Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fear, Do not Let It Stop You From Accomplishing Your Goals

     Fear.  That is what stops us.  You know it.  I know it.  We all know it.  Fear stops us from taking action.

     There are several ways to overcome fear.  An abundance of knowledge is probably the best.  You have all had this experience.  You are in a dark place.  You see or think you see something that causes you fear.  You turn on the light and that fearful thing turns out to be nothing to fear.  It is like "The Wizard of Oz".  Knowledge erases fear.

     Many new Realtors don't call FSBO's and expired listings because they are afraid.  They are afraid that their lack of knowledge will become apparent and embarrass them when they go meet these prospects.  The  solution is simple.  Increase your storehouse of knowledge.  Know more about the inventory.  Know more about financing.  Know more about the sales process than they can possibly know.  It does not take long to become an expert. It takes some study.  If you intend to get ahead in in job, you need to be studying.  Earl Nightingale says and I believe that anyone can become a national expert on any subject in five years.  He said that before the internet.  In today's world, you can become extremely knowledgeable in a very short time. Study.  It will eliminate fear.

     Action also eliminates fear.  Take action.  Just do it.  Dial that phone.  Knock on that door.  Publish that blog.  Give that speech.  Action.  Fear runs away from action.  It is magic.  It is hard to be fearful when you are doing something. 

     Associate with brave people.  Remember when we were kids.  Kids talk each other into doing stuff that they would never do alone.  I double dog dare you. Associate with people that their lack of fear assuages your fear.  Associate with winners.  Hang out with people that are doing what you are afraid to do.  If you are afraid to speak in public, join Toastmasters.  If you are afraid to prospect, hang around with some people that are doing it.  Ask them if you can watch. Don't be afraid to ask.  They will say yes. 

     Have a plan.  Nothing overcomes fear better than a good plan.  When David fought Golitah, h had a plan.  He didn't plan on becoming king. That is what happened.   He had a plan to win that fight.  Do you reckon he was afraid. Get a plan. Execute your plan well.  No fear.

     Knowledge, action, associate with brave people, get a plan.  Your fear will evaporate. 

     When fear goes away, money shows up to take its place.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Attend All Three Meetings For Greater Sucess

     When you are attending any kind of meeting, what is the ideal time to arrive?   You need to understand that there is always three meetings.  There is the scheduled  meeting.  There is the meeting before the meeting.  There is the meeting after the meeting.  You are invited to the scheduled meeting or maybe commanded to attend that meeting.  There is another meeting before that meeting.  You have to invite yourself to that meeting.  Sometimes that meeting is in the lobby or the parking lot.  Sometimes big decisions are made at that meeting. 

     You can only be part of that committee if you are there.  If you arrive for "the meeting" at 8:58 for the 9 o'clock meeting, you may have missed the important part. You may not be in on the important decisions. Then there is "the meeting".  That is the reason we are here.  Stuff happens there.  Often what happens here was decided thirty minutes ago at the other meeting before you arrived.

     When the meeting is over, there is often another meeting after the meeting.  This is also outside or in the parking lot or lobby.  Once again, you have to invite yourself.  Nobody announces this meeting.  Lots of important business gets done at the meeting after the meeting. Be there or be square.  Many people leave "the meeting as soon as it is adjourned.  They wonder why they never know what is going on.  

Buy A House THe Easy Way

     Step One:  Get all your money together for a down payment.  Be sure you know how much you have.

     Step two:  How much mortgage can you qualify for?  Take your gross income, multiply it by 31%.  That is the maximum house payment (PITI ) that FHA will allow you to make.  Then take your gross income and multiply it by  43%.  That is the maximum debt that FHA will allow you to have.  That is your house payment, car payment, truck payment, Visa, Mastercharge, Discover, Kohls, Macys, Sears, motorcycle payment, boat payment, jet ski payment, all your payments.

     Step three:  Check your own credit at or 877 322 8228

     Step four:  Go find a house.  That is the easy part.  If you meet a Realtor, share the above information with them.  Call me at 407 822 3926 if you can not find a good Realtor.  I will hook you up with a good one. 

     Step five:  Read and understand the contract before you sign it. Did I say before you sign it?

     Step six:  Do what you agreed to do and expect the seller to do what he agreed to do.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Florida Real Estate License Course

     If you are about to take your Florida real estate license course, here is a few things you might consider.

     What about price?  Should you shop around for the cheapest price? 

     At Climer School of Real Estate, we charge $220 for FREC I.  This is  the class that you need to pass before you take your Florida real estate exam.  There are schools in Orlando that charge $429 for the same course.  I can not think of any reason why anyone would pay more.  I certainly can't think of a reason to pay $200 more.  You don't have to ask around Orlando very much to find out who the most  interesting instructor in town is. 

     This is the only real estate course you need to take to get your Florida real estate license.  You can also take this pre license real estate course on line.  Once again, price is important.  Please, don't let this be your only consideration.  Many on line courses are offered by schools that are not even Florida real estate schools.  Be sure you take your on line Florida real estate course from a Florida real estate school.  What is worse than not learning what you need to know to pass the Florida real estate exam?  What is worse is learning stuff that is wrong.  If you take your real estate course from a non Florida real estate school, you might not be learning Florida test material. 

     At Climer School of Real Estate, we charge $199 for the Florida pre license real estate course.       407 822 3926    5104 N. Orange Blossom Trail  Orlando

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Gifts Are Not Overrated

     Nothing says what a gift says.  A thank you gift to a friend or customer, or a thank you gift to a service provider that has given extraordinary service and results is a delight to that person.  More than anything else you could do, insures you will get extraordinary service the next time you do business.  It is a very nice gesture.

     My mother was a school teacher in Orange county public school for thirty years.  When she retired, she must have had five hundred gifts from students that she had received through the years.  She had coffee cups and paperweights and dozens of  trinkets and baubles.  She never threw them away.  every one of those gifts made her feel special. 

     Gifts are great.  I have received lots of thank you gifts, whiskey, shirts, chocolates, tickets.  I even received an eraser as a gift from one of my students.  That is because I am always erasing the board with my hand.

     Was it Jesus that said it is more blessed to give than to receive.  You know that is true.  When you give someone a gift, you enjoy buying it.  You enjoy giving it.  You enjoy being thanked for it.  Sometimes you give a gift that only you can give.  That is super cool.

     If you have ever been to Key West, I am sure you went to Mallory Square to celebrate the sunset. Street vendors, tight rope walkers, ventriloquists, sword swallowers, cat trainers are everywhere.  They do their show and they ask you for a gift.  Yep, they pass the hat.  They give you an opportunity to enjoy the show by giving a gift.  Some people do and some people don't.  The ones that don't miss the best part of the show.  It is fun to give them a few bucks.  Also that insures that they will be back next time you are back. 

     Opportunities to give gifts are constantly before us.  We often ignore them.  Many times we can give a gift that costs us nothing but yet we don't. We could always give a smile.  We could always give a compliment.  Do we?  Some do.  Some don't. The ones that don't miss the best part and don't even know it.  We could always post a Google Review on the internet about a pleasant business experience we have had.  Do we?  Some do.  Some don't.

     Give someone a gift.  You can't get more than give. You can't give more than you get.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Selling Real Estate is A Wonderful Career

     Selling real estate in Florida  is a wonderful career.  What is important in a career?  Earning money is usually at the top of most people's list of career choices. 

     Certainly, selling real estate qualifies as a lucrative career. It qualifies in the money department. 

     What about career advancement?  In real estate, after a few years, you could become a sales manager, teaching others how to start a new career.  You could open your own real estate office and become a broker.  This would be like appointing yourself sales manager.  Lots of people have become wealthy being a real estate broker.

     What about retirement?  This one is tricky.  A smart real estate agent will learn to buy rental houses or other income producing real estate.  If you bought one every year for twenty years, you would have a nice retirement.  A good real estate agent will find more bargains by accident than most layman will if they are looking for super deals.  It just happens.  You see bargain houses that just came on the market.  You find the one that has been on the market forever and the seller decides to cut the price in half today.  when you find one like that , buy it.  Do that about ten times in a lifetime, you can retire. 

     There you have it.  Selling real estate is lucrative.  There is plenty of room for advancement.  You can't beat the retirement plan.

     Get the facts.  Call a real estate sales manager or call us at Climer School of Real Estate.  We will show you how to start your Florida real estate career.

Friday, February 3, 2012

When Does My Florida Real Estate License Expire?

     How can you tell when your Florida real estate license expires? Look at your license.  Your expiration date is on your license. 

     You can also look yourself up at

     Check it out.  An expired Florida real estate license can be very expensive.  Watch my video on You Tube about that. 

     March 31st and September 30th are the only two days when real estate licenses expire in Florida. 

    Check yours.  If you have never re newed your license, you need to take a post license class.  If you have renewed before, you need to take a fourteen hour continuing education course.

     Contact us if we can help. or 407 822 3926

In Real Estate, What To Do First

     What is the first thing you need to do to make money in real estate? 
     The two hundred list. It is day one.  You have had your Florida real estate license for twenty four hours.  You may have been fortunate enough to go to work for a company with a fabulous training program.  I hope.  You may have gone to work for a company whose training program is a limerick. " Here's a desk.  Here's a phone.  Get some listings.  You are on your own."  Intial training varies greatly from one company to another.

     No matter what training you have, here is the first thing you need to do.

     Get a list of your two hundred closest friends.  Send them a Ijustgotintorealestate letter.  You know at least two hundred people that would recognize your name if you mailed them a card or letter.  Who is on that list?  Your parents, your kids, your uncles, your aunts, your ex's, your neighbors, your old co workers, your architect, your barber, your chiropractor, your dentist, your equestrian trainer, your farrier, your grocer, your haberdasher, your instructor, your jeweler, your knife sharpener, your landscaper, you masseuse, your nurse, your optician, your plumber, your quilter, your roofer, your stockbroker, your teacher, your undertaker, your valentine, your weatherman, your xylophone player, your zookeeper. 

     Every person you can think of should be on that list.  If you are in a service club, send them a letter.  If you go to church, send the membership a card.  If you are a member of a country club, send the other members a card.  Anyone you know should be on that list and get a letter.

     What does this card or letter say?  It simply says " I have just started in real estate and if you know someone that wants to buy or sell, please call me". 

     I am a sales trainer. I love to teach.  A long time ago when I was much younger, I was a sales trainer for ERA real estate.  I taught a five day sales training class for real estate rookies.  Since I was a employee of ERA, I was required to teach what they told me to teach.  One segment of that class was cold calling.  I never cold called  when I was a real estate agent.  I didn't like cold calling.  It was in the curriculum so I was bound to teach it. 

     One day I was visiting in the office of one of our ERA brokers and he told me this story.

     He told me one day he was walking through the office and there was one of his new agents that had just finished my class.  She was about fifty years old and she was talking on the phone with tears running down her face. The broker asked her what she was doing and she said she was cold calling people from the cross reference book like Ron had taught her in sales training school.  It was pretty obvious that she was not having fun.. The broker took the cross reference book off the desk and threw it in the trash can.  He asked her if she had a appointment address book in her purse.  She did.  He told her to start calling all her friends in her address book and tell them she just got into real estate. 

     He told me every time he walked by her desk, she was laughing and talking on the phone.  She was catching up with old friends.  Next month she was the number one listing agent  in the office.  That was probably beginner's luck. 

     Send out those two hundred cards.  This is solid gold.  There are other ways to prospect and maybe there are better ways to prospect.  This is what you need to do first.  Did I say first?

     Save that list.  You will need it again in six months.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Florida Real Estate Exam, How To Study For It

      Your Florida real estate exam is coming up soon.  You know the pass rate for first time takers is 51% and only 33% for retakers.  You know you have to pay Pearson; Vue $31 every time you take the test. What is the best way to study?

     Have you read your textbook?
     Have you done the one hundred question test in the back of your Florida Real Estate Principles, Practices and Law textbook?  If you need the answers, call Kathy at 407 822 3926

     Have you taken the 100 question practice real estate exam at my website?

      Have you done the questions on the CD at the back of the Florida Real Estate Exam Manual for Sales Associates and Brokers?

     Have you answered the 400 questions in the back of the Florida Real Estate Exam Manual? 

     Have you answered the twenty questions at the end of every chapter in the Florida Real Estate Principles, Practices and Law textbook.  At Climer School of Real Estate, we answer these questions in the regular 63 hour class.  I am amazed how many students show up at my Florida  state exam review classes that have not answered those questions.  I guess all instructors don't require that.  If you have not answered those questions, answer them now.

     Have you memorized the six dates on the Florida real estate exam?

     Have you watched all nine of my real estate math videos on You Tube.  If you will watch and understand these videos, you will get ten out of ten on the math. This will greatly enhance your possibility of success the first time.  It cost $31 to take the Florida real estate exam whether you pass or fail.  Check it out.  Our user name is Climerschool.  It is free. 

     Have you made flash cards?  Don't buy flash cards.  Make your own.  Making them is half the learning.

     Have you read Chapter 475 of Florida Statutes?  I am kidding.  Don't do that.

     At Climer School of Real Estate, we teach a two day live Florida real estate state exam review.  Some people call this a cram course. This is just me telling you what is on the state exam and how it is on the exam.  I have been studying the Florida real estate exam for thirty years.  Join me for this state exam review class.  Especially  if you have already paid Pearson Vue $31.

     I have also put this class on audio disc.  If you don't have time to attend in person, call Kathy at 407 822 3926 and get the audio discs.  Listen to it about ten times. You will pass the next time.

     Please don't waste your time studying material you obtained from a non Florida real estate school. This is worse than a waste of time.  You may be learning stuff that is incorrect.

     Please do not underestimate the Florida real estate exam.  Do a few of the things I have suggested above, you will have your Florida real estate license pretty soon. Call us if we can help.  407 822 3926