Sunday, June 24, 2012

Seven Free Recruiting Tips For Real Estate Sales Managers

     Tip number one:  Be sure people know you are looking for new agents.  Put a sign in the front window if you are in a store front. As simple as this is, if people don't know you are looking for new agents, they may  not ask. 

     Tip number two:  Keep your  "ear to the ground".  When there is "trouble in paradise" at your competitor's office, call those agents and offer them a safe haven .  You are watching the six o'clock news and there is your competitor on TV with handcuffs on.  It is a good bet his agents are looking for a new home.  Call them.

     Tip number three:  Put a little message on the back of your business card "Have you considered a career in real estate?".  You can leave this card with waiters, clerks, furniture salesman, almost anyone you encounter.  I know for sure this works because I still do it at Climer School of Real Estate.

     Tip number four:  In almost all print ads in magazines etc. , you can put a little box that says "Now hiring agents".  You are already paying for the ad.  This costs nothing.

     Tip number five:  All real estate schools are in the recruiting business.  Ask a real estate school to link to your website.  At Climer school of Real Estate, we have a career opportunities section on our website.  It is amazing how few companies take advantage of this free service.  It is equally amazing how well this works for the ones that do use it.  Check out my sales manager interviews on You Tube, another free service.  You can contact Climer School at

      Tip number six:  I am trying to keep this to just free suggestions you can try to increase your recruiting efforts.The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation has a list of all new real estate license applicants.  It comes out every Friday.  You can get this list for free.  You can call these new licensees.  They will be taking their Florida real estate exam in a few days. Would it surprise you if I told you the largest office in Orlando does this religiously and the  second largest office in Orlando does it equally consistently?   They are afraid to call you or have never heard of you. Call them.  You can contact the DBPR at

     Tip number seven:  This is free.  After a short time, it will become effortless.  Start a blog.  Start a blog just like this blog.  What to blog about. Blog about the victories of your agents.  Write articles about Susie's first closing that happen last week. Tell your audience about how much Susie is learning and about how that old timer in the office helped her when she had that problem .  You will not have to look for stories and articles.  They happen every day in every real estate office I have ever been in.  This will not only help you recruit, it will help office morale.

     Recruiting is the future of your company.  Recruit well.  It is the responsibility of leadership to create the future.

What Florida Real Estate School Would You Recommend?

     Yesterday, at Climer School of Real Estate, we received an email from an Orlando Realtor asking if we paid a referral fee if she referred a student to our school.  We replied via email no.  She replied to us, "Thanks but I will refer my student referrals to a real estate school that will pay me a fee.

     Well,OK.  You could decide what school to send your student referral based on a small fee from the school.  What is that student going to do after they get their Florida real estate license?  Are they coming to work for your company?  Do you want them to pass the Florida real estate exam the first time they take it?  Do you want them to get frustrated because they are in the fifty per cent of the applicants that fail the exam the first time they take it?

     Would it be a problem if they ask you, " Why did you recommend that real estate school?"  I would not want to answer that question with,"for twenty bucks". 

     In Florida, many people discover us after they have already enrolled in another real estate school.  They discover us when they start looking on the internet for help to pass the Florida real estate exam.  They find my real estate math videos on You Tube.  or they discover Climer School's
 state exam practice test on my website at .

     Or worse, a friend tells them, "You should have gone to Climer."  They show up at my two day state exam review and learn what they need to know to pass the Florida real estate exam.

     They wonder why you didn't send them there in the first place.  Send us your referral.  You will be proud of that decision.  Read our Google reviews.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hot new information about the Florida Do Not Call List

     Selling real estate in Florida gets more complicated all the time.  Florida's do not call list is going to grow rapidly soon.  After June 2012, it will be free to join the Florida Do Not Call list. 

     The list updates four times per year.  The July 1 update is expected to have a lot more names on it. The fine for calling someone on the Do Not Call list is ten thousand dollars. 

     When someone is on the Do Not Call list, their info will eventually be uploaded to the federal Do Not Call list.  The state of Florida seems to have a stronger record of prosecuting offenders than the federal government does. 

     For more information or to sign up for the Florida Do Not Call list, call the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs at 1 800 helpfla or To sign up for the federal list, .

   If you need a real estate class or 407 822 3926

Thursday, June 21, 2012

If You Want A Florida Real Estate License, Go To A Florida Real Estate School

     Every time I teach my  two day state exam review cram course for the Florida real estate exam, I am amazed at how much these students that took their Florida real estate course on line don't know. 

     My most recent amazement was a student from a gypsy on line school that did not know he needed to apply for a Florida real estate license.  He has been working on his real estate course for several months but no one told him to apply for a license until I told him today. I told him to go to the Department of Business and Professionial Regulation's website at and apply for a Florida real estate license.  This costs $105.  He did not know that he could have done that months if he had known. 

     Do yourself a favor.  Use a Florida real estate school with a brick and mortar building in Florida to get your Florida real estate license.

     We did a survey of our real estate students.  They all agree that the best real estate school in Florida is Climer School of Real Estate.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Waiting To Call A Prospect

     What?  You are waiting to call a prospect.  For what are you waiting?  Now is the perfect time to call a prospect.  Somewhere in central Florida, there is a forsalebyowner that has just had their last unqualified turkey walk through their house.  He is hoping you will call today. 

     Today, twenty houses expired in the M.L.S. Half of those don't even know that they expired today.  Six months ago, they made a wrong decision.  They listed their house with the wrong Realtor at the wrong price.  They will probably list with you when you call them.  They would call you if they knew who you were.  They don't know who you are. 

     Maybe they would know who you are if you had a blog and a website.  If they had read your article;" Five Mistakes That Sellers Make When Choosing A Realtor", they would maybe call you.  Isn't the internet great?  You can publish material with no permission from an editor.  Just start a blog and make yourself a local expert.  Blogs generate leads . Leads turn into listings.  Listing turn into money.  Most Realtors don't blog.  Do you?  Why not?  Are you short on time?  If you quit doing unproductive stuff, you would have more time for productive stuff. 

     Study and learn what works.  Do what works and leave the rest undone.  Use technology to make yourself more efficient .

     If you are new in real estateand need to learn how to kickstart your career, attend Climer School of Real Estate's forty five hour post license class.  You have to take this class before you renew your Florida real estate license the first time.  Get details at  We will teach you how to prospect and how to make more money if that is what you want to learn.  Attend this class. Your fear and lack of skill calling prospects will be a faint memory. Call kathy at 407 822 3926 or .

House For Sale In Tryon, North Carolina On The River With No Money Down

If you read my previous post from yesterday, I told you I have a house for sale in Tryon N.C.

I left a couple of phone messages with mortgage people.  I also received a call back from Kent Wolff at Mountain Lifestyles Mortgage Company in Hendersonville.  Kent told me for certain, the location of my house at 65 Warrior Drive was eligible for a U.S.D.A. 100% mortgage.  Did he say 100%?  I ask him about closing costs.  He said they were minimal. 

That means you can own this $185,000 house for $873 per month.  What a deal.  If you want more details, call me at 407 822 3926 or call Kent at 828 274 0946 .  If you have questions about the house, call me.  If you have questions about the mortgage, call Kent. If you want to see the house call Kathy Toomey at 828 817 0942.  She has the key.

No money down financing has come to Tryon , North Carolina

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

In Tryon, North Carolina, You Can Own A House On The Pacolet River For No Money Down

We have our house for sale on Warrior Drive in Tryon, North Carolina.  The price is $185,000.  We contacted Eric Storm at Prospect Mortgage Company (803 517 8791) .  Eric told me our house was eligible for a U.S.D.A. mortgage. 

When Eric told me that a person could buy that house with a hundred per cent loan, I almost fell over.  I ask Eric to compute the payments.  He said the payments would be $892 per month.  That is cheaper than rent.  Why would anyone keep renting when they can own a house for no money down and payments cheaper than rent.

If you would like more details about our house at 65 Warrior Drive, call me at 407 822 3926.  If you are ready to go take a look at it call kathy Toomney at 828 817 0942 She has the key.  Let July be the last month you pay rent.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Five Things Any Realtor Can Do To Make Open Houses Safer

     "Open Houses" have been a prospecting staple in the Florida real estate industry for fifty years.  They still work.  Prospects walk into "Open Houses" when they are looking to buy. Many new Realtors get discouraged because when you hold a $350,000 house open, you find $250,000 prospects.  What is wrong with that? 

     Open houses work.  They have always worked.  I believe they always will.  This article is not about open houses.  It is about safety.  Open houses are by their nature dangerous. 

     Rule one; Pay attention.  Start paying attention the minute you arrive at the open house.  Ladies, you do not need to bring your purse into the open house.  Lock it in your car.  Leave it in your car.  Put your car keys and your business cards in your pocket.  Put some protection in your pocket.  Pepper spray, a stun gun or a knife is a handy thing to have when you need it.  This article is not for women.  It is for any Realtors that have ever been alone in an empty house with a prospect.  Pay attention.  What kind of car is your prospect driving?  Is it a Toyota?  Is it a  Cadillac?  Is it a Ford?  What color is it?  How many doors does it have?  How tall is your prospect?  What color is his hair?  Are they carrying something in their hands?  Pay attention.

     Rule two; Ask lots of questions.  Ask their name.  Have a sign in register.  This is good salesmanship.  It is also a good way to ascertain if something is not what it seems.  Ask questions.  If you have a hard time remembering what to ask, write a list of questions.  Create a open house survey.  Where do you live now?  Do you rent or own?  How long have you been looking?  Have you seen a house that you liked but didn't buy?  Will you be paying cash or do we need to arrange financing?

     Rule three;  Know where the exits are.

     Rule four;  Do not box yourself into a room.  Let prospects walk into the room first and you exit first.  It is a good habit.

     Rule five;  It is better to be embarrassed than to be attacked.  Always, always trust your instincts.  At Climer School of Real Estate, I have heard dozens of stories from students about situations they found themselves in.  Ninety nine per cent of the time, something "felt" wrong or spooky.

     I recently had a student tell me about a spooky feeling she had while showing a house to a couple that she had met at the house.  She said she felt spooky.  She walked out to her car, got in, locked her car doors and dialed 911.  The couple came out and she bid them good bye from inside the locked car.  Maybe nothing was wrong.  We will never know and who cares? 

     Trust your instincts.  If things "feel" wrong, something is wrong.  Always put your personal safety ahead of a commission.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

In Real Estate, Attitude is Everything

     Is attitude everything?  Yes it is.  A person with a good attitude is more likely to win than a person with bad attitude.  What is a good attitude?

     An attitude of "I expect to win." is a good attitude.  In sales, we experience rejection every day.  It is still better to expect to win.  When a rookie Realtor calls a forsalebyowner, I hope he expects them to make an appointment  with him.

     When a Realtor goes out to make a listing presentation, I assume he expects Mr. Seller to list with him.  How could you expect otherwise.  You know your presentation is perfect.  You know you are the best Realtor to get this house sold. Expect to win.  It makes a difference. This is the best attitude in any situation.  Expect good things.  You will attract good things.

     An attitude of gratitude is a good attitude.  Take time to be grateful.  Express your gratitude.  Send "Thank You" notes to people that help you.  Other people are constantly helping you.  Say thanks.  Pay attention.  Feel grateful and express that gratitude. 

     Have an attitude of "How can I help you?".   Focus your attention on how you can help your customers solve their problems.  Everything else will take care of itself.  Adjust your attitude to helping Mr. Customer solve his problem.  

     An attitude of "I want to be a better person." is a good attitude.  Has it crossed your mind that the person you are is earning all the money that person can earn.  If you want to earn more money, you need to be more.  You need to be more helpful to your customers.  You need to be more valuable to your boss.  If someone ask your boss who is his most valuable employee, would your name come up?  Would it be you?  Do you get to work before your boss?  If not, don't expect a promotion anytime soon.  If not, why not?  You can get to work any time you want.  You can leave work as late as you want to.  It is all attitude.  Your attitude will determine your income and almost everything about you. 

     If you find this difficult to believe,  try this experiment.  Take one attitude.  Concentrate on keeping it good and positive for thirty days.  After thirty days, see for yourself if your life is getting better as it relates to that attitude.  It will be.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Have You Mastered The Basics of Real Estate Sales

     Many new Florida real estate agents tell me they want to master advanced sales skills.  Let's not worry about the advanced skills until we have mastered the basics.

     Can you call a stranger on the phone?  Many modern sales trainers scoff at calling for sale by owners and expired listings.  What better training ground to learn how to engage strangers on the phone.

    Many real estate agents, even after years in the business, are reluctant to call strangers because they don't have much practice at it.  When they get a referral, they are not smooth when they talk to these strangers.  Calling Fsbos and expired listing is such good practice. Engaging people on the phone is an essential skill in real estate.  You must learn about asking questions and other verbal skills.  Practice is the best way to learn these skills. 

     A basic listing presentation that you can do well is a essential skill.  Often in class at Climer School of Real Estate, I ask the students ,"If someone walked in here right now and said they wanted to list their house with the Realtor  in the room that could make an excellent listing presentation."  Would you be ready to go?  Ninety per cent of the time my students tell me no.  When are you going to be ready?  Your competitor is ready now.  You will be ready after you have made that presentation to about a hundred couples.

     When you are new in real estate, why not take an attitude of I need to practice my listing presentation.  Maybe if I called Mr. Expired, he would let me come over and practice on him.  While I am there, I can practice my rapport building skills and maybe he will even give me a couple of objections that I can practice answering.  If I practice that presentation for 100 days in a row, I would learn it well enough that someone might list with me. 

     Learn the basics.  Prospect , Present , Follow Up



Thursday, June 14, 2012

What Your Customers Really Want

     The first thing your customer wants is respect.  Customers do not want to be treated like they are stupid

     They are not stupid.  A brain surgeon brings his B M W to the repair shop.  The mechanic talks to him like he is stupid because he does not know car parts.  A fifty year old executive is taking flying lessons for two hundred dollars per hour.  His twenty three year old instructor wants to talk to him like he is stupid.  If he were stupid, he could not afford flying lessons.

     At Climer School of Real Estate, I have a lot of students that have a lot of trouble with the stuff  I teach trying to get them a Florida real estate license. These people are not stupid.  Most of my students know a lot more than I know about many subjects. 

     If a student or a seller or a buyer is your customer, treat them with lots of respect.  They deserve your respect.  You might know more about real estate or whatever it is you are selling than they do.  They still deserve a lot of respect.

     We all get frustrated when buyers and sellers do stuff that it seems like they should know better than to do.  We might know more about real estate.  Our customers still know a lot of stuff. 

     Adjust your attitude.  Don't show irritation when Mr. Seller doesn't want his house shown on Saturday.  He doesn't know that more homes are sold on Saturday than any other day. 

     Don't expect your customers to know as much as you know.  Show them respect first last and always.  They will buy from you.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Real Estate License In Florida

     This is a open sesame.  This is the key to the door to hidden treasure. 

     This might seem like an exaggeration.  It is not.  Real estate is almost always sold on commission.  If you are good at it, you can earn an extraordinary income.  If you are average at it, you can still make an above average income by working harder or longer hours.  If you are not good at selling, you can get better. You can go seminars.  You can read books about selling better.  You can attend webinars and read blogs.  Information about how to get better is all around us.

     A real estate license in Florida gives you an assurance that you can always earn a living.  You don't have to worry about being laid off if the economy dips.  Profit centers don't get laid off.  When you work for a real estate broker, you are a profit center.  You bring money into the company.  Some of the secretaries might get laid off.  The sales manager might get laid off.  The janitor might get laid off.  If you are the holder of a Florida real estate license, you will not get laid off.  You are the person that is generating income for the firm.  You are the solution.  You are not the problem.

     A real estate license in Florida is like a  high school student with a fancy new convertible.  You know you are going to do well. 

     There are many different ways to do well in Florida real estate.  You don't have to do what someone else is doing.  You don't have to do what the sales trainer did.  You can do what works for you. If you have a real estate license in Florida, you can do well.

     At Climer School of Real Estate, we teach people to get a Florida real estate license.  It is fun to watch people embark on a new career.  I have seen lots of people double their previous income.  I have had students that earn $50,000 in their first transaction.  It is cool just to be a catalyst for that.  I have had students that embraced a whole new life with their Florida real estate license.  It is like a magic wand.  You don't have to impress the boss.  You just have to sell Florida real estate. 

     I have seen people be successful when every thing you know about success tells you they should fail.  That is the magic of a Florida real estate license.  Learn to prospect.  Learn to ask for the business.  Success will knock your door down.  Your mother-in-law may be surprised.  Your co workers from your old job may not believe that you are earning a nice living with your Florida real estate license. 

     After I had been in the real estate business for a few years, I  had experienced enough success that was being paid to do some sales training  for local Realtors.  One morning, I had been asked to come out to a sales meeting to train some new Florida real estate licensees.  There in the audience was a lady that I had worked with in my old job in Orlando when I first got out of college.  I recognized her and I asked her,"Mary what inspired you to get your Florida real estate license?"  She replied,"You did Ron.  I heard you had got your real estate license and you was doing well.  I figured if you could do well any one could do well."  I think that was a compliment. 

     If you would like to change your life and get your Florida real estate license or if you would just like to know what it cost to get started, go to my website at .  Go to FAQ.  Click on "What does it cost to get a Florida real estate license?"

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Question About A Florida Real Estate License, Ask Kathy

     Do you ever get impressed with how smart your spouse is?  My wife, Kathy certainly knows a lot about getting a Florida real estate license.

     Last Saturday morning Kathy and I were out doing Saturday mornings stuff.  You know, that stuff you do on Saturday morning that isn't critically important but needs to be done.  Going to Lowe's would be one of those things. 

     The phone rang.  I answered it.  It was a student.  He was at Pearson Vue's  Florida real estate test center to take his state exam.  He told me he forgot to bring his pass certificate from Climer School of Real Estate.  On the list of great ways to throw away $31, this would be at the top of the list. 

     I explained to our student that we were not at home or at the office.  We could not fax a copy of his certificate to Pearson Vue.   He was out of luck.  Kathy interrupted me and asked to take the call.  She told Richard that if the clerk at Pearson Vue would allow him to start his test, Kathy would fax over his certificate within the hour.  Kathy talked with the clerk at Pearson Vue and ten minutes later, Richard was taking his test.  I did not know you could do that.  Kathy knew.  She had done it before. 

     I wonder how many other Florida real estate schools would even answer their phone on Saturday morning or know how to solve this problem.  Kathy does an extraordinary job of running Climer School of Real Estate.  If that sounds like bragging, forgive me.  Kathy knows a lot about the Florida real estate license process.  She has students from other schools that are not even our students call her to answer questions.  How did they find her?  Our students told them,"If you need to know something about Florida real estate license process, call Kathy".  If you need any help, call Kathy at 407 822 3926

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Do The Important Stuff First

     Today is the day.  What is the most lucrative thing you could possibly do today?  Whatever it is, go ahead and do that first.  If you do the most lucrative thing first, what should you do second?  The second most lucrative thing should be your second activity.  Take a guess.  What  should you do third.  You guessed it.  Your third most lucrative thing to do should be your third activity. 

     Does this make sense?  It makes sense to me.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Spanish Textbook At A Florida Real Estate School

     Last week I started a 63 hour pre license real estate class at Climer School of Real Estate.  A young lady from Peru told me she had a hard time with English.  She asked me if she could use her Spanish textbook.  I asked her to show it to me.  I was flabbergasted.  She had a "Florida Principles Practices and Law " by Linda Crawford that had been translated to Spanish.  I guess I knew this existed but I had never seen one before.

     She started using the textbook and she said it was a great improvement.  I think Climer School of Real Estate is going to order a couple of these Spanish textbooks.  Then, Kathy checked with Dearborn and they have the class exam in Spanish. You guessed it.  She took her test in Spanish.

     Climer School of Real Estate does not teach the class in Spanish. We are doing the best we can.   If we can help you, call Kathy at 407 822 3926 or

The Cheapest Real Estate School In Orlando, Florida

     If you need to learn the math that is on the Florida real estate exam, you can learn it for free.  Ron Climer of Climer School of Real Estate has put it on You Tube.  It is free.  The user name is Climer School. 

     The cheapest real estate school is the one that can get you a Florida real estate license with the least expense.  Don't you agree?  At Climer School of Real Estate, our on line course is $199.  Our classroom class is $220 and that includes the textbook, " Florida Real Estate Principles, Practices and Law " by Linda Crawford.  Can you find a course cheaper than that?  Even if you did, who is teaching that course?  Is that real estate school a Florida real estate school?  If you take a on line real estate course, be sure it is a Florida real estate school. Don't get scammed.  Florida school permits start with the letters ZH and most  Florida schools put it on their website.

     It costs $31 to take the Florida real estate every time you take it.  Ask around.  If you work at a time share resort, ask some of your co-workers where they went to real estate school and how many times they took the Florida real estate exam.  It won't take you long to figure out that some schools and some instructors do a better job teaching the real estate class than others.

     If you go to a quality real estate school for $220 and pass the Florida real estate exam the first time, that is a lot better than taking a $99 on line class and taking the state exam five times at $31 per throw. It is definitely better than a $399 school and taking the Florida real estate exam five times.

     How can you recognize a quality real estate school?  Climer School of Real Estate has nine math videos on You Tube.  Watch one of those videos and ask yourself, "Does this guy look like he knows what he is talking about? "

     Here is another way to recognize a quality school.  Read their Google reviews.  Google real estate schools Orlando.  Click on "maps".  Read what the customers say.  Read the Google reviews.

     The cheapest real estate school is the one that can get you a Florida real estate license with the least expense.  After you get out of real estate school, you should not have to learn more stuff to pass the Florida real estate exam.  Check out your real estate school before you pay your tuition.  They are not all the same.  Some are better than others. Check us out at 407 822 3926 or