Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Extra Mile, There Is No Traffic Jam There

   At Climer School of Real Estate, every day, about 30% of my students arrive late for class.  About ten per cent arrive about fifteen minutes early.
   Vince Lombardi will always be one of my heroes.  It is a sign of the times to ask an audience if they know what "Lombardi Time" is.  If you don't know, you need to know. Google it.
   There is no traffic jam on the extra mile.  You will never reach extraordinary success if you don't travel on the extra mile.  Napoleon Hill and Earl Nightingale says this is obvious.
   How can you expect to be paid more than you are now if you are not doing more than you are being paid to do?  You can't.
   Some people can not figure this out.  People with a leadership personality can see it as plain as day.
   At Climer School of Real Estate, I see this all the time.
   Many of my students have a goal to "just barely pass" the Florida real estate exam.  They want to put in just enough effort to make a 75%, a passing grade.
   Back in the old days (the 20th century),when the Department of Business and Professional Regulation gave the State exam with pencil and paper, they gave you a grade whether you passed or not.  Today you only get a grade if you fail.
   I had a  student that sat a goal to make 100% on the Florida real estate exam.  This guy was a studying machine.  He had the book memorized.  He called with questions and clarification.  He made a 96%.
   I believe he enjoyed his getalicense experience more than Mr. Iwanttobarelypass.
   Get out there on the extra mile.  Do more, do better, than you are required to do. Give people extraordinary service and extraordinary results.  You will enjoy your work more and you will make more money.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

If You Would Like Me To Teach You To Make Money Selling Real Estate, Call Me

   At Climer School of Real Estate, I teach people to get a Florida
real estate license. 
   That is not the same as teaching people to make money selling real estate.  It amazes me how many people get a Florida real estate license and don't make any money with it. 
   I know how to make money selling real estate.  I have done it for many years. 
   If you would like for me to teach you how to make money selling real estate, call me at 407 822 3926.
   Here is what you need:
   You need a desire to make money.  It is very frustrating to try to teach someone to earn money when they tell you they don't want to make money.
   You need a Florida real estate license. If you have a criminal background and can not get a Florida real estate license, I have nothing to teach you.  If you want to get a Florida real estate license, call Kathy at 407 822 3926.  Then, I can teach you how to make money if you want me to.
   You need to be willing and able to read.  You will likely not make any serious money in real estate if you don't read a lot. It slows down the learning process when you don't read.
   You must have some time to devote to doing what you have to do.  Many people want to earn $$$$$ but they want to work three hours a day.  This is a dream not reality.
   You need a reasonably pleasant personality.  Obnoxious people don't do well in the learning stages of real estate.
   You have to know how much money you want to make.  I can't figure it out for you.
   You have to have some energy.  If you are too tired or too lazy or too busy or too comfortable or too preoccupied with something else, I can not teach you anything. 
   You have to have a few dollars already.  If you are so broke that you can not put gas in the tank to get to my office at 5104 N. Orange Blossom Trail, selling real estate is not for you right now.
   You have to know how much money you are making now. If you are not making any, I can improve on that quickly.  If you don't know how much you have made this year, figure it out before you call me.
   You have to be willing to implement the things I teach you.  Selling real estate is basic.  It matters what you do. 
   If you are tired of your current income, call me.  407 822 3926

The Strongest Force In The Universe

   The strongest force in the universe is the power of habit.  Napoleon Hill called it cosmic habit force.  Habit is powerful medicine.  Og Mandino's "The Greatest Salesman In The World" says " Form good habits and become their slave."  We are slaves to habits.  Be sure you have good habits. 
   The habit of saving would be a good habit to acquire.  It is just a habit.
   The habit of reading might be a good habit.  Some people read one book per year.  Some people read one book per week.  It is just a habit.
   The habit of exercise is a winner.  Some people get up every morning, brush their teeth (that is a habit) and put on their running shoes and hit the road every day.  There is a good habit. 
   The habit of smiling is another good one.  Some people smile almost all the time and other people prefer to frown.  I wonder why those frowners prefer to frown.  I think it is just habit.
    Giving compliments would be a good habit to form if you don't have it already.  Some people always have a compliment ready.  What a great habit.
    What about the habit of telling your loved ones that you love them?  Can you overdo that?  I don't think so.
   The habit of prospecting is a great habit if you are in sales.  Sometimes habits get dull and boring.  Too bad.  It is hard to get really good at something without a little boredom creeping in. 
   Here is a good idea.  What if you had a habit of always returning phone calls promptly?  That would enhance your business reputation.  You probably already have that habit.  I hope so.
   As something becomes a habit, it gets easier and easier to do.  Pretty soon, it is easier to do it than it is not to do it. 
    Form good habits and become their slave.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Is A Walk As Good As A Hit ?

   A walk is as good as a hit.  In baseball lingo, that means that if the batter lets four balls go by and he gets to go to first base, he is on base.  Many coaches teach young baseball players this cliche. No wonder we are having so much problems in business today.
   A walk is not as good as a hit that gets you to second base. A walk is not as good as a hit that gets you to third base.  A walk doesn't hold a candle to a home run. You can't get a home run if you don't swing the bat.  Can you strike out if you don't swing the bat? Yes, you can. 
   Opportunities knock on the door.  They rarely kick the door down.  Opportunity taps on the door.  You have to answer the door.  Strike one or home run or what if you swing and miss.  That is called failure.  Fear of failure is a big problem.  It does not have to be.  Swing the bat.  You rarely embrace an opportunity that doesn't work out that doesn't teach you something.  Often, it teaches you something that you really need to learn.  The road to success is paved with failure.
   When I meet people in a social setting and mention that I teach classes for people that want to get a Florida real estate license, they often comment that have "always wanted" to explore a real estate career.  Why haven't they yet?
   Swing the bat.
   Most people know that Babe Ruth hit more home runs than anyone in the history of baseball.  He also struck out more than anyone in history.  It is funny how we forget those strike outs.  History records the home runs. 
   Embrace opportunity when it taps on your door.  Swing the bat.  You might get a home run.

Friday, October 21, 2011

A Few Suggestions To Increase Your Income

   In today's world, it would seem that anyone and everyone would be interested in increasing their income.  Here is a few suggestions that anyone can do, starting now.
   Work harder.  That seems simple.  It is simple.  If you work as a salesman, make more calls and be more effective with those calls.  If you work by the hour, work more hours. I am certain you can volunteer to work more. Let your co workers know, that if they ask you to work their shift, you will say yes. 
   Stay busy at work.  Be tired when you leave at the end of the day.  Wait on more customers.  Do more of what you are paid to do and do it better than your co workers.  It is simple and it will increase your income. 
   Learn more.  Start learning. Learn about your products.  Learn about current events.  Learn about stuff that is important to your boss.  Keep learning.  Read a book or two.  Attend a seminar.  Learn skills that will make you more effective at your job. 
   Computer skills are available for anyone to learn. Learn a foreign language.  Learn another foreign language. 
   Create a blog on the internet and become known as an expert in your field.  Anyone can do this if they will.
   Here is an idea that will increase your income.  Invest more wisely.  Figure out ways to get a better yield on your investments that you have.  Don't have any investments?  Start saving ten per cent of your income and get some interest.  That will increase your income.
   Focus your thoughts and energy on making more money.  You will amaze yourself.

The Florida Real Estate Exam, You Can Review It

   At Climer School of Real Estate, I get most of my best ideas from my students.
   Last week, a student called me from the exam site in Orlando to give me the bad news that she had failed the Florida real estate exam.
   I mentioned to her that she had the right to review her Florida real estate exam given by Pearson Vue.  She made an appointment to review her test. There is a fee for that. 
   She called me back the next day after she reviewed her Florida real estate exam. She told me this was very well worth the time and the fee.  She said I should be hawking this like I hawk Climer School of Real Estate T- shirts.  She said this was a very valuable experience.
   The biggest lesson is she did not read the question carefully.  Read my previous post, " Did You Carefully The Questions On The Florida Real Estate Exam?"
   Let me make this clear.  If you fail the exam like 48% of first time takers do, spend a few shekels and go review your Florida real estate test. 
   This is not a waste of time.  You can only review the questions that you got wrong.  You can not take notes.  As soon as you are out of there, you can write down notes. 
   If you will get back as soon as possible for your retake, you may get some of the same questions again.  It certainly would be nice for you to know, for sure, the correct answer to the questions on the Florida real estate exam.

Did You Carefully Read The Questions On The Florida Real Estate Exam

   At Climer School of Real Estate, I get emails and phone calls and post cards about questions on the Florida real estate exam.  I encourage this.  The questions on the Florida real estate exam are confidential. There is no legal way that any Florida real estate school could have exact questions from the Florida real estate exam.
   Everything I know about the questions on the Florida real estate exam is hearsay, second hand information. Fortunately, I have been accumulating this information for thirty years. My students send me emails. They talk to me in our review class that they did not attend before their first attempt at the Florida real estate exam. I really appreciate this. I wish I could read the question myself.
   Here is why.  Here is an example of an email I received from a successful student today. This is word for word.
   " A bought a house for $190000.  The purchase money mortgage loan to value ratio was 20% .  He got a second mortgage for 46% of the financed principal. What is the down payment. 
   I am always getting this information second hand.  I wish I could read the question from the Florida real estate exam for myself.  Reading the question is vitally important.
   If the above question is reported correctly, here is the solution:
   $190,000 X .20 ( loan to value ratio ) = 38000 (purchase money mortgage)   If the second mortgage is 46% of the financed principal,   $38000 x .46= $17480 would be the second mortgage.
$190,000 - $38000 - $17480 = $134,520 .  $ 134,520 would be the down payment.  Since I have not personally read the question, I cannot know if this is really the way it is on the Florida real estate exam.
   The Florida real estate exam is full of what I call forehead slappers.  These are question that make you slap yourself on the forehead when you get the right answer and realize that you were careless in reading the question.  Reading the question is imperative.  It costs $31 to fail the Florida real estate exam.
   Question 97 on page 453 of our textbook that we use at Climer School of Real Estate is a perfect example.  I get more questions at home about this questions than any other question.  The students tell me that there is no correct answer. Then I tell them to read the sixth word in the last sentence, I can hear them slapping their forehead.
   I can teach the material but I can not read the question on the Florida real estate exam for you.  Read the questions carefully.  It cost $31 to fail the Florida real estate exam.
   If you want to pass the Florida real estate exam the first time, attend my review.  For schedules and details, check out .

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Are You Ready For The Florida Real Estate Exam?

   At Climer School of Real Estate, we have added something new and exciting. We have added to our website a one hundred question test that will let you know if you are ready for the Florida real estate test. 
   If you think you are ready for the Florida real estate exam, go to my website and take the Climer School of Real Estate practice test. I promise it is very indicative of the real thing.  If you make less than a 75% on my practice test, you will probably fail the Florida real estate test. Mine is free.  It cost $31 every time you fail the Florida state exam.
   If you make less than a eighty on my test, keep studying.  If you did not get ten out of ten on the math, go to my You Tube math videos. My user name is Climerschool.  The videos where I am wearing the blue shirt is Florida real estate exam question help.  The videos where I am wearing the red shirt is Chapter fourteen right out of the book. This is free.
   If you need more help, buy my review class in an envelope.  It is me teaching my review class with no audience. It is eight CD discs.  Put them in the dash of the car and listen until exam day.  Pass that exam the first time.  It costs $31 every time you fail it. 
   We teach the state exam cram course two times per month. Attend that. We teach this at 5104 N. Orange Blossom Trail.
   If you have a friend that is attending real estate school, please recommend us. We appreciate it.
   If we can help you pass the Florida real estate exam, call Kathy at Climer School of Real Estate at 407 822 3926.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Who Says Bumblebees Can Fly?

   I don't usually answer the phone at Climer School of Real Estate.  This day I did.  I enrolled a student that told me she was a Mary Kay pink Cadillac winner. I was impressed.  I told her so. 
   When Darlene Misciagno came into class on October first, within three minutes she knew everyone in the room.  The entire class seemed like old friends that had got together for a class reunion.
   A week long 63 hour pre license real estate class is not easy.  It is very stressful on most of the students.  They worry about passing my class at Climer School of Real Estate.  They worry about passing the Florida real estate exam.  These fears are legitimate.  The Florida real estate test is not easy.  The state wide pass rate is 52%.  Lots of people fail that test.
   I never heard Darlene say, " I can't ".  I think they teach you not to say that at Mary Kay.  She certainly showed some signs of stress.  She studied.  She encouraged her classmates to study.  She orchestrated coffee and snacks.  She was the first to buy a Climer School of Real Estate T shirt.  She brought a gift to the teacher on test day.
   Classes, like people, have personalities.  There are certain characters that are in most classes.  There is a class clown. There is a class cynic.  There is a class plodder.  There is a class grouch. and sometimes, with a little luck, there is a class leader. 
   Some classes have better leaders than others, but few classes have better leaders than our Mary Kay pink Cadillac winner, Darlene.
   As a spectator, from where I am standing, I don't always see classroom dynamics but I always see the results.  Good leaders create rapport within the class.  I can not explain rapport but I can tell when a class has it and when they don't. 
   I try to encourage class rapport but I can not make it happen. Only a class leader can make it happen.  Sometimes students pitch in and work together and sometimes they don't.
   In Darlene's class everyone helped each other.
   Leadership is a skill.  Leadership is a learnable skill
   If you find yourself in Clarmont, Florida and you see a pretty lady driving a pink Cadillac, tip your hat, honk your horn and wave.
   It is probably Darlene.  If you would like to learn some leadership skills and get your own pink Cadillac, call Darlene at 352 241 6363

Friday, October 7, 2011

A Florida Real Estate On Line Course, How To Decide

    It costs $105 to apply for a Florida real estate license.  It cost $31 to take the Florida real estate exam, every time you take it.  It cost $57 to get your fingerprints taken.  How much you spend for your FREC course is important.  The most important consideration might not be price.
    If you are considering taking a Florida real estate course on line consider this:
    A Florida real estate school is in Florida.  Any school that does not have a brick and mortar school in Florida that you can walk into should be dropped from your consideration.
    Our school is in Orlando. I have a young man in my class that I am teaching now that has already graduated from some online school in Timbuktu.  He is in my class at Climer School of Real Estate so he can learn to pass the Florida real estate test.  He showed me the book that his foreign school sold him.  This book taught him how to compute revenue stamps.  We don't have revenue stamps in Florida.  We call then documentary stamps in Florida. The rates in his book were from some other state.  If you are taking an online course to get a Florida real estate license, Take your course from a Florida school.
    There are no questions on the Florida real estate test about what is going on in another state.
    What about price?  Is that a good way to decide?  I mentioned the other expenses above of getting a Florida real estate license.  Saving a few shekels on the price of the required course seems insignificant.  This is significant.  Be sure the school has a Florida real estate school permit. To be sure that a school has a Florida permit, go to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation's website at
    Here is a few questions to answer:
    Will I learn what I need to know to pass the Florida real estate exam?
    Is there a fee to retake the school test if I fail?
    Will I need to buy any other study aids to pass the Florida real estate exam?
    Is there a live Florida Instructor that I can talk to?
    Does this school have real estate math videos on You Tube that will help me?
    Does this school have a Florida school permit?
    Before you choose an on line Florida real estate course, check out Climer School of Real Estate in Orlando.  The state wide pass rate on the Florida real estate exam is 52%.  If you do choose a school that doesn't teach you enough to pass the Florida real estate exam, come join us for our two day state exam review.  If you want to know if you are ready for the Florida real estate exam, we have a practice exam on our website at .  Check that out.  If you have any questions about the license process call Kathy at 407 822 3926 .  We make getting a Florida real estate license simple.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

October First, A New Beginning

    At Climer School of Real Estate, September 30th is a busy day.  Kathy and I turned down a social invitation last night because it was September 30th. 
    Twenty five per cent of  Florida real estate licenses expire on September 30th.  A lot of Florida real estate licenses expired yesterday, needlessly.

    The reason Kathy and I have to stay home on September 30th is because many real estate agents take their real estate post license course online and finish it at 10  P.M. on September 30th.  They email Kathy and she issues them a certificate from Climer School of Real Estate before midnight.  I tell Kathy this is beyond the call of duty, but she does it every year on September 30th and March 31st.
    Here is the sad part of this story.  Many on line students procrastinate.  There is nothing new about procrastination.  It is certainly expensive. 
    Many on line post license students purchase an on line course and don't work on it for several months.  Then on September 28th or March 28th, they kick into action and are chagrin to learn that they failed.  When you fail the on line post license real estate course, you have to wait thirty days to take it again.  You cannot wait thirty days if your license expires in two days.  What to do? 
    There are two solutions to this problem.  Solution number one is to buy another post license course at an expense of $150.  Solution number two is to let your real estate license become NULL and VOID, an equally expensive solution.
    Maybe this article is preaching to the choir.  Maybe it is not.  Check your expiration date. It is on your Florida real estate license.  Check your license. Look at it. Do not let your Florida real estate license expire.  Do not wait until the eleventh hour to take your post license course.  An expired license can be terribly expensive.
    If you need a laugh and a lesson, watch my video on You Tube, " If You Don't Keep Your License Active" Our user name is Climerschool.