Saturday, March 3, 2012

Can I Teach You To Communicate With Questions

     Can I teach you to communicate with questions?  Do you want to learn this skill?  If you will learn this  skill, you will sell more real estate. 

     Don't tell people that the sky is blue.  Ask them, " What color is the sky?"
     Don't tell people that their payments are $1000 per month.  Ask them," Is $1000 a month comfortable?"
     Don't tell people that kids go to XYZ  school.  Ask them, "Is XYZ school the school you want?"
     Don't tell the people that the house has a pool.  Ask them, ' Do you think the kids will enjoy the pool?"
     Don't tell them that your company advertises on TV.  Ask them," Have you seen our ads on TV?"
     Don't tell people that classifieds ads don't work.  Ask them if they read classified ads?
     Don't tell them that your company has all the tools to get their house sold. Ask them, "Do you think the tools I have shown you  is enough to get your house sold?"
     Don't tell people the weather is wonderful.  Ask them, "What do you think about this weather?"

     What is the difference?  Can you see the difference?  If you can see the difference, how would it affect your income if you started asking instead of telling?  Why don't you try it?

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