Sunday, August 14, 2011

Call 911, Then Ask Questions

   At Climer School of Real Estate, recently, we had an incident that amazed me. 
   My classroom was in a twenty unit office building.  We were the first door inside.  One day during lunch, a woman came  running into the classroom and yelled, "Help, help, call 911, call the police,help,help".  There was four people in that room.  I was not one of them. Not one of those four people dialed 911 even though every one of them had a phone in their hand. 
   Nobody is going to be mad at you for dialing 911.  As this story turned out, her boyfriend was beating her up in the parking lot.  One of the men in my classroom went outside and took care of the situation.  That is very dangerous.  Nobody ever called 911.
   This morning as I was out walking, I ran into  one of my neighbors.  He mentioned that one of my other neighbors' front door was kicked down. He spotted this yesterday.  Had he called 911? NO!  Here is what you need to know.  At the least hint of any thing out of the ordinary, call 911.  Let the police figure out the details.  No one will ever be mad at you for over reacting.  The problem is under reacting.
   In my neighborhood where I live, we had a community meeting where the police came out and talked to us.
   This meeting had a stellar turnout because a family in our neighborhood had a group of thieves back a U Haul truck up and empty their house. Neighbors saw the truck but it did not seem unusual enough to dial 911.  After that meeting if a U Haul drives down the street, we all call 911.  Don't wait for someone to tell you. Don't ask anyone's permission. Just dial 911.  Teach your kids the same thing. 

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