Saturday, June 29, 2013

Florida Real Estate School, How To Find A Good One

     If you are shopping for the best school to take your Florida real estate course to get your Florida real estate license, how do you find the best real estate school?

     Is price the number one consideration?  Is the location of the real estate school important?  Is the quality of the instructor important?  What about the comfort of the classroom chairs?  Is asking around a good idea? What should we look for when we choose a Florida real estate school to attend to get our Florida real estate license?

     Let's talk about price.  The price of the tuition is certainly an important consideration.  In central Florida, prices vary from a low of $99 to a high of $500 for the same course, FREC course 1.  This is the course you need to get your Florida real estate license.  Are you familiar with the term"bait and switch"?  This is an advertising ploy where a real estate school advertises a low price for the real estate course PLUS the textbook PLUS a fee for the test PLUS a fee for your certificate etc. etc. etc.  Make sure you know what the price is before you decide on price. 

     The other end of the price spectrum is the real estate school that sells you more than you need. " For our outrageous price you get the FREC course 1 plus a Florida real estate exam review cram course plus a sales training course, a social media course, a free facebook page and a dating service plus a gym membership.  Look at all this value!"  Price is important but is it a major consideration?

     What about location?  At Climer School of Real Estate, I often get students at my state exam review cram course class that tell me that took their FREC 1 course from another  school because it was close to their home.  Now, after they have failed the state exam a couple of times, they found us and are learning what they need to know to pass the Florida real estate exam.  Driving a extra five miles does not seem like a major consideration to me.  Surely it is worth a short drive not to have to take a Florida real estate exam cram course.  Over half of my students do not take this course.  It is not required by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation.  If you can't pass the Florida real estate exam, you need this course.  The pass rate for the Florida real estate exam is dismal. .

     It would seem to me that the quality of the instructor is important.  Perhaps I am mistaken.  In central Florida, there are  some instructors that have awful reputations. They still seem to get a few students for their next class.  If I were attending a real estate class, I would want to know if I were going to be bored to death or read to. Many schools won't even tell you who the instructor is.  That is scary.  At Climer School of Real Estate, we have put several sessions on You Tube.  Someone could watch that and determine if I know how to teach. Another way to determine the quality of the teacher is to read the Google reviews on Google. Every real estate school has them.

     A very, very, very important consideration in Florida is to be sure you are taking your course from a Florida real estate school. Many people have a hard time passing the Florida real estate exam because the took their basic real estate course online from a real estate school in some other state.  They learned a bunch of stuff.  That stuff was not on the Florida real estate exam. The Florida real estate exam had a pass rate last month of 42%. 

     If you have taken the time to read this article, please take another minute and leave me a comment and let me know what is your most important consideration when choosing a Florida real estate school. If we can help you get your Florida real estate license, contact us at 407 822 3926 or .

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Florida Real Estate Exam Cram Course

     The Florida real estate exam is certainly difficult.  In April 2013, the pass rate was 42%.  That means that if one hundred people took the test, forty two passed.  It costs $31.50 every time you take the Florida real estate exam.  It not only costs $31.50 , you have to continue to study and concentrate more.  If you have a job waiting for you as soon as you get your Florida real estate license, you will have to delay those plans.  It is a pain to not pass.

     If you have already  passed your Florida Real Estate Commission Course 1, you need to pass the Florida real estate exam before you can get your Florida real estate license.

     What you need is a good two day cram course to teach you how to pass the Florida real estate test.  We have that Florida real estate exam review class for you. At Climer School of Real Estate, we teach a two day review cram course to tell you what is on the Florida real estate exam. We originally designed this class for our students. 

     As time has gone by, we have discovered that over half of our real estate cram course students came to us from other real estate schools.  Many of the students in our cram course took their FREC course 1 from a online real estate school from another state. 

     Often, these students don't even know basic stuff, like what is  F.S. 475 or F.S.455  Often they have never heard of the Sherman Clayton Act.  There store of knowledge depends on how much they have studied on their own.  One thing these students do know is how tough the Florida real estate exam is.  They know because all of them have failed it at least once at $31.50 per try before they started looking for me.

     Many of these students found Climer School of Real Estate after watching my math videos on You Tube.   If you have not watched all ten of these real estate math videos, do yourself a favor and watch them.  This is the math that is on the Florida real estate exam.  It is free.

     If you need a cram course to help you pass your Florida real estate exam, call us at 407 822 3926 or .  We have this class in person on video or audio CD.

Monday, June 17, 2013

A Few Things Every New Realtor Needs To Know

     It is commission only.  What does that mean?  That means if you don't sell something, there is no money.  You must concentrate on prospecting for new clients.  You always need new clients.  Be sure you make yourself easy to find.  Make sure you are always looking for new clients. 

     As I was sitting here at Climer School of Real Estate, during lunch, writing this article, I had an experience that illustrates this principle. I was sitting here writing when a handsome young man walked in to buy a copy of Linda Crawford's  "Real Estate Exam Manual".  While he was standing there in front of my desk, a pretty young lady, one of my students, came up and started talking to him.  They exchanged a few words.  After he left, I asked her if she knew him.  She told me,"No, but I thought I needed to know him.  I'm super single."  I was not familiar with the phrase,"super single".  She explained to me that that means she is single, available and looking.  That is the attitude you need when you are selling real estate on commission. 

     You need to be constantly on the lookout for someone that wants to buy or sell real estate.  If someone is a prospect, you need to be talking to them.  These people are not hard to find if you are looking.  It is your responsibility to be constantly looking. 

     You can do lots of things to attract these people to you.  You can write blogs like this blogs.  You can be where they are.  If you are sitting in an "open house" on Saturday afternoon, a prospect will likely walk in.  The money comes as a result of what you do. 

     The key to success in real estate is inventory.  Many new real estate agents take a few years to figure this out.   Don't be slow.  Take my word for this.  If you have a inventory of listings, buyers will find you.  You don't have to find them.  Concentrate your effort on finding an inventory of good listings.  When you are new in real estate, many well intentioned people try to convince you to spend your time with buyers.  Spend your time and energy finding your next listing.  Your next buyer will find you. 

    Learn to work smart.  I believe the best way to learn to work smart is to work hard.  If you are working hard to find prospects and you are finding prospects, you will probably start to think,"How can I find these prospects without so much work?".  If you are not working hard, it is hard to figure out an easier way. 

     Here is a harsh reality that you need to know.  Nobody cares about your business as much as you do.  Your sales manager cares but he doesn't care as much as you do.  Your friends care but they don't care as much as you do.  You are the one that reaps any benefit from your business being successful or suffers any consequences from its lack of success.  You better demonstrate that caring by doing the things that lead to success. 

     Do not wait for that mentor to find you.  Get out and find a mentor.  Find someone to teach you what you need to learn.   Do not expect the teacher to care as much as you do.  You get all the benefits of your success.

     Selling real estate is a wonderful way to earn a living .  Most people have a finite amount of money.  Therefore they need to be successful pretty quickly.  If that describes you, do not waste time doing things that don't work.  Do what works.  Learn rapidly. 

     One of the best ways to learn how to sell real estate is to take Climer School of Real Estate's 45 hour post license course.  You can take this anytime after you get your Florida real estate.  You have to take this class before you renew your Florida real estate license. 

     If we can help you succeed in real estate, contact us at  

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Why Your Listing Is Not Selling

      Please don't take my word for this.  Just try it.  You have a house listed in Orlando, Florida for $159,000.  You have it listed for five months.  You don't really have anything to say to the seller when you call him.  You are relucant to call the seller.

     Here is my suggestion to my Florida real estate broker's class that I just finished.  Call your seller and tell him you have figured out why his house has not sold.  Actually give credit where credit is due.  Tell him that you learned this in a seminar with a national expert on why listing don't sell. 

     The guru at the seminar told us that if we have listing that are not selling, it is probably because the real estate commission is mediocre.  If we raised the commission to 8%, the guru says we willl be sitting at the closing table in about thirty days. 

     Will this work?  It will only work if you work.  Call your seller.  Tell him what you just read.  Raise the commissionon your listing to eight per cent.  Don't lower the price.  Raise the commission. 

     Don't overanalyze this.  Don't try to figure it out.  We know for sure what you are doing now is not working.  Raise the commission to eight per cent.  Put it in the MLS at four per cent.

    The Master told the lepers to wash themselves in the River Jordan and they would be healed.  Did they?  I am telling you.  Call your seller and raise the commission.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Is Money Important In Your Real Estate Career?

     Is air important?  Air becomes important when it is in short supply.  There is not much else that will do what air does.

     There is not much else that will do what money does.  Money pays the rent.  Money buys the groceries.  Money puts gas in the tank.  Money pays the electric bill. Money sends the kids to college.  There is a lot of things that money won't do.  There is a lot of things that only money will do. 

     Money is important.  To say money is not important is naive.  To pretend that money is not important is foolish.  Money is important. 

     One important thing about money is it effects everything else in your life. How much money you have affects everything about you. How much money you have affects where you live.  How much money you have affects your wardrobe, your car, your hobbies your mental and physical health.  How much money you have affects who your friends are.  How much money you have is important.  If you have been pretending that money is not important, please stop doing that. 

     Admit that money is critically important.  What you need to know is that you can earn more of it if you work at it. 

     At Climer School of Real Estate, there is a test at the end of the real estate class.  How can one student make a 98% on the test and another student makes a 58% ?  

    It is the same way in a real estate office.  How can one real estate agent close ten transactions per month while another one struggles to close one transaction?  The agent with the ten transactions makes ten times the money that the other agent makes.  Is he ten times smarter than his co worker?  Does he have more time?  Does he work ten times harder?

     If you want to earn money selling real estate on commission, start with this premise.  Money is important.  Stop pretending that money is not important.

     I am writing this article in June.  What if you decided that you will earn twice as much money between July first and December 31st than you earned between January first and June 30th?  Would this be an impossible goal?  I think not.

     I write for rookie Realtors.  I think like a sales trainer.  If you are earning $350,000 per year selling real estate, this article is not for you.  This advice is for the Realtor that is barely earning $50,000 per year or less.  Believe this.  If you are earning $50,000 per year selling real estate in Orlando, Florida in commissions in a year, you can earn $100,000 this year selling real estate in Orlando, Florida .  You have to get focused and you have to work.  You also have to realize it is important. 

     If you can agree with me that money is important and you can agree with me that you can earn more money and if you can agree with me it is worth the effort, then here is where to start. 

     Write down your goal for the next six months.  If you skip this step, do not be surprised when December 31st gets here and you have done no better than you did the first six months.  Writing down goals is the first step in acheiving goals.  I don't make the rules but I know what they are.

     Keeping goals on your mind is the second thing you need to do.  How can you do this?  Wake up every morning and write down your goal in a wire bound notebook.  Write it in the form of a question.  " How can I close five real estate transactions this month?"  Then write down ten answers to that questions. 

1.  Call more prospects.
2.  Send a "Thank You" note by U.S. Mail to every prospect I talk to'
3.  Ask more closing questions
4.  Start a blog.  Make the phone ring.
5. Read a book about selling skills,
6.  Get up earlier
7.  Get more organized.
8.  Create a website for yourself.
9.  Give your customers an instruction sheet about how to leave a Google review.
10. Learn to speak Spanish.

     If you get up every morning and write down ten answers to your question about how you can make more money, you are going to come up with an exceptional idea sooner or later.  Even if you never come up with the idea of the century, you will still keep your goal in the front of your mind.  Every night before you go to bed, ask yourself the same question.  You will amaze yourself.

     Very quickly, making money will start to become more important than watching television or reading Facebook posts. You will find yourself attracted to seminars and articles that did not attract you before. You might even decide to take Climer School of Real Estate 's forty five hour post license class that teaches you how to prospect. 

     If you tell yourself that making money is not important, you will find yourself doing whatever you think is important.  You might think entertainment or relaxation is more important.  If you don't make a  conscious decision, you will make an unconscious decision. 

     We need balance in our lives.  We need to balance our career, our  spiritual life, our family life, our physical well being, and our social life.  Let's forget about balance for the next six months.  Let's forget all the other things and concentrate on making money.  If you are a rookie Realtor, you can not get any better advice than that.  Between now and December 31st, ask yourself," Is what I am doing now leading me to my next listing?".  If the answer is no, quit doing what you are doing and start doing something that will lead to making money. 

     Napoleon Hill calls this concentrated effort.  Tony Robbins calls it massive action.  I call it non stop work.  Get up every morning and start working.  Put everything else on hold.  Everything else is less important.  Do this for six months.  See how you like the results.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Florida Real Estate Exam Pass Fail Results For May 2013

  The Department of Business and Professional Regulation released the pass fail results for the month of May 2013 yesterday. One thousand eight hundred and seventy five applicants paid $31.50 to attempt the Florida real estate sales associates exam for the first time in May.   Seven hundred and ninety passed.  One thousand and eighty five were shocked and dismayed to discover that they had failed.

     I say shocked and dismayed because many students do not know that the pass rate for the Florida real estate exam has always been pretty bleak.  Forty two per cent pass rate is certainly bleak.  That is better than the 27% pass rate in April of 2013. 

     You would think that the two thousand two hundred and twenty five retakers would do better.  This is not the case.  Seven hundred and sixteen of these folks were happy.  One thousand five hundred and nine were disappointed again.  That is 32% pass rate for the retakers.  All of these people paid $31.50 to Pearson Vue to attempt the Florida real estate exam.

     Florida real estate broker applicants did a little better.  Their pass rate for first time takers was 59% and 35% for retakers. 

     Why is the pass rate for the Florida real estate exam so dismal?  There are several reasons but they all boil down to the student is unprepared.

     Many real estate school instructors don't tell their students that the Florida real estate exam is tough.  The teacher knows what is on his exam.  He teaches his students to pass his exam.  The students passes that exam at the real estate school.  He makes a pretty good grade.  He thinks he is ready.  WHAM! The student takes the Florida real estate exam.  He thinks he has been run over by a train when he leaves the Pearson Vue test center with a 52% grade on his Florida real estate exam. 

     Another problem is that students are studying the wrong material.  If a student took their basic FREC 1 course from an online real estate school from some other state, who knows what they are learning?  Any one that took their basic course from a real estate school in another state is at an extreme disadvantage.  That student needs to learn what is on the Florida real estate exam. 

     One of the easiest, least expensive ways to do that is to buy Linda Crawford's "Exam Manual".  At Climer School of Real Estate, we use this book to teach our two day Florida real estate exam review course. 

     If you have taken the Florida real estate test once and were not even close to passing, this two day class would certainly be some time well spent for you.  In this class, I teach everything that you need to know to pass the Florida real estate exam.  We use Linda Crawford's "Exam Manual" in this class. 

     Many people want to attend this class but can not schedule the time.  We understand that at Climer School of Real Estate.  We put the entire course on audio CDs.  If you would like to attend this class, call Kathy at 407 822 3926.  If you want to learn what is on the Florida real estate exam, there is  no better way to learn this. 

     If you want to know if you are ready for the Florida real estate exam. go to my website and take the one hundred question practice test that I have there.  Our website is . If you don't pass this test, you are not ready for the BIG one.  Ours is free.  The Florida real estate exam costs $31.50 per try.

     Another thing we have done to help you pass the Florida real estate exam is we have put ten real estate math videos on You Tube.  This is free.  It is easy.  Our user name is Climer School.  Watch all ten of the videos.  It is very difficult to pass the Florida real estate exam if you are not getting all ten of the math questions right. I can not understand why anyone would go "try" the Florida real estate exam without watching all ten of these videos.  If you don't know how to compute deed stamps or compute per cent of profit or compute interest, you better be learning before you pay your $31.50.  Why would you go pay your money if you don't know how to do the three lot question or the storage bin problem?  They are all there on You Tube. 

     A big problem that many people have before their first attempt is underestimating the Florida real estate exam.  After you have failed it once, there is no excuse for underestimating this test. 

     You better be studying.  You better be studying the right stuff.  If you are still studying what is on the California test, change direction.  If Climer School of Real Estate can help you pass the next time, call us at 407 822 3926 or .



Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Florida Real Estate Instructor

     Climer School of Real Estate needs to hire a real estate instructor.  If you are interested, you need a Florida instructor's permit to do this job. If you are interested but don't have a instructor's permit, apply for one at .If you have any questions, call Kathy at 407 822 3926.

     If you already have a Florida real estate instructor's permit, that is good.  However, it gives me no assurance that you know what is on the Florida real estate exam.  If you don't know, I can teach you if you are willing  to learn. 

     The next thing you need is a personality.  Good real estate instructors have personality.  Can you tell a story?  Can you make an audience laugh? Do you love to teach?  The really good instructors love to teach. 

     If this sounds like you and you are looking for a teaching gig, call Kathy at 407 822 3926