Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The October 2018 Florida Real Estate Exam Performance Summary Report

The October 2018 Florida Real Estate Exam Performance Summary Report

The numbers are as dismal, just like always.

If more people attended The Climer School of Real Estate for their Florida Real Estate License class instead of so many of the other terrible discount schools out there who just want the money, the passing rate numbers might be much higher.

The, FREC, the DRE and the Bureau of Education and Testing (BET) (part of the DBPR) just released the Exam Performance Summary for the Florida Real Estate licensing exams that are given at Pearson Vue in Florida for the entire calendar month of October 2018 have been published. The numbers are terrible and essentially the same as they have been for every other month.

This is a difficult exam to pass. It is my opinion that the people who write the exam questions and who administer the test are working harder at tricking test takers into wrong answers than they are in testing their knowledge. I would not do this. It is not the right thing to do. However, I am not one of the decision-makers in the process.

I also believe this is one of the reasons why The Climer School of Real Estate is thought of by so many as the best Real Estate school in central Florida. We focus more on teaching our students how to beat the state exam than in teaching every single piece of information in the book. According to my information, eating what I heard from hundreds and hundreds of students at other schools and from instructors whose work other schools is that most of the other schools and Real Estate instructors get up from the students, read the book or the PowerPoint slides to them, call that instructing, and work at teaching them to be experts in the textbook.

This is not what we do at The Climer School of Real Estate. We certainly don’t read the book PowerPoint slides for students. We will not be trying to make you an expert in the textbook. That is our job not yours.

We are also the only Real Estate School that uses the ‘PASS F.A.S.T.™. Teaching System that allows Adults to pass state multiple-choice licensing examinations easier and faster.

However, when you make a decision to choose a school like us, The Climer School of Real Estate, you will be much better off than if you choose one of the many other extremely bad schools out there.

No one realizes that there is no requirement to be a good Licensed Real Estate Instructor or even know what you are doing or know what you are talking about. All you must do is pass another state exam. Too many people start teaching Real Estate because they think it’s just easy money and all they have to do is have Licenses and they can read the book like everybody else. And too many Brokers start Real Estate school because they think is easy money and it’s a recruiting opportunity. I urge you not to go to a school like this. They may be fantastic at Real Estate sales and training you to be a great Real Estate Agent, but they know absolutely nothing about teaching for the Real Estate state exam. Please do not be fooled by a seemingly pleasant personality.

In October 2018, from October 1 to October 31, 3237 individuals took the Florida DBPR Real Estate state exam for the very first time. Only 50% of them passed. This means that 50% of that number failed or 1611. Only 1626 of them passed.

In the same month of October 3388 individuals took the Florida Real Estate state exam for second time were for a repeated time because they Artie felt that at least once. Only 31% of them passed or 1062 of them, while 69% of it again or 2326 of them.

This is just awful. I personally believe it’s because so many of them are going to horrible and terrible schools. There either cut rate and discount and the information is bad or their going to someone who has no idea what you just wanted to take your money, or it’s a school started by a Broker who just wants to recruit them and really don’t care about the quality of the instruction.

Our Florida Real Estate Sales Associate State Exam Video Review Course would help them pass their state exam on their next try!

Brokers didn’t have much better. In October 2018, 256 individuals took the Florida Real Estate Brokers License state exam for the first time. 64% of them or 163 people passed while 36% or 93 of them failed.

201 people took the Florida Brokers License exam for a second time or for repeated time because they had already failed it at least once. Only 39% of them or 78 people passed. 61% of them or 123 of failed.

I really believe these are terrible numbers and more people should be pass. But as I said before the questions work harder at tricking test takers into wrong answers than testing their knowledge.

This is precisely why you want to attend The Climer School of Real Estate. This is such an important step. Just pass your state exam one time and you never have to do it again. You are able to start the very next day working on a six-figure income. But you do have to pass the state exam one time and that is not an easy thing to do.

If you choose to attend The Climer School of Real Estate, you might find your task much easier and your time will be much more fun.

We have classes starting all the time in a variety of formats and locations. Our instructors are the best in Florida and you will love them. We have in the classroom classes for one week, 2 weeks, and in the evening, from morning to mid-afternoon and from mid-afternoon to night. We have Live Streaming online classes with a Live Instructor and we have regular self-paced online classes as well. All of our classes are completely approved by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR), the Division of Real Estate (DRE), and the Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC).

We have a new 1 Week Class beginning Monday, November 26th at our Orlando Main Campus Location Sign up now and Start Earning the Income You Deserve!

Find out what thousands and thousands of individuals have already learned. Come and discover the Climer School difference for yourself.

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