Sunday, March 4, 2012

How To Get Your First Listing

     You graduated from Climer School of Real Estate.  You passed the Florida real estate exam.  The Department of Business and Professional Regulation has issued your Florida real estate license.  You have an employer.  You have one thousand new business cards.  You have already mailed out 200 Ijustgotintorealestate letters to your 200 closest friends.  Not one of those friends has called to list their house with you.  How can you get that first listing.

     You could call a for sale by owner.  You could call a expired listing.  You could call a foreclosure victim.

     What if one of your 200 friends called you and wanted to list his house?  Do you know how to fill out the paperwork?  If not, when would be a good time to learn how to fill out the paperwork?  If you do not know how to fill out the paperwork, you can not get a listing unless you meet a prospect that knows how to fill out the paperwork.  Good luck with that.

    Step one: Learn to fill out the necessary paperwork.
    Step two: Contact some one that wants to sale their house.  Who would that be?  For sale by owners want to sale their house.  Expired listings want to sale their house.  Foreclosure victims should want to sale their house. The alternative is very unpleasant. 

     You could hold a open house and hope that a neighbor that wants to sale will walk in.  It could happen.  It has happen to me. 

     You could start a blog and start blogging about a certain neighborhood.  Maybe someone that lives in that neighborhood will read your blog, decide you are the neighborhood expert and call you.  That will probably work better to get your fiftieth listing instead of your first listing. 

     You could knock on every door in that neighborhood and give them a free refrigerator magnet. What a great idea.  You could start a neighborhood newsletter. 

     You could put magnetic signs on your car with your name and phone number.  Do those work?

     What about floor time?  If your company has floor time, you could volunteer for that.  Maybe someone will call in and want to list their house. 

     Where else can we find that elusive first listing? 

     What if we read the newspaper and we read that the XYZ company is getting a new president.  What would happen if we called the old president and asked him if he is moving? If you know where the new president is coming from. could you call him and maybe get a referral and a buying prospect. 

     Here is a simple idea.  When you get your first listing, mail out 200 post cards to the neighbors announcing your new listing.  When it goes under contract, send out 200 post cards to the same neighbors telling them it is sold.  When it closes send out 200 more post cards asking the neighbors to welcome their new neighbors.  From all of those cards you should get at least one or two phone calls.  Maybe some one will call and send you a buyer.  Maybe someone will call and list with you.

     Prospects are everywhere.  Get in touch with them.  Call them.  Email them.  Write them a letter.  Don't wait for them to contact you. Contact them.  If you are waiting for them to call you, be easy to find.  Wear a name badge.  Give out lots of business cards.  Be visible. Google yourself.  Can you find yourself?  Get that first listing.  The second will be easier.

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