Monday, March 26, 2012

What A Wonderful Career Selling Real Estate

     Have I told you what a wonderful job selling real estate is?  How much money do you want to make?

     Fifty thousand per year, one hundred thousand per year, can you do that?  Where do you work now?  What do you do?  Is someone paying you by the hour?  Is someone paying you by the week or month? 

     Do they pay you whether you produce or not?  Many people don't produce.  That is OK.  A security guard at the bank doesn't produce anything but he is essential.  A salesman at a furniture store produces sales.  Isn't the furniture deliveryman just as essential as the salesman to the sucess of the business?  Yes, he is.  The deliveryman can not do more.  He can only deliver as much furniture as the salesman sells.  The way he gets paid is out of his control. 

     In real estate, the real estate salesman gets paid almost always on commission.  Since this is true, your potential to earn money is vast.  All you have to do to make more money is sell more houses.  This sounds simple.  It is simple. 

     The security guard at the bank is told by his boss when to show up at work and when to go home.  This is not the case in real estate.  No one tells you when to start or when to call it a day.  If you want to make more money, more than you want to relax, show up early and leave late.  You don't have to do that but it is an option if you want to make more money. 

     Another option is to be more effective with every customer that you deal with. Most real estate salesmen that do well have learned sale more by being more effective and to sell more by understanding people and salesmanship.  They have learned how to ask the right questions and say the right things at just the right time. 

     This information and education is available to those that want to learn it and make more money. 
     Prospecting for customers is a learned skill.  Learning to ask the right questions to qualify a buyer for a certain mortgage amount is also a learned skill.  Most new Realtors learn this skill very quickly.  Most real estate agents that are doing well have learned to manage their time.  They do the important stuff first and let the unimportant stuff go. 

     Almost all the people that start selling real estate and stay with it move their income up.  Some move it up a lot.  Some move it up a little.  Some move their income up quickly.  Some move it up slowly.  almost all real estate increase their income as the years go by. 

     One day, it gets so easy, you can not imagine doing anything else.

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