Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Who Says Bumblebees Can Fly?

   I don't usually answer the phone at Climer School of Real Estate.  This day I did.  I enrolled a student that told me she was a Mary Kay pink Cadillac winner. I was impressed.  I told her so. 
   When Darlene Misciagno came into class on October first, within three minutes she knew everyone in the room.  The entire class seemed like old friends that had got together for a class reunion.
   A week long 63 hour pre license real estate class is not easy.  It is very stressful on most of the students.  They worry about passing my class at Climer School of Real Estate.  They worry about passing the Florida real estate exam.  These fears are legitimate.  The Florida real estate test is not easy.  The state wide pass rate is 52%.  Lots of people fail that test.
   I never heard Darlene say, " I can't ".  I think they teach you not to say that at Mary Kay.  She certainly showed some signs of stress.  She studied.  She encouraged her classmates to study.  She orchestrated coffee and snacks.  She was the first to buy a Climer School of Real Estate T shirt.  She brought a gift to the teacher on test day.
   Classes, like people, have personalities.  There are certain characters that are in most classes.  There is a class clown. There is a class cynic.  There is a class plodder.  There is a class grouch. and sometimes, with a little luck, there is a class leader. 
   Some classes have better leaders than others, but few classes have better leaders than our Mary Kay pink Cadillac winner, Darlene.
   As a spectator, from where I am standing, I don't always see classroom dynamics but I always see the results.  Good leaders create rapport within the class.  I can not explain rapport but I can tell when a class has it and when they don't. 
   I try to encourage class rapport but I can not make it happen. Only a class leader can make it happen.  Sometimes students pitch in and work together and sometimes they don't.
   In Darlene's class everyone helped each other.
   Leadership is a skill.  Leadership is a learnable skill
   If you find yourself in Clarmont, Florida and you see a pretty lady driving a pink Cadillac, tip your hat, honk your horn and wave.
   It is probably Darlene.  If you would like to learn some leadership skills and get your own pink Cadillac, call Darlene at 352 241 6363


  1. You nailed it Ron. Met Darlene about 15 years ago at a t-ball game. Our sons where on the same team. That afternoon she invited us to a BBQ and have been best Friends since. She is an amazing and a beautiful soul to have in your life.

  2. Oh, remember the first day I saw Darlene. She had pulled up to me and my husband and he looked at her and said " that women has something special about her and its not just her beauty" Few momths later we met her in person and he was right Darlene always looks at life as a gift even when it is falling apart around her. I only wish i had half her spirit

  3. Knowing Darlene since she was in grammar school, this truly summarizes her inner spirit. What a beautiful testimony to the energy and enthusiasm that she has always had. Some people just have that uplifting quality in their soul...Darlene you are a beauty both inside and out!

  4. I'm glad you enjoyed having Darlene in your class. She asked me where I took my Real Estate class and I told her, "you HAVE to go see Ron Climer at Climer School of Real Estate! He is the best!" I'm glad she did. I'm so happy you both experienced a great class with the "class rapport" that is so important in a tough Real Estate class.

    I remember taking my pre-licensing class and post-license class with Ron several years ago. We had that type of rapport in our class as well. It made the class enjoyable and a great learning environment. I passed the test on the first sitting and I know that Ron's teaching style and knowledge, not to mention his sense of humor, was the reason I learned as much as I did, as quickly as I did. Thanks Ron. Stay well and God Bless.