Thursday, September 29, 2011

Victorious,The Best Feeling

    On the wall at Climer School of Real Estate is a plaque that was given to Kathy, our employee of the decade.  This plaque has Vince Lombardi's essay, "You Have To Pay The Price" engraved on it.  This is the essay that ends with the phrase," I believe in God and I believe in human decency.  But I firmly believe that any man's finest hour, his greatest fulfillment to all he holds dear is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle VICTORIOUS."
    I could not agree more with Lombardi more. 
    Yesterday, I had a teacher's delight experience.  I was teaching a pre license real estate class when one of my past students, John showed up at the back of the room.  John had been in class about three months ago.  He had struggled to pass the Florida real estate exam. 
    He had attended my two day state exam review cram course.  He bought the skinny book with the four hundred practice questions.  He bought my audio discs.  He told me he listened to them many times.  He watched my math videos on You Tube.  It was a struggle for John.
    When John walked in the back of my classroom, I knew by the look on his face that the struggle was over for John.   I pointed at him and said,"Do you have a real estate license?"  He proudly replied, " As of an hour ago, yes I do."  He was proud of himself but I was more proud of him.
   He told me he passed on his eighth attempt.  This getting a real estate license is harder for some people than it is for others.  Everything in life is easier for some people than it is for others.
    Vince Lombardi is certainly right. Nothing feels better than lying on the field of battle, exhausted and victorious.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Habit of Smiling

    If we could teach our students at Climer School of Real Estate only one thing that would start their real estate career right, it would be to smile.
    Smile all the time.  Make it a habit to smile.  A smile tells everyone around you that you are happy.  It tells everyone around you that you are pleasant to be around.  A smile is an invitation to strangers to say hello and be friendly. 
    It is much more fun to be around happy smiling people.  Everyone prefers a smile. 
    Smile.  Make it a habit.  It is probably the most lucrative habit you can form. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Florida Real Estate Exam, Are You Ready?

    To determine if you are ready for the Florida real estate exam, take my practice exam at 
    This practice test, written by me, is a very good indication of how ready you are for the real Florida real estate exam.  This is free.  The real  florida real estate exam costs $31 every time you take it.  Take this practice test and see if you are ready. As I said this is free. 
    If you make an eighty per cent on this test, you are ready.  If you make less than a eighty, you better be studying. If we can help with any of our study aids, call Kathy at 407 822 3926

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Inaugual Meeting of The Climer School of Real Estate Alumni Association

   If you are looking for the answers to the Climer School of Real Estate Florida state practice test, it is the previous post.
   Today is the last day of  my post broker class at Climer School of Real Estate.  Most of my broker students have over six years experience in selling real estate in Orlando.  Most of them have been with me since their pre salesman license class. 
   This class has a extra ordinary amount of rapport.  This is because they realize we are all in this together. 
   Everyone has exchanged business cards.  Some referrals had been exchanged.  It was a good class. 
   At the suggestion of these students, we believe we can start a club called the Climer School of Real Estate Alumni Association.
   We believe the Alumni Association can provide a monthly program that will benefit our real estate school graduates.  We believe we can teach new real estate agents some things they need to learn.  We also know we can share ideas from your peers about what is new and better in the real estate business. 
   We are having our first inaugural meeting on November 9th 2011 at 8:30 AM  at 5104 N. Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando. 
   Climer School of Real Estate has a Alumni group on Active Rain. com.  Check that out. If you are working at improving your sales skills and attitude, I am certain you are familiar with Active Rain.  If not, check it out.  It is free.
   I hope I see you on November 9th .  We have nothing to sell you.  We have no continuing education credit for this.  The only reason you would want to be there is to learn something that will go straight in your pocket.

Answers To Florida Real Estate Practice Exam

   Here are the answers to Climer School of Real Estate's practice exam.  Do not look at these answers until you have taken the test at
   If you make a good score, you are ready.  If you make a poor score, you need to be studying.  The pass rate on the Florida state exam is 51%.   We want you to pass the first time.
   Here is how we can help if you need help.  We have:
   Our math videos on You Tube,  Our user name is climerschool.  It is free.
   We have our Florida state exam review cram course on audio CD
   We have a live Florida state exam review cram course at 5104 N. Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando.
    We have four hundred more practice questions.
     Please go take the test if you have not already.  Take it like a real test and come back here to  grade yourself.  Climer School of Real Estate's phone number is 407 822 3926.                          


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Give More, Get More

    Climer School of Real Estate is in Orlando Florida.  Kathy received a call yesterday from Fort Meyers, about one hundred miles away.  The caller told Kathy she had looked all over the Internet for some help to help her pass her Florida real estate exam.  She told Kathy that my math videos on You Tube were the only real help she had found. 
    That feels good.  This is working.  I believe fervently in the law of compensation.  I believe, if you work, you must be compensated.  I also believe what Zig says, "If you help enough other people get what they want, you will get what you want."
    I am trying to help people pass the Florida real estate exam.
    What are you trying to help people do?  Whatever it is, work at helping more and helping them better.
    If you are selling real estate, figure out how to help more people get their property sold. 
    If you are constantly looking how to do your job better, how to help people better, your income will get better.
    Do your work.  Do it diligently.  Do it well.  Do it better today  than you did it yesterday. Pay attention to your industry.  You will be amazed at how fast you can get better.
    You can get better at finding leads
    You can get better at converting leads to appointments.
    You can get better at your presentation.
    You can get better, smoother,  faster, prettier.
    Did I say prettier?  Have you noticed some people just look better doing their work than others.
    Work at, think about, getting better at what you do.
    When you are better, start thinking about how to take your advanced skills and convert it to $$$$$.
    It starts with getting better at what you do.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Florida Real Estate Commission Is Concerned With Your Criminal History, Not Your Credit History

    When you apply for a Florida real estate license, there is a question on the application that asks; have you ever been convicted, pleaded guilty, or pleaded nolo contendere to crime.  This question is very clear.  It means any crime other than a speeding ticket.  It means anything that is illegal.  It means misdemeanors.  It means traffic offenses.  It means felonies.  It means DUI.  It means any violation of any law. 
    You can not lie about this question.  Do you remember that you have turn in your fingerprints?  What do you suppose the FREC does with those fingerprints?  They process them through the FBI.  If you committed a crime, the Florida Real Estate Commission will know.  You will not be getting a Florida real estate license  if you lie about your criminal background on your application.
    You just can not get away with this in today's world. 
    Have you ever been convicted, pleaded guilty or pleaded nolo contrendere.  What if you were arrested but were not convicted?  What if you were acquitted like Casey Anthony?

  You do not need to reveal this information.  If Casey was applying for a Florida real estate license, she would not have  to reveal her murder arrest. 
    Also keep this brief. Just answer the question. Answer it honestly.
    The Florida Real Estate Commission is not going to turn your application down because of a disorderly conduct conviction from five years ago.  However if you lie on your application, that is fraud. Answer honestly.
    If you need more details, call Kathy at 407 822 3926 or contact us at

Half The Florida Real Estate Licenses Expire In September

   Check your expiration date on your Florida real estate license. 
   Fifty per cent of Florida licenses expire in September.
   Your expiration date is right on the face of your license. Also, you can check it at the Florida Real Estate Commission's website at .
   You can renew it online at the same address.
    If you need a laugh, watch my video about expired licences on You Tube.  My user name is Climer School.
   If you need any education to renew your Florida real estate license, call Kathy at 407- 822-3926 or contact us at

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

How Many People Passed The Florida Real Estate Exam in August

     In August 2011,  the Florida real estate exam was attempted by 1113 people for the first time.  Five hundred sixty seven of those people passed. That is a 51% pass rate. 
     Retakers did not do quite as well.  Of the 1286 people that took the Florida real estate exam for the second or more time,  only 447 passed.  That is a 34% pass rate for retakers. 
     This information is sent to Climer School of Real Estate by the Florida Division of Real Estate.
     If we can help you or any of your friends pass your Florida real estate exam, please contact us at 407 822 3926 or . Watch my real estate math videos on You Tube.

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Answer to Florida Real Estate Exam Brain Teaser

   If you are reading this because of my video on You Tube, here is the answer.  If you are reading this because of my previous post,"Florida Real Estate Math Another Brain Teaser", here is the answer.
   If you take the $44,000 and subtract $6000 (the difference between house #1 and house #2), then subtract $10,000 (the difference between house # 1 and house #3) that will give you $28000.  Are you with me?  divide $28000 by 3.  That gives you $9333.33.  That is the price of house #1  Are you sure? Will you bet $31 that is the right answer? 
   $9333.33     first house
+ $15333.33   second house
+$19333.33    third house    
   If this is too complicated, memorize the answer. It is amazing how many people make a 74 on the Florida real estate exam and only got nine out of  ten on the math. If that student got ten out of ten, they would have passed.  Watch my math videos on You Tube. Pass the Florida real estate exam.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Two things Every Real Estate Broker Can Do To Make More Moneey

     If you want to make more money, recruit quality people. 
     When you recruit quality people, they make you money.  Recruiting is to real estate brokers like listing houses is to sales people. It is critical to growth.  If you intend to grow, you have to recruit new, quality agents.
     There is only two kinds of agents; experienced and new real estate school graduates. All the experienced  real estate agents were, at one time, new real estate school graduates.  Wouldn't it have  been easier to recruit them then?  If you had,they would have been earning you money all this time.  Some broker has been earning a share of their income. 
     Please read my blog post " Your Florida Real Estate Class for No Money".  If that concept makes sense to you, call Kathy at 407 822 3926.
     While you have Kathy on the phone, ask her about the Department of Business and Professional Regulation's secret list of every real estate license application in Florida.  This list is available for certain people. In central Florida, there is only about three companies that call these people and offer them a job.  The only ones that don't welcome that call are people that have already made plans to go to work for XYZ Realty. The rest of them are happy to hear from you.  In fact, they are extremely complimented.
     You can recruit these people.  They will make you money. 
     Just yesterday, I received an email from a young man that attended my sales associate class. He made a 96 on my test at Climer School of Real Estate and two days later he passed the Florida real estate exam. My bet is that young man will make a nice living selling real estate in central Florida.  Lately, my classes are full of sharp,smart,well educated experienced people.  Link to my website and start recruiting these wonderful people.  It is free. It will put money in your pocket. Check us out at

What I Learned At The Annual DBPR Real Estate Instructor's Seminar

  The Florida Department of Business and Professionial Regulation held their Orlando session of the seven hour seminar that real estate instructor's have to take to renew their instructor's permit.  Since my instructor's permit expires September 30th, I was there. 
   Unlicensed activity has gone up considerably.  That was topic number one. 
   Topic number two was short sales.  The Department of Business and Professionial Regulation teaches about short sales from a "here is how you are violating chapter 475" point of view.  Chapter 475 requires licenses to be skillful, careful and diligent.  You are NOT being diligent when you advise your customers that they do NOT need an attorney.  Apparently lots of licensees are learning this the hard way.
   Another legal problem that was mentioned by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation was not presenting ALL offers as required by chapter 475.  Chapter 475 requires licensees to present all offers up until closing unless otherwise directed in writing by the seller.  If it is your intent to not present all offers, you better get that directive in writing from the seller. The DBPR investigates all complaints.
   Lots of licensees being fined because they don't have a expiration date on their written listing as required by chapter 475.  Apparently, with short sales, many licensees are not putting expiration dates on their listings.  This is clearly a violation of chapter 475.  All written listings must have a expiration date. 
   The Department of Business and Professional Regulation suggests to us instructors that we notify everyone to check their expiration date on their Florida real estate license.  Fifty per cent of all Florida licenses expire in September.  Check yours.  Right now would be a good time. Your expiration date is on your license or you can check it at the DBPR's website,
   If you need any help or need to take a continuing education class, call Kathy at 407 822 3926. That is the number for Climer School of Real Estate or .

Get Your First Broker To Pay For Your Real Estate School

   A few days ago, I put  a post on this blog,"Your Florida Real Estate Class For  No Money". If you have not read that, go back and read it. 
   To get your first broker to pay for your real estate school tuition, you need to ask them to .  A real estate broker will rarely pay your real estate school  tuition in advace.  Most will reimburse you if you ask them IN YOUR JOB INTERVIEW.  In fact this should be your first question.  An extra $220 added to your first commission check would be nice. 
   You can go to and read my article "A Dozen Questions For Your First Broker" or check my website  for a list of brokers that are already participating in our tuition reimbursement program.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Florida Real Estate Commission Has A Deal For Military Personel

   If a person is in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines,Coast Guard and is transferred to do active duty in Florida, the FREC has a deal for you.  Maybe I should say for your spouse. 
   If a military person's spouse has a real estate license in any other state, the spouse can get a Florida real estate license instantly.  The spouse does not have to go to real estate school or take  a test.  That is the good news.  The bad news is that temporary real estate license expires in six months and can not be renewed. 
   The purpose of this law is to allow that military spouse to get started selling real estate in Florida with no career interruption.  Get more details at the Department of Business and Professional Regulation's website.  That website is .
   If you still need help, call Kathy at 407 822 3926  or