Friday, August 26, 2011

Ask Questions For More Rapport

   If you want people to like you, understand this.  The more they are like you, the more they like you.  In sales training at Climer School of Real Estate, we call this common ground.  Discover common ground between you and your prospect.  Discover that you both collect stamps or you both belong to the same group or you both like antiques or whatever.  How do you discover this?  Ask questions. 
   The magic word is discover. To discover things, ask questions.  Form a habit of asking questions.  If you are going out to visit a new listing prospect for the first time, ask questions.  Ask lots of questions.  Ask open ended questions.  That is questions that can not be answered with a yes or no.  Questions like:
Where are you moving?
Why are you moving?
When you visited there, what was it like?
What is your new job?
   Ask people questions about their stuff.  If they have an antique, where did you find that?  If they have a boat, where do you go fishing?  Catch anything?   As long as you are asking questions, you are building rapport.  When you are asking questions, the other guy is talking.  Most people would rather talk than listen. The more they talk, the more you listen, the better they like you.  If your goal is to establish rapport, let them talk.  Listen.  Be interested.  Do not worry about being interesting.  Be interested.  That is enough.
   They do not want to hear your stories.  They want to tell you theirs.  You can tell if they want to hear your stories.  They will ask you.  Until they do, remember why we are here.  This is not play.  This is work.  Work at establishing rapport.  Work at getting people to like you.  If it was easy, they would lower the commission.  Work at it.  It is worth the effort

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