate with will affect your success more than just about anything.  Associate with winners.  Hang around with winners.  Eat lunch with winners.  Spend your leisure time with winners.  Stay away from losers and whiners.  One of my students asked me how can you tell the winners from the losers.  It is simple.  The winners are winning and the losers are losing and whining about it.

     Have you invited the top producer in your office to lunch, lately?  Invite the top producer in your office to lunch and listen, listen, listen.  Be sure to pick up the check.  Associate with winners.  When that whiner invites you to lunch, decline.  Associate with winners.

     Activity is the killer of a bad attitude.  Fill your day with productive prospecting activity.  If you are my friend on Facebook, I send you a message every day to call a prospect, today.  This is the magic of sales.  This is the "Open Sesame" of real estate sales.  Calling prospects, like most positive activities, has ancillary benefits.  The primary benefit of calling prospects is that you get appointments to make presentations.  The other benefit is you just feel good about yourself.

     You sit down and you call about ten prospects.  You know that you are doing something that ninety per cent of the Realtors in Florida can not do.  They do not know how to do this.  They are afraid.  You are doing it. You are not afraid.
You are doing it.  You are calling prospects every day.  It doesn't take long until you realize you are in a very elite group.  Activity cures a lot of negative feelings.  Engage in positive, productive activities.  Whoever coined the phrase,"An idle mind is the devil's workshop" must have been a sales manager.

     Feed your mind the right stuff.  Advertisers spend zillions of dollars to feed your mind.  They would not do this if it did  not work.  Feed your mind positive stuff.  Listen to positive, motivational, educational recording in your car.  Read a good book.  It is so easy today.  Books are online.  They are cheap or free.  The public library is free.  There is so much that you need to know.  How is your listing presentation?  There is a program for that.  How is your objection answering skill?  There is a recorded program for that.  Can you close?  There is a program for that.  Constant learning is necessary in the twenty first century.  Do you have written down committed to goals?  There is a program to learn how to do that.  How is your web presence?  There is a learning program for that.   Feed your mind.  Audio, video, and books are available.  It is your choice.  The choices you make today create your tomorrow.  You can spend your non working time any way you like. Start a book today.  Visit the library today.  Call a prospect today.   

     Measure your success.  If you are on the road to success, you need to know where you are.  I presume you have written down, committed to goals.  I presume this because, if you don't, it is almost impossible to stay positive.  If you don't have written down, committed to goals, solve this problem today.

     Take your goal and break it down to THIS month.  Let's say your goal is to list four houses this month.  Do the arithmetic.  Make yourself a chart like a thermometer and track your progress.  Chart how many prospects you have called.  Chart how many listing appointments you have been on.  This is , not only, good for your spirit, it helps you learn what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong.  There is no other way to know.

     Stay positive.  Associate with winners.  Stay active doing positive, productive prospecting work.  Feed your mind with positive educational material.  Chart your progress.  It won't be long until some rookie is calling you and inviting you to lunch.  Call a prospect, today.

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