Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Start Your Real Estate Career with More Questions

   There are several formats of questions.  One form is what I call "True or False".  This is where you ask Mr. Seller, "Is this true? Overpriced houses do not sell."  You could just state this as a statement.  It is so much more effective when you ask Mr. Seller is it true.  It requires a response.  When it is a statement, it requires no response.  You need a response and you need to anticipate what that response will be. 
   If I say to Mr. Seller, "Are you in a hurry to sell or are you hoping it takes a long time?", I have a pretty good idea which choice he will take.  If I say to Mr. Foreclosure victim,"Are you gong to list your house with me today or would you rather it be sold at a foreclosure auction so you can be sued for a deficiency judgement?".  I am pretty sure what the answer to that alternate of choice question will be.  If I say, " Mr. Seller, do you want to accept this offer now or wait six months for another one?"  If they do not accept that offer, I have still conveyed a message that would not be well received as a statement.  Alternate of choice is a perfect way to show people, with a question, what is the right choice. 
   Start now to practice asking questions every day. Practice is how it becomes natural. Let me ask you a question.  If there was a way to accelerate your learning to sell better, would you want to take advantage of it?  If you answered yes, check out my forty five hour post license class.  This is just one of a dozen sales skills you can learn in this class.  You have to take this class somewhere before you renew your real estate the first time.  Why not take it at Climer School of Real Estate in Orlando.  Call Kathy at 407 822 3926 or www.climerrealestateschool.com

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