Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Instant Rapport Is An Essential Skill

   Of all the skills you need to develop, establishing instant rapport is the most important.
   How many times have you been to a sales training seminar and had the trainer tell you, "Don't take rejection personally.  It is a numbers game.  The more you see , the more you sell."  That last sentence is true.  "Don't take it personally."  That is BULL. 
   The number one reason that someone that has heard your presentation does not list with you is because they don't like you personally.  They just don't like you.  If I could find a way to sugarcoat it, I would.  I can't. 
   You need to be more loveable if you want to make more money.  This is simple.  This is true.  Are you working at making yourself more loveable?  Are you? 
   Do you make a conscience effort to smile?  If your answer is no, when would be a good time to start?
   Do you need any scientific evidence that people like people that smile?  Smile.  It is almost magic.  Most sales people do not smile enough.  Stand out. Smile too much.
   You can wait until you are face to face with a prospect to practice.  Or, you can start practicing right now.  You can practice on the clerk at the convenience store.  You can practice on the toll taker.  If you practice enough, you will get good at it.  If you want your prospects to like you, smile at them. 
   It is so simple.  If you are new in real estate sales, let this be your first new habit.  Smile.
   If you want your customers to like you, call them by name.  Everyone loves the sound of their own name.  Get their name right when you first meet them and use it a lot. 
   In my post license class at Climer School of Real Estate, I teach my students how to better remember names.  It still amazes me that people brag about how bad they are at remembering names.  Students declare "I can't remember names." like there is a prize for the person that can forget names the fastest.
   When you meet someone important, do you remember their name?  Yes you do.  If your prospect is important, maybe it is important to remember their name.  It will certainly make them feel important.  They will probably like you.  They will probably list with you. 
   Ron Climer   Orlando, Florida

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