Friday, October 21, 2011

A Few Suggestions To Increase Your Income

   In today's world, it would seem that anyone and everyone would be interested in increasing their income.  Here is a few suggestions that anyone can do, starting now.
   Work harder.  That seems simple.  It is simple.  If you work as a salesman, make more calls and be more effective with those calls.  If you work by the hour, work more hours. I am certain you can volunteer to work more. Let your co workers know, that if they ask you to work their shift, you will say yes. 
   Stay busy at work.  Be tired when you leave at the end of the day.  Wait on more customers.  Do more of what you are paid to do and do it better than your co workers.  It is simple and it will increase your income. 
   Learn more.  Start learning. Learn about your products.  Learn about current events.  Learn about stuff that is important to your boss.  Keep learning.  Read a book or two.  Attend a seminar.  Learn skills that will make you more effective at your job. 
   Computer skills are available for anyone to learn. Learn a foreign language.  Learn another foreign language. 
   Create a blog on the internet and become known as an expert in your field.  Anyone can do this if they will.
   Here is an idea that will increase your income.  Invest more wisely.  Figure out ways to get a better yield on your investments that you have.  Don't have any investments?  Start saving ten per cent of your income and get some interest.  That will increase your income.
   Focus your thoughts and energy on making more money.  You will amaze yourself.

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