Saturday, May 14, 2011

Recruiting New Agents Is Still The Most Lucrative Activity

If you are a real estate broker or sales manager, there is nothing you can do that is more lucrative than recruiting good new agents.  I could write a few hundred words and remind  you of what you already know. You know.  Just like an agent needs to list, a sales manager needs to recruit.  It is axiomatic.  Here is two super easy things you can do if you want to recruit some quality people.
   The easiest thing you can do is link to the career opportunities at  This is pretty easy. Lots of people go to our website to get a real estate license.  Half of them already have a broker selected and half of them are looking.  The easier you make it for them to find you, the more likely they will find you. Call Kathy Climer at 407 822 3926 for details.
   Almost as easy and used by almost nobody is subscribing to the DBPR's list of applicants for a Florida real estate license.  It comes out every Friday and it is every one that applies for a Florida real estate license. Once in a while, Kathy will get a call from some broker that wants a list of our students at Climer School of Real Estate. They are delighted when she  tells them they can get every school's list compliments of the Department of Business and Professional Regulation. Did I say for FREE?  This is especially good news since some schools want to sell their list of students.
   Mr. Broker or sales manager, if you want to recruit some quality agents, start mailing or calling all the people that apply for a license every week. If you have any trouble finding the list, call Kathy @ 407 822 3926
   Recruiting new agents is still the most lucrative activity.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Thanks For The Referral

   Referrals are the number one source of business for most agents.  What can be better than your friend calling you and suggesting that you call his parents because they want to sell their house?   That is perfect. When you receive a referral, what is the first thing you should do?  Do you know?  When you receive a referral, the first thing you should do is SAY THANKS FOR THE REFERRAL.
  Please accept this as official.  Do not wait to see how the referral works out. Thank your friend for the referral.  Do it right now, this minute.   Do it by mail or email or facebook or flowers or carrier pigeon or personal visit. Say thank you and say it fast.  Do not wait until you see how the referral works out.
   If your friend sends you a buyer referral, Say thanks for the referral.  After you meet them and they have no job and bad credit. Is that your friend's fault. Thank him for the referral.Thank him for the referral. Thank your friend for the referral and they will send more. Do not thank them and they won't send more.