Thursday, May 29, 2014

Real Estate State Exam Review Class in Orlando, Florida

Florida real estate exam review class is available at Climer School
     At Climer School of Real Estate, we teach a Florida real estate exam review class.  Many people call this the "cram course".  We teach this class to prepare our students for the Florida real estate exam.  The pass fail rate for the Florida real estate exam is fifty fifty for first time takers.  Here is alink if you want the details on that.  Our two day state exam review class is not a required course.  Half of our students do not take it.  Most of our students feel like they learned enough in our basic real estate course.  It is not unusual for a student to finish our basic class on Friday and go pass the Florida real estate exam on Saturday morning.  Check out  this ninety second video.  If you watched this video, which was shot at the Pearson Vue test center, Did you see the guy in the background that came walking out?  Do you think he passed? 

     This two day state exam review course is very intense.  We cover the same material that we cover in the sixty hour basic class.  We cover it faster.  Many of the longer explanations I shorten up to just the bare essentials so the students can understand.  This class is not required.  The only people that are there are people that need help passing the Florida real estate exam.  This class is optional.  You don't have to pay for it if you don't need it. 

     Half of the students in the Florida real estate exam class are not my students.  They took their basic real estate course and got their certificate at another central Florida real estate school.  At this two day real estate class, we use Linda Crawford's "Exam Manual for Sales Associates" as a textbook.  This wonderful little book is an outline of Linda Crawford's textbook that we use in our basic class.  This textbook is the most popular textbook with Florida real estate schools.  The "Exam Manual" also has 400 practice questions in the back to help students pass the Florida real estate exam the first time.  At this two day real estate review class, we have no jokes and no nonsense.  This is intense with no stupid questions.  There are no stupid questions but there are plenty of questions.  At least half of the students inn the room have taken the state exam at least once. 

     When we get to a subject, the repeat test takers have an abundance of questions and information about how this material is on  the test.  This is almost as good as having spies in the Florida real estate exam. 

     Taking a good review class is the best way to be certain that you are one of the happy half of the test takers.  We know that many people want to take this state exam review class but are unable to due to work and other responsibilities.  Climer School of Real Estate has the solution to this problem.  We have recorded the two day review onto audio Cds and video DVDs.  Call us at 407 822 3926 for the details on that.  Go to our website if you want to watch these online.  We also have a free 100 question practice exam on our website at

     If you are soon taking the Florida real estate exam, attend our two day real estate review class.  Please do not underestimate the Florida real estate exam. 

Should A Quality Florida Real Estate School Match Their Competitor's Price?

     I had lunch today with one of my customer's today.  He told me how he came to be my customer back in 2007.  He told me he had, at that time, a loyalty to my competitor.  He needed to take his post broker course to renew his Florida real estate broker's license.  Somehow, he became aware of Climer School of Real Estate and our lower price for the same course. He checked around and was assured that our quality was equal or better than our competitor.  He called our competitor and asked if they would match our price.  He told them that he would rather go to their real estate school due to loyalty but our price was much better and he could not detect any difference in the quality.  They would not match our price.  He came to Climer School of Real Estate for his post broker course that he needed to renew his Florida real estate license in 2007.

     He told us at lunch today, since 2007, he has taken all his continuing education from us and has referred many, many students to Climer S
chool of Real Estate.  That story is probably why our market share has been increasing since 2007 in Orlando and our competitor's has been decreasing.

     Should you match your competitor's price when a customer asks you to?  There is an old cliche in business, "You can not go wrong turning a profit.".  I think there is a lot to agree with there.

     Many business owners have a hard time understanding that customers have value beyond this transaction. If that competitor had met our price, they would not have lost money on the transaction.  They would have lost some profit but they would not have lost money.  They would have made some money.  With the decision that business owner made, he lost a customer.  He lost his future business and his future referrals. Some businesses are more dependent on on referrals than others.  In the Florida real estate school business, referrals are like oxygen.  Referrals are the lifeblood of our business.

     If you find a cheaper real estate course somewhere else, call Climer School of Real Estate  at 407 822 3926 and ask us what is the difference between that course and ours.

     Climer School of Real Estate wants your business and your referrals for the rest of your real estate career.     

Monday, May 26, 2014

Florida Real Estate License Fees Are Being Reduced

     As of July 1, 2014, Florida real estate license renewal fees are being reduced.  Biennial broker fees will drop from $90 to $72.  Biennial sales associate fees will drop from $80 to $64.  This may not seem significant now.  When renewal time gets here, you will be glad.

     Florida real estate licenses expire biennially on March 31st and September 30th.  Check your expiration date.  You can do that by looking in your wallet at your Florida real estate license.  If you are hi tech, you can look yourself up at the DBPR's website, .

     If you need a continuing education class or post licensing class before renewal, Climer School of Real Estate has the best in town.  Call us at 407 822 3926.

     As we get busy, we tend to not worry about renewal.  It might be a good idea to put a reminder on your phone about when your Florida real estate license expires.  If you have not read my article about my student that made an extra $12,500 by paying attention, check it out.  .  Don't let this happen to you.  Keep your license current.  It is cheaper now. If we can help, contact us at

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Orlando Median Home Price Is On The Rise

     The Median price of a home in Orlando,Florida is rising according to the Orlando Regional Realtors Association.  The median price of a home in Orlando is $163,000 as reported on this video.

     Compare that to the video I  posted in April,2012.  In this video, I stated that an average house in Orlando, Florida was $110,000.  This was true in April 2012.  Home prices are going up right before your eyes.  Now is the time to buy a house.  Now is the time to buy.  If you are thinking now is the time to buy, you are correct.  Now is the time to buy real estate.

     Buying a home is not difficult.  Buying a home is easy.  Call a Realtor.  If you don't know a Realtor, just get out an ride into a neighborhood that you like.  Stop in at a Realtor open house or call on a sign.  Realtors are happy to help you with this process.  You only need about a 3.5% down payment.  Your payments will likely be less than your rent.  Here is a video to explain how that works.

      If you have ever considered a career in real estate, you could not find a better time to start than now.   Call us at Climer School of Real Estate.  We will show you how easy it is to do that.

Help! I Have My Florida Real Estate License But I Am Not Making Any Money

     Many people attend real estate school.  They get their Florida real estate license.  They embark on a new career.  It doesn't always work out the way they planned.

A Pre License Class At Climer School of Real Estate
     Real estate is sold on 100% commission.  To get commissions, someone has to sign a contract.  It seems that some new real estate agents do not understand this.  Unless you have a lot of money in the bank, you need to understand very quickly, how to get someone to sign a contract.

     The first thing you have to do is talk to someone.  Many agents go for days without speaking to a prospect.  That won't work.

     Let me start by giving you my definition of a prospect.  A prospect is someone that needs or wants your product, can afford it, and will likely buy it from you or your competitor in the near future.  There is a new word that many sales trainers are using today, leads.  I am not sure what a lead is but I think it is someone that has expressed a mild interest in your product.  If someone went to the company website and left their name and email address, that person would be a lead.  A real estate sales associate could contact them and find out if that lead is a prospect.  If you find out that the lead lives in New York and is planning on retiring to Florida in five years, that lead is not a prospect.  You have to talk to a prospect.  A prospect is going to buy from you or your competitor soon.  Where can you find prospects?  That is who you need to be talking to  if you have more money going out than coming in.

     When you talk to prospects,it is important what you say.  Learn to ask lots of questions.  Learn to use your customer's language.  Learn to get them to like you.  There is a lot to learn if you intend to make a good living selling real estate.

     Where can we learn everything we need to learn ?  Have you read a good book lately?  Have you read any books lately?  Have you read any books by Tom Hopkins or Seth Godin or Og Mandino or Ken Blanchard or Dale Carnegie or Napoleon Hill?  If not, when would be a good time to start?  Books are full of information about how to sell better, talk better, be better.  If you want to make a lot of money, you have to read.  There is an old cliche, "All readers are not leaders but all leaders are readers"  This is true.

     Where else can you learn to sell better?  Attend the training that you company provides.  Why would your company offer sales training to you if it were not worthwhile?  They would not.  If your broker provides training, find the time to attend.  What else are you doing with your time.  Unless you are talking to a prospect, you have time to attend the company training.

     Start to read.  Attend the company training.  There is a plethora of  information on line to help you sell better.  Get on line and start reading and writing.  Have you checked out Active Rain. com or Bigger or Trulia Voices. com or any of the other real estate learning websites that are there to teach you how to sell better.  Time is of the essence.  Depending on how much money you have, you have to learn to sell quickly.

     Once you learn how to close three or four transactions per month, then you can learn to be efficient. Then you can learn how to list and sell houses without so much rejection.  Start by learning how to get a listing.  That is a basic skill.  Let's go over that definition of a prospect, someone who needs or wants your product, can afford it and will likely buy it from you or your competitor in the near future.

     Where can we find a prospect?  Is a forsalebyowner a prospect?  Does he need your product, the services of a Realtor?  I think he does.  Can he afford it.  I think he can.  Is he going to list with you or your competitor soon?  I think so.  What are the odds that he will call you?  The odds are zero.  You could call him.  If you call, what are the odds that he will list with you?   The odds are good.  You look nice.  You dress well.  You have a pleasant personality.  You show up on time for your appointment.  You make a pretty good listing presentation.  You have a basic understanding of answering objections.

     If Mr. forsalebyowner does not list with you, what else could you be doing with your time?  You have practiced making an excellent presentation.  After you have practiced it a hundred times, you will get better. Don't you think.  If you called enough forsalebyowners to make one appointment per day, that is five per week.  Could you go see five prospects per week?  If twenty per cent of those prospects listed with you, that is fifty listings per year.  I think at least twenty per cent of those prospects would list with you.  If you don't know what to say to forsalebyowners,  watch this video.    

     Who else is a hot prospect?  Who else needs or wants the services of a Realtor.  What about expired listings.  In Orlando, fifteen listings expire in the Orlando Regional Realtor's Association's MLS every day.  Do they need a new Realtor?  Yes, they do.  Call them.  Go knock on their door.  They will list with you or your competitor today.  What else are you doing with your time?  Are you talking to prospects?  Are you face to face with a buyer or seller?  Are you?  If you are not face to face with a buyer or seller, you need to be calling prospects.

     Quit wasting your time.  Understand the previous sentence.  If you are not face to face with a prospect, how can you get face to face with a prospect?

     This is the essence of making money with a Florida real estate license.
  "How To Call Expired Listings"

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Help ! My Potential Customer Is Not Taking My Calls.

     Today, we have caller I.D. We have voice mail.  We have text.  It is harder to call someone, interest them, and talk to them.  I don't see any relief in sight .  This problem is going to get worse.  People are not going to talk with you unless they want to.

     Maybe part of our marketing plan should be to get them to want to listen to what we want to tell them.   How can we do that?

     Let's use an example of a couple that woke up this morning with a desire to move to a bigger house.  They want to sell their old house and buy a new house.  Is it a pretty good bet that they will Google "How to get your house sold in Orlando"  Maybe they will Google " How to get your house sold in College Park "

     Will your article that you wrote with that very title show up on Google?  If they Google" How to determine what your house in worth in Longwood Florida", will your You Tube video show up on Google?  Will it.  What will show up?  If they Google "Best Realtor in Altamonte Springs Florida", will you show up on page one of Google?  Will you show up on page two?  Will you ever show  up?  Will your webpage show up?  What about your blog, will it show up on Google?  What about your You Tube channel?  Do you have a You Tube channel? Does your competitor have a You Tube channel?  Does the top producer in your office have a You Tube channel?

     If you would start a You Tube channel and post a few videos about subjects that your prospects might be Googling, prospects will find you.  You want to have them call you.  You don't want to call them and interrupt them and try to talk to them when they don't want to talk to you.  By posting videos and articles on the internet, you can make yourself locally famous enough to make your phone ring.  They will call you.

     What if you sent out a letter every day to the fifteen expired listings in the MLS and suggested that they watch your You Tube video,"Why Your Listing Expired and What You Can Do to Solve The Problem".  Do you think some of them would watch it?  When they do,there you are telling them why they should call you.  Is your competitor doing that?  I will bet he is not.  If he is, you need to start just to keep up.  If he is not, you need to get more visible on the web, to get ahead of the competition.

     When you post a few videos on you tube, prospects will be attracted to them if you post about things that real estate prospects are interested in.  When they come to see your video, You Tube will direct them to your other videos.  They watch several of your videos and it makes sense to call you and see if you can help them get their house sold.  Can you take it from there?

     If you would start a blog today, in a very short time, you will have a lot of articles posted about subjects that a real estate prospect would want to read.  Someone might find one of your articles on Google.  They might read that article and be impressed enough to call you.  You could email a link to one of your articles to a FSBO or foreclosure victim.  He reads it.  He calls you.

     If you had started this two years ago, would it be doing you some good by now?  If you started it today, would it be doing you some good two years from now?

     The internet is where the market is today.  If you don't have a presence on the web, start today to solve this enormous problem.  If you are in business to make money, you MUST be present
on the web.

     Google yourself.  Google "Ron Climer".  Google "Cheapest Real Estate School in Orlando, Florida"


Can You Run For HOA President

      Can you run for president of the homeowners association?  What are the qualifications?  You have to own a home in the neighborhood is the only qualification.  If you own a house, you are qualified. 

     Can you read?  You are qualified.

     Do you love your neighborhood?  There is a good reason to vote for you. 

     Are you as smart as the current president?  I will bet you are.

     Are you honest?  You are a shoe in to be elected.

     Why don't you run?  I think you should.

     Does it cost anything to run? 

     Who can do a better job than you?

     If you are unhappy with the current leadership, run for president.

     If you don't want to run for president, run for board member. 

     You may amaze yourself.

What About This Flat Fee Commission?

     Here is a conversation reported to me by one of my students in a recruiting interview.

     Rookie Recruit:  "If I sell a $100,000 house, how much is my check?"
He asked this question at my behest.  Here is a link to that article.,-A-Dozen-Questions-for-Your-First-Interview&id=6149977

     Sales Mananger:  "If you sell a $100,000 house and the commission rate is 6% and if it is a co-op transaction, and you collect the flat fee commission from the buyer, $3000 will come to the office and your split is fifty fifty, you will get a check for $1500.

     Rookie Recruit:  "What is a co-op transaction?"

     Sales Manager:  " When a house is listed with another Realtor, and we sell it, we call that a co-op deal.  We and the listing company split the commission.  Three thousand comes to us and three thousand goes to the listing company."

     Rookie Recruit:  " What is the flat fee commission?"

     Sales Manager:  "Here at this company, we charge a $300 flat fee commission on all transactions over and above the co-op commission.  If you for some reason don't collect that $300 from the buyer or seller, you have to pay it."

     Rookie Recruit" " If I did not collect this $300 from my buyer, my $1500 commission would turn into $1200.  Is that right?"

     Sales Manager" "Yes, that is right."

     Rookie Recruit:  " $1200 is what per cent of $3000?"

     Sales Manager: " Forty per cent."

     Rookie Recruit: "If I sell a $100,000 house and don't collect the $300 flat fee commission, I am only getting a 40% commission.  Is that right?"

     Sales Manager: "That is right."

     Rookie Recruit:"  If I collect the $300, do I get half of that?"

     Sales Manager: " No, the company uses that money to pay overhead and expenses.

     Rookie Recruit: " What does the company do with the other money?"

     Sales Manager: " They use that money to pay overhead and expenses also."

     Rookie Recruit: "So, the $300 is income for the company. Is that right?"

     Sales Manager: " Yes."

     Rookie Recruit: " Why do I not get half of it?"

     Sales Manager: " Because it is not commission."

     Rookie Recruit: " I thought you said it was called flat fee commission."

     Sales Manager: " Yes, it is called a commission."

     Rookie Recruit: " Is it commission or not?"

     Sales Manager: " Yes, it is commission."

     Rookie Recruit: " I do or do not get half of this money."

     Sales Manager: " You do not."

     Rookie Recruit: " If I sell a house to a buyer, I am supposed to collect this $300 commission from the buyer but I don't get half of it.  Is that right?"

     Sales Manager: " Yes. That is right."

     Rookie Recruit: " Is it usual for a buyer to pay a commission?'

     Sales Manager: " We try to collect this fee from all buyers."

     Rookie Recruit: " Do you collect this $300 fee from all buyers?"

     Sales Manager: " We collect it from about half the buyers."

     Rookie Recruit: "  So, I would be paying this $300 fee on about half of my transactions. Is that right?"

     Sales Manager: " Only if you did not collect it from the buyer."

     Rookie Recruit: " Even if I did collect it from the buyer, I would not get half of it.  Is that right?"

     Sales Manager: " That is right."

      Rookie Recruit: " Let me think about this. I will get back to you."


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Should You Be Recruiting New Real Estate Agents?

     Any new real estate sales manager needs to understand that their job is to recruit new real estate sales associates.  New real estate sales associates are just like listings.  They, not only, generate income for the company, they have ancillary benefits.  New sales associates attract other new sales associates.  They attract more income to the company. 

     Most new real estate sales associates have a hard time learning that listing is more lucrative than working with buyers.  New real estate sales managers are the same way.  They have to learn that hiring a new sales associate is the most lucrative thing they can do as a real estate sales manager. 

     Just as a new real estate sales associate will work with a luke warm buyer that probably is not going to buy a house from anyone any time soon, a new real estate sales manager will work with, cajole, beg, beseech,  an unmotivated sales associate to work.  A good sales manager will advise their sales associate to forget that luke warm buyer and find a HOT prospect to work with.  A good sales manager will advise their sales associate to work with buyers that are ready and able to buy today.  Is this good advice for a rookie Realtor?  Is it?  If this requires more explanation, here is a link. 

     Here is the sales associate's problem.  It is the same as the sales manager's problem.  The sales associate works with the mediocre prospect because it is the only prospect he has.  If the sales associate had more prospecting skills, he would have more, therefore better prospects with which to work.  When Mr. Luke Warm called and said, "Let's  go look at some houses.", Mr. Sales Associate would reply with," If we find the home of your dreams, are you going to buy it?".  When Mr. Luke Warm tells him that he can't make a decision that fast, he tells Mr. Luke Warm that he is busy.  Call me back when you are ready to make a decision.  You can't be that way if you don't have plenty of prospects.

     Mr. Real Estate Sales Manager is in the same spot.  If he only interviews one candidate per month, he better hire that applicant even if he lazy, sloppy looking and smells like cigarettes.  If Mr. Sales Manager had better prospecting skills, he would have more, therefore better applicants.  Therefore, he would be more selective about who he hires.   Prospecting skills are the foundation.

     Any good real estate school wants to help you recruit new sales associates.  At Climer School of Real Estate, we have a recruiting bulletin board where you can put recruiting brochures.  We would also like to link to your website.  We invite any Realtor or builder or time share resort to drop by recruiting brochures and leave them on our recruiting table.  Any sales manager that wants to recruit new agents should take advantage of this.  It is easy and my students do call.

     Another easy way that new real estate sales managers can  recruit new sales associates is to call all the new applicants for a Florida real estate license.  The Department of Business and Professional Regulation publishes this list every Friday.  It is public information.  Why doesn't every sales manager in Florida call these people?  They are red hot prospects for what you are selling. Here are five hundred new prospects per week.  They will go to work for you or your competitor.  If you are looking to hire new real estate agents, this is like fishing in a barrel.   The DBPR's website is .  Subscribe to the list and start calling the ones in your zip code.  If you need any help with that, call Kathy at 407 822 3926. 

     If you place some brochures on our recruiting table and link to our website and start calling the new applicants for a Florida real estate license, it won't be long until you have plenty of prospects to recruit. 

     If you agents see you "cold calling"  new applicants, they might start calling fsbos and expired listings.  What would that do to your income?


Saturday, May 17, 2014

Five Big Mistakes Rookie Realtors Want To Avoid.

     You have just passed your Florida real estate exam.  You have already interviewed with several real estate companies.  You have chosen the one that suits you best.  Here is a link if you have not done that yet.,-A-Dozen-Questions-for-Your-First-Interview&id=6149977

     You are off to a good start.  Starting a career in real estate is dangerous.  You can make one or two mistakes and, depending on your cash flow situation, these mistakes can put you out of business.  Let's avoid the obvious mistakes.

     Do not create overhead, cash flow in the wrong direction.  We need cash coming in.  We don't need cash going out.  This is true with any new business.  You don't need a new car with payments.  You don't need a new wardrobe bought on a credit card.  You don't need anything that creates overhead.  You need income  Concentrate on making money come in the front door.  Income.

     The second big mistake that rookie Realtors make is they talk waaaaaaaaay too much.  Here is a three word sales training seminar for all new Realtors.  Shut your mouth.  Let the customer talk.  Let the customer tell you what he likes.  Let the customer tell you what he thinks.  Let the customer tell you why the house is super cool or not so cool.  If you can learn to fill the room with silence, you discover that silence won't last long.  Your customer will start talking and talking and talking.  he will talk your head off.  He will tell you everything about him.  He will tell you things he has never told anyone if will only shut your mouth and give him a chance.

     The more you know about him, the more likely you are to sell him.  The more he talks, the more you know about him and his problems and his frustrations and his his desires and his family and his goals and his finances.  Let the customers talk.  The customer can not be talking if you are talking.  Shut you mouth and let the customer talk.

     Which brings us to the third big mistake.  Early in your sales career, you must learn to ask questions.  If you just can not control the urge to talk, ask a question.  Learn to answer questions with questions.  This is a simple premise.  WOW!  Is it hard to learn?  Yes, it is.  Once you have learned to do this, your fortune is made.

     Questions are the magic elixir of salesmanship.  Ask people about their old house.  Ask them about their hobbies.  Don't tell them about yours.  Ask them about theirs dreams and frustrations.  Ask them how they know what they know.  If they say,"Most people offer less than asking price.".  Ask them how they know that.  Ask them what they liked about the house we just looked at.  Ask them what they hated about the house we just looked at.  Ask.Ask. Ask.  Anything you can say in the form of a statement, you can say in the form of a question.  If you can say,"This is beautiful weather.", you can say,"What do think of this weather?".  If you can say,"This is a fabulous neighborhood.", you could say,"What do you think of this neighborhood?".

     Questions are critical.  The sooner you form the habit of asking questions,  the sooner you will start earning big money in selling.  If you can not think of  any questions to ask,  write some down.  Put a list of questions to ask on the back page of your notepad.  If the room falls silent and you just cannot stand it,  turn to this back page and read," Mr. Seller, where do kids go to school  in this neighborhood?".  "How is that school?"  "Do you think the school is an asset or a liability?"  "Did your kids go to that school?"  "How far away is the school?"  "Can the kids walk to school or is there a bus?"

     If you need more help with questions, here is a link.

     The next big mistake that rookie Realtors make is to spend lots of time on unimportant stuff and a little bit of time on important stuff.  You must spend your time ( you only have a finite amount ) doing things that will lead you to  your next listing or sale.  Don't fall in the running errands trap or the get organized trap or the dozen of other time wasting traps that are not going to put some food on the table today.  Do stuff that will turn into money now.

     The fifth thing that rookie Realtors need to improve is to ask for the order.  This is a trite expression in selling.  It is critically important.  many rookie Realtors do an excellent listing presentation but at the end of the presentation, they don't ask," Are you sold yet or do I need to keep talking?".  It is vitally important when it is time to close, you close. Ask them to put their name on the contract.  Ask them to buy.  Most rookie Realtors do not do this .  If you don't ask them to decide, they won't decide.

      Do yourself a favor.  Avoid these rookie mistakes as early in your career as possible.  Keep your overhead low.  Shut your mouth.  Ask lots of questions.  Spend your time doing important stuff.  Always, ask for the order.


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Rookie Realtor, Pay Attention To What Is Important

     Is it important that you know how to write a contract?

     Do you know how to write a contract?

     Is it important that you know how to make an effective listing presentation?

     Do you know how to make an effective presentation?

     Is it important that you know how to tell if a buyer is serious or just wasting time?

     Do you know how to tell if a buyer is serious or just wasting time?

     Here is a link if you don't

     Is it important that you know how to find a prospect to talk to today?

     Do you know how to find a prospect to talk to today?

     If you don't, here is a link

     Is it important that you people can find you when they Google your name?

     Can people find you when they Google your name?

     Proper use of your time is the key to success.  If you are new to real estate, you need to be concentrating on what is important.  Many new Realtors spend a lot of time doing things that are not important.  To me, important means lucrative.  When you are new, spend every minute doing something that will lead to making money.  Think twice about what you are spending your time doing.  If what you are doing is not leading toward a listing or sale,  change and start doing something else.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Law of Compensation

     Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote about the law of compensation over a hundred years ago.  Is it real?  Is it true?  Emerson says no effort goes unrewarded.  The corollary to that is there is no free lunch.

     If you work, reward will come to you.  Two men go to work at a company.  One guy always shows up early.  He always stays late.  He always gives more than he gets.  He always goes the extra mile. He always has a pleasant smile and a compliment for someone.

     The other guy is always asking what is in it for me.  He shows up on time.  He leaves at quitting time.  He does his job.  That is all he does.

     Which of these two guys will prosper?  The boss needs someone to fill in on Saturday.  The first guy says,"Sure Boss".  The second guy says,"I can't make it ."  When it is time for someone to get a promotion, who is the boss going to promote?  There is the guy that is doing his job and there is the guy that is doing more than his job. 

     The law of compensation says you can not do more than your job and NOT be rewarded.  Rewards come from all sorts of strange places.  Maybe his boss doesn't recognize and promote the worker that is going the extra mile.   Maybe a competitor hires him away from his current job with an increase in pay.  The law of compensation does not tell us from where the rewards will come.  It just tells that it will come. 

     This is not the suggestion of compensation.  It is the LAW of compensation.  This is like the law of gravity.  You don't have to believe in it for it to work.  It works whether you believe or not.  It helps if you understand. 

     When you understand, you know what you have to do.  You have to put out more effort than you are currently being paid for.  That effort will be rewarded.  If you understand the law of compensation, you know that you can not get what you want without an abundance of effort.  If what you are doing is not working as well as you wish it were, more effort is likely the answer.


How To Get Your License To Auction Real Estate In Florida

     If you have a Florida real estate license, you have a license to buy,appraise,rent,sale,auction, lease or exchange real estate.  Was auction on that list?  Yes. it was.  If you have a Florida real estate license, you have all the license you need to auction real estate.  You do not need any other license to auction real estate.  You can auction a house or forty acres of land or a lot or any real estate .  If anyone tries to convince you otherwise, refer them to the horse's mouth, the DBPR .  

    If you are a Realtor and you want to auction a house, you have all the license you need to auction that house.  Do you have the skill and expertise to auction that house?  That is another question.  A Florida real estate license is all you need to auction a house in Florida.  

     If this is true, why don't you auction a house or two?  I think you should.  Talk to a seller and ask him to let you auction his house.  Ask the seller to give you a thousand dollars up front to advertise the auction.  Get about four of these cooking at the same time.  Auction one house at 10 A.M. Auction one at noon.  Auction one at 2 P.M.  Auction one at 4 P.M. Do it on a Saturday.  Do it in the front yard of the house.  How much skill does it take to say,"Will you bid $50,000?".  

     There are some wonderful things about soliciting listings to auction.  

     One thing is it is a great way to get started with the seller.  Ask the seller if he has ever considered an auction.  He asks you how that works.  You make an appointment to explain it to him.  When you explain it, it sounds too spooky for Mr. Seller.  That is OK.  Let's just do a regular listing and put it in MLS.  What a great way to get listings.  

     Another wonderful thing about soliciting houses to auction is they don't have to go to auction.  Lets say you list a house to auction.  You set the auction date ninety days in the future.  Meanwhile, you put the house in the MLS with a price that the seller will accept.  A fellow Realtor calls with an offer that is acceptable  to the seller.  Put that one under contract and cancel that auction.  Darn!  If the seller has given you a thousand dollars up front and you have not spent it advertising, give it back to him.  

     Another wonderful thing about soliciting houses to auction is you find out how motivated a seller really is.  Only a motivated seller will give you a thousand up front.  

     There are two ways to auction property.  There is absolute and there is a reserve.  Absolute means if the high bid is one dollar, the seller is bound to accept it.  At an absolute auction, we know the seller is motivated .  A reserve means the seller agrees he will not accept less than a certain price.  Even with a reserve, you will usually get to contract if the seller has any motivation at all. 

     We auctioned a house once that was worth about sixty thousand dollars.  The seller had inherited the house.  Mom had died eighteen months ago.  The house was empty.  The owner (heir) lived a thousand miles from Orlando.  We had a reserve of $59,000 from the seller.  We had eighteen people standing in the front yard.  We had a mortgage guy with a card table qualifying bidders before we would give them a number (permission to bid).  The high bid was $54,000.  We called the seller and gave him the facts.  The facts were there were eighteen buyers standing in his front yard and they were in unanimous agreement that his house was not worth more than $54,000.  He refused to take the $54,000 bid but he agreed to $56,000.  The buyer agreed and we went to closing.  I had seventeen qualified buying prospects to work with.  

     If you are a Realtor, you have a license to auction real estate.  It is a great way to get listings and make money.

Florida Real Estate Exam's Pass Fail Ratio For April 2014

     Florida's Department of Business and Professional Regulation released the pass fail ratio for April for the Florida real estate exam today.   Two thousand one hundred and twenty four real estate test candidates took the Florida real estate sales associates exam in April. One thousand and fifty passed on their first attempt.  They all paid $31.50  to Pearson Vue for the experience.  That is a 49% pass rate.  More people failed than passed.

Climer School of Real Estate  State Exam Review Class
     Two thousand two hundred and twenty eight repeaters took the Florida real estate exam for the second or third or fourth time.  Seven hundred and thirty three passed.  That is a 33% pass rate for the repeat test takers.  Sixty seven per cent of the repeaters failed.  $31.50 wasted for the second or third or fourth or fifth time.  I think a lot of people underestimate the Florida real estate exam.  Please do not do that!

     Of the one hundred and fifty two real estate broker applicants taking the Florida real estate exam for the first time, eighty two passed.  That is a fifty four per cent pass rate.  This Florida real estate exam is serious business.

     If you want to be in the forty nine per cent that pass the first time, here is a few suggestions.

     Get a copy of the "Candidate's Information Booklet".  This little booklet is free.  It tells you exactly what is on the Florida real estate exam.  It is not a mystery what is on the exam.  An outline of the exam is right in the booklet.  If you don't have the 2014 version of this free booklet and you are soon to take the Florida real estate exam, call Kathy at 407 822 3926.  She will send you a free copy.  This booklet has all the Florida statute numbers that you need to know.  It has a myriad of hints and suggestions on how to make your test taking experience more pleasant. Why would anyone go spend $31.50 to take the Florida real estate test without reading this booklet?

Call Kathy at Climer School of Real Estate
     If you want to be in the upper half, here is another suggestion.  Watch my free real estate math videos on You Tube.  Any math that is on the Florida real estate exam is on one of those twelve real estate math videos.  The Florida real estate exam is ten per cent arithmetic and math.  It is very difficult to pass the state exam if you miss half of the math.  Watch these free math videos.  They will help you pass the exam.   Here is a link to one of the free videos.  There are twelve of them.  Watch them all if you are soon taking the Florida real estate exam.  There is a playlist on our You Tube channel.

     We have a free one hundred question practice test on our website at .  This test will give any applicant a pretty good idea if they are ready for the Florida real estate exam.  If you fail my practice test, it is a pretty good bet that you will fail the Florida real estate exam.  Mine is free.  Pearson Vue charges $31.50 every time you take theirs.

     Another sure fire way to increase your odds of passing the Florida real estate exam  is get a copy of Linda Crawford's "Exam Manual".  This is the best study aid available to study for the Florida real estate exam.  This book has everything you need to pass the Florida real estate exam.  This book has four practice tests with one hundred questions per test.  Practice questions are a great way to study for the Florida real estate test.

     Make yourself some flashcards.  Make about five hundred flash cards.  Put,"What kind of deed does a dead guy give?" on one side and a personal representative's deed on the other side.  Make five hundred of these on 3x5 cards.  Look at hem at red lights.  Look at them during commercials.  Look at them while you are on the treadmill.  Flash cards are a great way to study.  Making them is half the fun.

     Another easy way to learn what is on thee Florida real estate exam is to listen to my audio CD state exam review course.  I teach a two day state exam review class at 5104 North Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando, Florida.  I understand that many people can not attend due to time and geography.  I taught the class to a recorder.  Call Kathy and get a copy.  You can listen in the car.  You can listen at work.  You can learn almost without effort.  Listen to this program several times, you will pass the Florida real estate exam.