Thursday, May 31, 2012

Florida Real Estate Exam Study Aids, If You Didn't Need It, I Would Not Sell It To You

     At Climer School of Real Estate, I always get inspired to write on test day.  In our  sixty three hour pre license Principles and Practices of Real Estate class, I aggressively sell the students on buying Dearborn's "Real Estate Manual for Sales Associates and Brokers".  I call this the "Skinny Book"'

     They don't have to buy it.  We sell it for twenty bucks.  The students can often fool me about how well they understand the material.  On test day, the the truth comes out.  Is a student just barely scrapes by my test with a seventy something on my test, that student is nowhere near ready for the Florida real estate exam given by Pearson Vue at $31 per shot.  I always suggest to my students that ,if you haven't bought a skinny book yet, get one now.

     This book is an outline of the textbook that we use.  The skinny book has four hundred practice questions similar to the  free practice test we have on our website at
Why would anyone that barely passed my test not avail themselves to this study aid?  My test at Climer School of Real Estate is  a picnic compared to the Florida real estate exam. We have a few students that don't invest in it. Most do.

     It cost thirty one dollars to fail the Florida real estate exam.  Spend twenty bucks and get some help.  I also have my review class on audio discs for forty five dollars.  What could be easier than this?  Put the discs into a player.  Listen in the car.  Listen while you are getting dressed.  Listen while you are preparing supper.  Listen all the time until you pass the Florida real estate test is a pleasant memory.    Why would anyone pass that up?

     It amazes me how much many people underestimate the Florida real estate exam.  It has a fifty per cent pass rate for first time takers and a thirty three per cent pass rate for repeaters.  Some people think they are going to be in the upper half without studying.  It is not going to happen.  I know that what I teach at Climer School of Real Estate is what is on the Florida real estate exam.  I know it is because I have been studying the exam for thirty years.  I talk to my students all the time about the state exam.  They tell me the math questions are exactly like the real estate math that I have on You Tube.  There is another free study aid that many people don't bother to use.  I have talked to students that failed the Florida real estate exam and I asked them," Did you watch all nine of my math videos on You Tube?".  They tell me they were too busy to watch them all.  They are not to busy to go pay thirty one dollars to take the exam again. 

     I don't know what they teach at other real estate schools.  I know this.  I have students from other schools show up for my two day Florida real estate exam review class that don't even know what chapter 475 is.  I have students from other schools that have never heard of Regulation Z.  Some of them don't know how many square feet in an acre.  Do not underestimate the Florida real estate exam.  Avail yourself to the study aids we provide for you.  Call Kathy at 407 822 3926 or  At $31 a shot it doesn't take long to spend some serious money with Pearson Vue. 

     Spend your money wisely.  Pass the Florida real estate exam the first time.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Five Reasons to Start A Real Estate Career

     If I asked you what you like about your job the most, how long would you have to think about your answer?  Most Realtors don't have to think too long.

     Freedom is a word that you hear a lot. Freedom to set your own schedule.  Freedom to pursue your own course that you think is appropriate .  In a real estate career, no one tells you what to do.  If you want to prospect for residential prospects, go for it.  If you want to look for commercial prospects, you don't need any one's permission.  If you want to wear a suit or jeans, it is up to you. Whatever works.  Freedom from a boss telling you when to show up and when to eat lunch is a big reason people continue a career in real estate.  This is a wonderful thing about real estate.

     Money is another reason people start a career in real estate.  You can make a very good living selling real estate.  The harder you work, the more money you make.  You have the freedom to work more if you need more money.  In many jobs, if you need more money, there is no opportunity to make more.  You have to wait until your boss decides you deserve a raise in pay.  In real estate, it is all commission.  If you want to work harder and smarter, you get more money.

     Education is another perk of a real estate career.  It is amazing how much you learn about real estate, houses, financing.  You also learn about people.  I joke with my students at Climer School of Real Estate that after twenty years of selling real estate, you will be a expert on human behavior.  It is no joke.  It is the truth.  You can't help but learn about people.  You learn how to read people.  You learn how to deal with people.  You learn how to be more effective with people.  You learn persuasion skills.  You learn this stuff because learning it flows straight into your pocketbook.  The more you know, the more you earn.  That is a great thing that attracts good people to a real estate career.

     I don't think many people get into real estate to assuage boredom.  If you are bored at your current job, try selling real estate.  It is never boring.  You get a few Realtors together.  They all have a passel of stories about the people with whom they deal daily.  Some stories are sad.  Some stories are funny.  Some stories are exciting.  They are never boring.  These stories are just part of real estate.  Real estate is a lot of things but it is never boring. 

      Another cool thing about selling real estate is it gets easier and easier.  The first year might be hard.  The second year will be easier.  The third year will not only be easier, it will be more lucrative.  By the fifth year, you will wonder why everyone doesn't sell real estate.  Things that used to be a huge problem are now easy for you to handle.  It gets easier every year, every day. 

     Start a new career in real estate.  In five years, your only regret will be that you did not do it sooner.  If Climer School of Real Estate can help you, call Kathy at 407 822 3926 or


Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Climer School of Real Estate is the Best Real Estate School in Florida

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Start A Blog Accelerate Your Career

     You probably work harder than I do.  I stand in front of a classroom at Climer School of Real Estate at least forty hours per week.  Forty hours per week plus one hour of drive time to get there. 

     I leave home about 6:50 AM.  I usually get home about 5:50 PM.  Is that a lot or a little?  I am not sure.  During the last twelve months, I have found time to post about 250 blog posts similar to this one.  Why do I blog?  It makes me money.  Why don't you blog?  It will make you money.  If you can't see that, open your eyes.  Wake up.

     If you are in real estate,  you need, like a drowning man needs a life preserver, trust and confidence from your customers.  If they trust you, they will buy from you.  If they trust you, they will list with you. 

     There are several ways to gain trust.  If they read your blog, that will build trust.  If they read that article you wrote about "Why Listings Expire", would that help? 

     I started blogging twelve months ago.  Climer School of Real Estate's business has quadrupled.  As Will Sonnett says, "No brag, just fact"

     It could be co incidence.  It could be luck.  It could be that the internet is the most powerful media force in the history of America.  If you choose to ignore it, it will ignore you. 

     If you don't need more business,  if the customers you have now are more than sufficient, don't waste your time starting a blog or creating a website.  If you want more customers, more closings, more listings, more buyers, more trust, start a blog.  Find time to add posts to it.  Customers will start finding you.

     I write for Realtors.  I am in the real estate school business in Florida.  You don't have to be a Realtor to benefit from blogging. 

     Let's say you are twenty one years old.  You are working in a florist shop for minimum wage.  Do you have any plans for the future.  Do you hope to still be working in that florist shop twenty years from now earning minimum wage?  That is probably your employer's plan. 

     What if you started a blog?  What if you started writing articles about flowers?  Somebody would read those articles.  One day you might get a call from a bride that wants your advice about flowers for her wedding.  Maybe a person will call and ask you questions about a flower that they want that is hard to get in your local area.  Pretty soon, lots of people are contacting you.  You are an expert. 

     If your boss is too stupid to realize that and reflect it in your paycheck, someone else will.  Opportunity will kick your door down.  If you don't believe it,  watch those T, J. Maxx commercials with Lindsay Calla.

     Realtors, start a blog today.  Accelerate your career today.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Is Being Friendly A Skill You Can Learn?

     As I teach classes at Climer School of Real Estate, I notice a big difference between the friendliness of people.  Some people are very friendly and other people act like they don't want a friend. 

     I believe this is mostly a lack of skill.  Some people seem to know to turn to the stranger next to them and introduce themselves.  Other people don't seem to understand that introducing yourself to a stranger is a good thing.  I believe that this is a skill a person can learn if they want to. 

     Being friendly has drawbacks.  Sometimes the person next to you does not want to be friendly back.  So what?  Who cares?  There is no embarrassment there. 

     Be friendly.  Say hello.  Ninety per cent of the time, the person next to you DOES want to be friendly.  They just don't want to be the one to start.  It is scary. 

     What is the worst that can happen?  What is the best that can happen?  The worst thing that can happen is your friendliness is not appreciated and reciprocated.  That is a slight rejection.  So what?  It is not going to kill you. 

     The best thing that can happen is you make a new friend.  You and the person next to you may end up eating lunch together and all the other things that friends do. 

     Start practicing being friendly.  It is all upside and no downside.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Recruiting Quality Real Estate Agents

     I started a new Florida sales associates class this morning at Climer School of Real Estate.  The Florida Real Estate Commission requires an applicant to have a high school diploma or GED. 

     In this class, I have a Florida State University graduate.  I have a University of South Florida Graduate.  I have a University of Central Florida graduate.  I have a Rollins college graduate.  I have two students that are currently working on their MBA.  I have all kinds of sales experience and management experience.  I have a retired businessman.  I have people with obvious leadership skills.  I have people that have sold timeshares all over the world.  I have a construction foreman.  I have people that were raised by Realtors. Their parents were sucessful Realtors.   I have pretty young women and handsome young men in this class.  They seem excited about the idea of starting a career in real estate in Florida  I have all sorts of talented, ambitious people in class about to embark on a real estate career in Orlando Florida or Kissimmee or Clermont.  You can see their picture on Climer School of Real Estate's Facebook page.

     Do you have any interest in recruiting these kind of people?   If you don't recruit them, you have to compete with them.  If you have any interest in recruiting new real estate agents, Call Kathy and create a link to our website.  Check out our website at What better way to show someone how to get a Florida real estate license than a quick visit to our site?   We have  all the costs and time frames right there to answer your new recruit's questions. 

    Half of these people are looking for a quality broker to work for.  It could be you if make yourself visible to them.  If you have no link to our website, they won't find you through us. 

     Recruiting good people is a real estate broker's most lucrative activity. Call Kathy at 407 8223926  We can help you recruit quality people.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Thank You Economy

    In his book, "The Thank You Economy"   Gary Vaynerchuck tells us to hurry up and read this book because it is going to self destruct in four years.

     It is hard to believe a person my age would be looking for advice from a young man that was in high school in 1995.  It is true.

     If you are not convinced that social media is having an impact on your business, read this book.  Better yet,don't read it.  Get the audio version and let Gary read it to you.

     Social Media is going to impact your business.  Gary's book will help you make that a positive impact.  If you need to make more money, read "The Thank You Economy" by Gary Vaynerchuk.

     Ron recommends this one big time. 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

When The Bottom Rung of The Economic Ladder Gets Uncomfortable

     What is the difference between a person earning minimum wage in a phone room and a person earning big money in a office?

     I will bet if you were walking through the mall and I asked you to point out someone that is working at a no future job and someone that seems to be doing fine and moving ahead, you could.  You could just look at them and tell.  How?  What about the way they are dressed?  Can you estimate how much money someone is making by the way they are dressed?  Can you estimate how much responsibility someone has by the way they are dressed? 

     In large factories they call the leaders "suits", as if it were a pejorative word.  It is not a pejorative word.  It is a compliment.  Dressing well has helped people advance their careers for a thousand years.  Dressing poorly has held people back throughout history.  That's the rules.  If you want to advance in your career, dress as well as you can afford to when you are working. 

     If you want to advance your career (that is a big if), what is next?  Do you have any written down goals to get out of the phone room?  Have you thought about it?  Here is some hot news.  You become what you think about.  You become what you think about.  Start thinking about what you want to do next.  You are not going to win the Lotto.  I am sure.  Set yourself some goals to earn more money.  Money is important.  Set some goals to learn more.  If you work on commission, you can get better at what you do very quickly.  You can learn to ask ask more questions.  You can learn to answer a question with a question.  You can learn to answer objections.  You can learn to close.  These are learnable,teachable skills.  The sooner you learn these skills, the faster you will start to make more money.  It is not luck that some people earn more money than others.  It is skill.  It is a learnable skill. 

     You can get more education that will demonstrate to an employer that you are a desirable employee.  If you don't have a high school diploma, get one.  This enormous problem is not going to stop being a problem.  Twenty years from now, you will apply for a job.  Your interviewer that is half your age will ask you if you have a high school diploma or GED.  When you answer no, he will stand up and thank you for applying and bid you good bye because a GED is a requirement, just like it was for the last twenty jobs you didn't get or didn't apply for.

    Whose fault is that?  When you figure out the answer to that question, you are half way home.

     If you have a high school diploma, don't stop there.  Get a college degree.  There is no time limit.  What if it takes ten years?  How old will you be in ten years? 

     What about that criminal background?  Is that holding you back?  Here is a pearl of wisdom.  Don't accumulate any more.  Pretty soon that assault charge or shoplifting charge will be ancient history.  Especially if you fill you resume with  other stuff like you have been teaching Sunday School for ten years or you have become so skillful at your job that anyone would want you working for their company in spite of that ancient DUI charge. 

     You don't have to go to school and pay tuition to learn.  The public library has more books and audio books than you have time to read and listen to.  What is  the last book you read?  The last book I read was, "Start Small, Finish Big" by Fred DeLuca.  He is the guy that started Subway Subs in 1965 at age seventeen with one thousand dollars of borrowed money.  If you are not reading books that will lead you out of the jungle, you might stay in the jungle for a long time. 

     When the bottom rung of the economic ladder gets really uncomfortable,  start giving more than you get.  You can read any book about getting ahead,they all say the same thing.  If you are not giving more than you are getting, you are already over payed.  Give your employer two day's work for one day's pay. This is not in the book about how to get along.  It is in the book about how to get ahead.  Be the most valuable employee .  If your bosses' boss old him to fire half the staff, be certain you are in the right half.  If your bosses' boss told him to fire ninety per cent of the staff , you be sure you would be the last to go.  Give more. Show up earlier.  Stay later.  Work harder.  Try this.   See what happens.  In his book "Think and Grow Rich", Napoleon Hill calls this going the extra mile.  He says it is essential to success.  

    This is just some advice.  Like all advice, you can dismiss it as not being applicable to your unique situation.  You can also start today to figure out that the bottom rung is at the bottom of a big ladder.  It is not the government's fault.  It is not your employer's fault.  It is not your parents' fault.  It is not the Florida lottery's fault.  It is your fault.  If you are doing poorly or well, it is your fault.  You can have all the credit when you are doing better. 

     The government doesn't care.  Your parents don't care.  Your preacher doesn't care.  If you keep doing stuff that doesn't work, we can assume you don't care either.  Only you can make your life better.  Start today.  Start learning how to get off the bottom rung or whatever rung you are on and start moving towards the top.  You might amaze yourself.  I'm cheering for you. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mr. Florida Real Estate Broker, When You Are Ready To Recruit, Here is The Secret Weapon

     In April of 2012, one thousand two and sixty one people took the Florida real estate exam.  That is one thousand two hundred and sixty one that you can recruit to your company.  If you prefer, you can compete against them.  That is the only two choices.

     It amazes me how many real estate brokers tell me they do not want to recruit new agents that just got their Florida real estate license.  I know this.  If they had recruited me when I first took the Florida real exam years ago, I would have earned them a lot of money over the next twenty four years.  It would not have been hard to train me either.  I was working hard to learn and listening to any advice I could find. 

     Let's forget about the brokers that don't want to recruit these wonderful new agents.  There are brokers out there that do want to recruit them.  Let me give you a secret weapon you can use to increase your recruiting if you want to recruit new agents.

     Put a link on your website to my Florida real estate math videos on You Tube.  When you meet someone that is attending real estate school or taking the Florida real estate exam soon, suggest they go to  your website and click on "Real Estate Math Help".  You will provide them with a very valuable study aid.  You could just send them there directly.  A link makes you the hero. You can also link to my website at

     If you are in a small town where there is no local real estate school, you don't want your potential recruits going online and enrolling in a non Florida on line class that does not teach them what is on the Florida real estate exam.  Go to You Tube and watch my real estate math videos.  There are nine of them.  They will benefit anyone that is taking the Florida real estate exam.  Our user name is "Climerschool".  Watch a couple of them and decide if you would be proud to recommend them to someone taking their state exam. 

     If we can help you recruit, call us at 407 822 3926 or


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Here Are The Florida Real Estate Test Results For April 2012

     April 1 to April 30, 2012, one thousand  and sixty one applicants for a Florida real estate license took the Florida real estate exam for the first time.  Five hundred and seventy one passed that exam.  That is a pass rate of 53.82%  Second time takers did not do so well.  One thousand two hundred and eleven took the exam for the second or third time.  Four hundred and twenty three passed.  That is a pass rate of 34.9%.  The Florida real estate exam is no picnic.  You need all the help you can get.

     I have help on You Tube.  It is free.  I have nine videos on You tube to help you know and understand the Florida real estate math that is on the state exam.. How do I know it is on the Florida real estate exam?  How do I know?  I talk to at least one student per day that took the state exam a few minutes ago.  I just hung up with a students that made a 73% on the Florida real estate exam.  He got seven out of ten on the real estate math portion of the test.

     Here is one of the math questions that he missed.  A man bought a house with a $100,000 mortgage  and monthly payments of $600 per month.  Twelve months later, his mortgage balance is $98,600.  How much interest did he pay the first year?  Watch the video if you can't answer this or ask your Florida real estate teacher or call me at 407 822 3926.  Learn how to do this before you go pay Pearson Vue $31 more dollars.

     You can go to my website at