Saturday, October 1, 2011

October First, A New Beginning

    At Climer School of Real Estate, September 30th is a busy day.  Kathy and I turned down a social invitation last night because it was September 30th. 
    Twenty five per cent of  Florida real estate licenses expire on September 30th.  A lot of Florida real estate licenses expired yesterday, needlessly.

    The reason Kathy and I have to stay home on September 30th is because many real estate agents take their real estate post license course online and finish it at 10  P.M. on September 30th.  They email Kathy and she issues them a certificate from Climer School of Real Estate before midnight.  I tell Kathy this is beyond the call of duty, but she does it every year on September 30th and March 31st.
    Here is the sad part of this story.  Many on line students procrastinate.  There is nothing new about procrastination.  It is certainly expensive. 
    Many on line post license students purchase an on line course and don't work on it for several months.  Then on September 28th or March 28th, they kick into action and are chagrin to learn that they failed.  When you fail the on line post license real estate course, you have to wait thirty days to take it again.  You cannot wait thirty days if your license expires in two days.  What to do? 
    There are two solutions to this problem.  Solution number one is to buy another post license course at an expense of $150.  Solution number two is to let your real estate license become NULL and VOID, an equally expensive solution.
    Maybe this article is preaching to the choir.  Maybe it is not.  Check your expiration date. It is on your Florida real estate license.  Check your license. Look at it. Do not let your Florida real estate license expire.  Do not wait until the eleventh hour to take your post license course.  An expired license can be terribly expensive.
    If you need a laugh and a lesson, watch my video on You Tube, " If You Don't Keep Your License Active" Our user name is Climerschool.

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