Monday, April 11, 2011

Not All Readers are Leaders But All Leaders Are Readers

Learn, Learn, Learn. Whenever you do something new, learning is the laborious part.  Everything is hard, Everything is strange. 
   Put learning at the top of your agenda if you are new in real estate.  You need to learn technical knowledge like how to fill out a contract.  You need to learn salesmanship knowledge like how to ask the right questions.  You have to learn lots of stuff.  How can you learn quickly? Study, read, And attend seminars. Read anything you can find; books, magazine articles.  Get some books on disc and listen to it in the car all the time.  This is effortless. 
   The Board of Realtors has lots of classes for you to attend.  Attend them.  It is hard to know which is good and which is a waste of time.  If it is free, you can always leave. 
   Another good way to learn is to read good books. Ask successful Realtors what to read.  If I could recommend one book to new real estate agents, It would be" The Greatest Salesman in the World " by Og Mandino. Get this book and read it.
   If you are new in real estate and you are not a reader, start reading now. You do not have to do it forever.  Just do it until you know enough. How do you know when you know enough? You are making so much money,  you can not spend it all. 
   Ask your successful co-workers what they are doing that is working. Put as much effort into learning as you do into working. If you do a open house on Sunday afternoon, take a good book with you.While you are in the car, listen to Tom Hopkins or some sales trainer that will help you make money.If your company has training, be there. Attend Climer School of Real Estate's " Getting Started Right" 45 hour course.
   You will amaze yourself at how fast you will learn. Before you know it, someone will be asking you for advice.

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  1. Great advice! Have you read the book Drive yet? it's about how people are motivated. It's a great book and makes lots of sense. I think you'd like it. Check it out!