Friday, August 26, 2011

Active Prospecting Will Make You Money

   I can tell you for certain, if you do not actively prospect, you will not make much money in real estate sales. 
   If you have not started a blog. now would be a good time to start. The number one source of prospects for new Realtors is people you already know.  Send your friends and relatives a letter, email, card., phone call,text or something to let them know you are in real estate.  Ask for referrals.
   You get what you give.  Have you sent a referral to your friend lately?   Have you sent a referral to your hairdresser, your doctor, your mechanic, your dentist,  your CPA?  When you meet people that need their services, refer them to your lawn maintenance man,  your plumber your locksmith.  Tell them I sent you.  It makes a difference. 
   Prospect.  Find prospects.  Call prospects.  Forsalebyowners,  expired listings, and  foreclosure victims are obvious prospects. Call them.  Unless you are so busy you don't have time to cash a commission check, you have time to contact these people and ask them to list with you.  They will list with you or they will list with your competitor.  That is for certain.
   Prospecting is an essential skill.  Learn to prospect.
   Ron Climer   Orlando, Florida

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