Friday, April 8, 2011

Real Estate Basic,The Sixty Second Introduction

   Why would anyone want to read my blog?  I am hoping because I might have something worthwhile to say.  If you have ever heard my two minute lesson on introductions that I do at the beginning of my forty five hour post license class, you may remember that try to teach you to memorize a sixty second introduction for yourself that you can use over and over and over and over at any meeting you ever go to.  I suppose I do this with so much tongue in cheek that most people do not think I am serious.  The truth is I could not be more serious.  I think if some new real estate licensee said to me, " Andy teach me something in one minute that will make me money."  This is what I would teach that person.
   Take time at home or at the office to write and memorize a sixty second introduction for yourself that you can use at every Board of Realtors function, meeting,class or event that you find yourself attending. The group leader says," Let's go around the room and introduce ourselves." This is no pressure if you have had this memorized for a while.  It does not matter how many people you meet, It matters how many people like you and remember you.
   My memorized introduction goes like this.  " Hello I am Andy Brown from The Climer School of Real Estate. I meet people that are broke destitute and desperate and turn them into semi millionaires in a one week class. If you know any broke, destitute, and desperate people that want to be semi millionaires, send them to us. My phone is 407 822 3926 of if you have a computer, we are"
   I am serious. This usually gets a laugh.  I would like to be believe that the audience remembers that more than," Hey I'm Andy from Orlando" It is working for me but it is hard to teach. Try it.
   I am thinking of changing the name of  forty five hour class to "Getting Started Right".  I believe the first ninety days are the most critical to your sucess. This blog is  for that period of time

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