Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Strongest Force In The Universe

   The strongest force in the universe is the power of habit.  Napoleon Hill called it cosmic habit force.  Habit is powerful medicine.  Og Mandino's "The Greatest Salesman In The World" says " Form good habits and become their slave."  We are slaves to habits.  Be sure you have good habits. 
   The habit of saving would be a good habit to acquire.  It is just a habit.
   The habit of reading might be a good habit.  Some people read one book per year.  Some people read one book per week.  It is just a habit.
   The habit of exercise is a winner.  Some people get up every morning, brush their teeth (that is a habit) and put on their running shoes and hit the road every day.  There is a good habit. 
   The habit of smiling is another good one.  Some people smile almost all the time and other people prefer to frown.  I wonder why those frowners prefer to frown.  I think it is just habit.
    Giving compliments would be a good habit to form if you don't have it already.  Some people always have a compliment ready.  What a great habit.
    What about the habit of telling your loved ones that you love them?  Can you overdo that?  I don't think so.
   The habit of prospecting is a great habit if you are in sales.  Sometimes habits get dull and boring.  Too bad.  It is hard to get really good at something without a little boredom creeping in. 
   Here is a good idea.  What if you had a habit of always returning phone calls promptly?  That would enhance your business reputation.  You probably already have that habit.  I hope so.
   As something becomes a habit, it gets easier and easier to do.  Pretty soon, it is easier to do it than it is not to do it. 
    Form good habits and become their slave.

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