Monday, April 18, 2011

Selling Real Estate By Asking Questions

Can I teach you to ask questions?  Is this the best way to sell?  Yes it is.  Is it hard to learn?  Yes but it is worth the effort.
   When you ask people a question, they have to think.  You can control what they think with the questions you ask.  Do you agree? 
   There are different types of questions.  For now, lets concentrate on asking a question as opposed to making a statement.  Questions are better.  That is a statement.  Are questions better?  Isn't that better?
   Learning to answer a question with a question is a skill you need to master if you want to be a super salesman.  You do not need this skill to be mediocre.  It takes time and it takes practice.  When would be a good time to start?  Did you answer right now?  If you did, you are correct.  A perfect place to practice is with incoming phone calls.  Mr. Caller is going to do what is natural.  He is going to ask you a question.  If you do what comes naturally, you lose.
   Hello XYZ Realty
   Hello, How much is that house at 123 Residential Street?
   It is one hundred thousand dollars
   OK thanks good bye

   Can we improve on that?
   Hello XYZ Realty
   Hello How much is that house at 123 Residential Street?
   The price of that house is one hundred thousand dollars. Are you calling from the driveway or are you calling from somewhere else?
   You tell me.  Which is better, the natural response or the planned response?
   I believe the natural response is better.  It is pretty unlikely you will hear ,"Thanks Good bye".  It is almost for certain that you will hear that with the natural response.  Start practicing now. 
   Questions are a skill you have to learn.  To learn it, you have to work at it.  You can practice all the time.  The next time someone asks you a question, answer it with a question. 
   Spouse" What is for dinner?"
   You "What would you like?
   You "Would you prefer I overcook it in a pan or would you rather we have a perfectly cooked steak in a nice restaurant?"
   Spouse " I certainly don't want an overcooked steak"
    You "So you want to take me out to a restaurant.  Let's go . I am ready right now.  Shall we take your car or mine?"
   Opportunities to practice are everywhere.  You have to work at it. Answer a question with a question.

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