Sunday, March 18, 2012

I Hate No. I Like To Hear Yes

     If You have a Florida real estate license that has never been renewed, here is four little questions that could change your life, increase your income, make your real estate career so much more interesting,teach you so much stuff you won't believe it.

     Is that a big stack of promises?  Don't take my word for it, just try asking these four little questions.

     Start by finding a bunch of phone numbers for a bunch forsalebyowners.  I assume you know what that is.  Where do you find these phone numbers?  You can find them in the front yards of prospects.  You can find them in newspapers where prospects advertise.  You can find them on websites where prospects advertise.  They are everywhere and they want to sell their houses.  They want to sell their houses and they are not listed with a Realtor.  Is that a prospect?  What if I told you ninety per cent of them will list with a Realtor soon?  Is that a hot prospect?  If that is not a hot prospect, what is?  These guys are hot prospects by any definition. 

     Dial the number.  Ring,ring "Hello"

     "Is this the folks with the house for sale?"  Isn't that a great question?  I want you to ask questions that they will say yes to.  Unless you misdialed you are going to get a yes.  I love yes. It is music to my ears.  " Yes, this is the people with the house for sale."  I love yes. I hate no. Yes. It just feels good.
Isn't  that wonderful? Yes.  Feel that yes.  Listen to that yes.  It is motivating. Yes. I can hardly wait to ask the next question.

     " Is it still for sale?"  Yes again.  This is fabulous.  I love it.  I feel so accepted.  I feel loved.  Yes.  It is music to my ears.  Yes.  It is becoming a habit. Let's go with the next question.

      "This is Ron Climer with XYZ Realty are you folks working with Realtors by that I mean if I had a customer could we work something out?"  Say that the way I punctuated it.  My eighth grade English teacher would give me a F for that sentence.  Say it the way I punctuated it.  You will hear a yes.  "Yes, if you had a customer, we could pay you some commission."  Yes, yes, another yes.  I love it.  This is too easy. This is almost fun.  I love yes.  Yes.  I am affirmed.  I am complete.  Yes.  I love hearing yes.  Yes is exhilarating.  I am so excited I can hardly remember the next question. 

     "Great.  Could I stop by and take ten minutes and look at your house this afternoon at two or would five be better for you?"   " Sure, We will be glad to take ten minutes and show you our home.  Could you make it five thirty?"   Another yes.  I am loving this.  This is too good to be true but it is true.  I love yes.  It is too cool.  This is fantastic.  Yes, yes, yes.  Here comes the next question.

     "Can you give me the address and directions?"  Yes, they know their own address.  Another yes.  If I can only get as many yesses on the next call.  I love yes.

     If people are giving you a bunch of no's, maybe you are asking the wrong questions.  Try these from Ron.

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