Friday, March 16, 2012

If You Keep Going In The Direction You Are Headed, Will You End Up Where You Want To Be

     If your goal is to have $100,000 cash in the bank, and you keep spending more than you are making,how long will it take to accomplish this goal?  If your goal is to lose weight, and you keep eating more calories than you burn, how long will it take?  If your goal is to list six houses per month and you don't contact any prospects, what is your likelihood of success? 

     Most of the time, the actions we need to take are obvious.  We need to concentrate on actions.

     Success usually comes from plodding along one day at a time.  Small success repeated every day turns into big success

     Get a goal and head toward it.  Don't head away from it.  Step one is to set the goal.  It is like a map. So you will know what you need to be doing.  Doing it is the hard part.  If you can't do a lot, do a little.

     If you can't read a book, read a chapter.  If you can't call all the expired listings, call one.  If you can't save $1000 a month, save $100.  If you can't save $100, save $25. If you can't go to the gym for two hours, go for thirty minutes.  Keep heading towards where you want to go.

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