Saturday, March 24, 2012

Can You Get Real Good Real Fast?

     Yes you can get really good, really fast.  It is amazing how quickly you can improve sales skills once you are aware that you need to and you start working at it.

     Answering questions with a question is a skill that I teach in my 45 hour post license class at Climer School of Real Estate.  This is a pretty basic skill in salesmanship.  A lot of my students have never heard of this before.  This is a essential skill to learn.  I encourage my students to start practicing this all the time, not just when you are with customers. 

     When their fellow student asks,"Where shall we go to lunch today?".  They reply" We could go to Nick's Diner or we could go to The Wing House.  Which do you prefer?"  Ending with a question has multiple benefits.  If nothing else, it keeps the conversation going. The other party has to respond.

     I encourage them to ask more questions when they are showing houses to buyers.  Ask them questions and learn about them. Ask them questions about their hobbies.  Ask them questions about their kid's hobbies.  Ask them questions about their old house in Chicago.  Ask them questions about their new job.  Ask them questions about everything.  Keep asking questions. 

     The natural next step would be to learn to answer questions with a questions.  When they ask questions like,"Are there lots of kids in the neighborhood?", you can reply "Are you familar with the fair housing act of 1968?"

     When they ask, "Will the sellers take less?".  You can reply," How much did you want to offer?"  When they ask you, "Will the sellers hold a mortgage?", you can reply,"How much did you want to put down?".  When they ask,"Will the sellers leave the swing set?", you can reply "Did you want me to put that in  the contract offer?". 

     You don't have to always answer a question with a question.  It is OK to answer their question and add a question.  Such as:  They ask," What is the price of that house at 123 Main street?".  You reply,"It is 295,000 dollars.  Is that a comfortable price for you?"   They ask,"Is that house in the XYZ school district?"  You reply,"Yes, it is.  How many children do you have?"

     Start practicing asking questions and start answering questions with a question.  The next time someone asks you," Where should I go to real estate school to get my Florida real estate license?" You can respond with a question,"Did you want to go to the best real estate school in Orlando?  Have you been to Climer School of Real Estate's website at ?"

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