Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Twenty First Century Reputation

     Times have changed.  It is the twenty first century.  The internet is a business reality. 

     Granpa created his reputation over a lifetime.  Today your reputation is on line. Whether you like it or not.

     Do you have a You Tube account?  Can I look on You Tube and learn anything about you?

     Do you have a website?   Can I Google you and find out about you and your business?  Are there any Google reviews for or against you that I will see when I Google you? 

     What if I go to Facebook?  will I find you?  What do people say about you? 

     Is anyone following you on twitter?  Are you following any one? 

     Do you have a profile on Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Trulia, Active Rain Linkdin?  If not, why not?

     Have you written any blogs?  Are they worth reading?  If not, why not?

     Do you submit articles to Ezine or any other on line publication?

     You can ignore the internet today.  It certainly is expensive to do so. 

     Create a web presence for yourself.  I can't think of anything you might be doing where a strong web presence won't help you.

     If you don't know where to start, open a Google account.  Start a blog on eblogger.  It is free.  If you are in real estate, open a free account at Active Rain.  Open an account at Trulia.  Open a Zillow account.  Open a Facebook account. 

     This is not rocket science.  This is not a goofy idea.  This is what customers, clients, prospects employers and employees expect from you in the 21st century.

     Don't wait.  You have waited too long already.

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