Monday, May 27, 2013

Half Your Advertising Dollars Are Wasted

     If you only knew which half, you could cancel the other half.  You don't know.  I am taking a chance on a bus bench on Lee Road. 

     We will know soon if it works.  I hope it does because I think It is cool.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

What is On The New Florida Real Estate Exam ?

     I have been teaching people to pass the Florida real estate exam for thirty years.  I do not ever remember receiving a letter like the one we just received from the DBPR.  Then I soon discovered that Pearson Vue gives the students a copy of this letter with their failure notice when they fail the Florida real estate exam.  That would be 73% of the people that took the test last month (April 2013). 

    Here is the letter:  "Based on the Department's review of the Sales Associate examination performance, it has been determined that candidates would benefit from reviewing the following areas prior to taking the examination."

     ESCROW DEPOSITS - Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.) 61J2_14.008

     TYPES OF MORTGAGES - Be familiar with including reverse mortgages

     Florida Statutes 475.278 - You are presumed to be a transaction broker
     1. Transaction Broker - no fiduciary relationship
     2. No Brokerage Relationship - no fiduciary relationship
     3. Single Agency (principal) - fiduciary relationship.

     TYPES OF LISTINGS- including net listings

     LANDLORD TENNANT ACT - Florida Statute 83 Part II

     ADVERTISING - Florida Administrative Code 61J2-10.025
     1.  Including internet advertisements

     Read Florida Statutes 475 Part 1 & F.A.C. 61J2
     Be familiar with Florida Statutes 455,120,720
     1. Know what each one governs.


     FHA & VA
     Be familiar with including which one guarantees a loan and which one insures

     This letter is from Susan Barner, Research Associate  at the Bureau of Education and Testing at the Department of Business and Professionial Regulation.

     If you fail the Florida real estate exam, Pearon Vue will give you a copy of this letter.  I thought you might like a copy before you took the test. 

     If Climer School of Real Estate can help you pass the Florida real estate exam, call us at 407 822 3926 or .

     If you are taking the exam soon, watch my math videos on You Tube.  Our user name is Climer School.  There are nine of those videos.  They will help you pass. 



Sunday, May 19, 2013

Florida Real Estate Broker, Your Most Lucrative Activity

     Florida real estate brokers and sales managers are busy.  They are in the office early and they work late.  They are busy.  What are they busy doing? 

     The most lucrative thing a broker can do is recruit a new real estate agent.  I don't think many real estate brokers will dispute that. 

     Just as the most lucrative thing a sales associate can do is get a new listing, the most lucrative thing a sales manager can do is hire a new Florida real estate agent.  Listing for a sales associates and recruiting for sales managers have the exact same problem.  Why don't sales associates like to list?  It is a mountain of rejection. Why don't sales managers and brokers like to hire new agents?  It is a ton of rejection. 

     A real estate sales associate can reduce their rejection by finding ways to get sellers to call in.  This will reduce rejection.  A real estate broker can find ways to reduce rejection by finding ways to get potential sales associates to call in.  Mr. Broker tells his associates to call FSBOs and expired listings.  They do not call because they do not want the rejection.  I tell brokers to call the new real estate license applicants on the DBPR list that comes out every Friday.  They don't call because they don't want the rejection.  If you don't have that list, call Climer School of Real Estate at 407 822 3926. We will show you how to get it .  It is free.  I understand why sales managers don't call the list.

      What I can not understand is why don't real estate brokers bring brochures to Climer School of Real Estate and leave them on the recruiting table at the back of our classroom.  We graduate about a hundred students per month.  Half of those students are looking for a place to start their new real estate career. If you wonder what they look like, their picture is on Climer School's Facebook page.  Does your company have a recruiting brochure at the back of our classroom?  It is free advertising.  It will make your recruiting phone ring.  Why doesn't every real estate broker in town have a town have a brochure on our recruiting table?  Why doesn't every real estate broker in town have a link from my website to their website?  It is a mystery to me. All the broker has to do is send the brochures over.  To have a link from our website, call Kathy.  We would love to do it.  It is free advertising. 

     When students ask me,"Where should I start my real estate career?", I tell them to check the links on my website and pick up a brochure from the back table. 

     If you would like me to recommend your real estate company to my students, drop off some brochures and call Kathy and ask her to put a link to your website.  It is free.  It is rejection free.  It works like magic. 

     A real estate sales associate can't find a better prospect than a expired listing.  Ninety five per cent of real estate sales associates don't call expired listings. A real estate sales manager can not find a better recruiting prospect than the real estate license applicants that just graduated from real estate school.  Ninety five per cent of the sales managers in central Florida do not contact them. Why not?  They are either going to work for you or compete with you.  Get in touch with these wonderful people.  I graduate plenty of people that go out and earn big bucks their first year in real estate.  They are hoping you will call.  Kathy will  show you how to get the list but you have to call her.

      If we can help you recruit, call us at 407 822 3926 or


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Prospecting, The Key To A Sucessful Real Estate Career

     My first question is,"Are you making enough money?".  I hate to try to teach people stuff that they don't need to learn. If you are already  making plenty of money, you certainly don't need any advice from me.  If your real estate career is not quite as lucrative as you would like, consider this.

     How are you filling up your day?  Let's use yesterday as an example.  What time did you get out of bed?  What time did you get to the office?  Do you have goals?  If your goal is to earn $100,000 this year selling real estate, what time do you think the Realtor that is already earning $100,000 this year  got out of bed? Did he get to the office before you?  What time do you suppose that Realtor got out of bed?  Do you reckon he did anything productive between the time he got out of bed and the time he arrived at the office?  What  could you do at that time of day?  You could do a CMA if you have an appointment to present  one today.  You could post a blog like this one on your blog.  WHAT! You don't have a blog.  Are you too busy to have a blog?  Do you have some other excuse for not having a blog?  If you want to make more money selling real estate in the twenty first century, start a blog.  If you can't think of anything to write about, write about how wonderful your favorite neighborhood is. 

     Once you arrived at the office yesterday, what did you do?  Did you prospect?  What does that mean?  It means looking for prospects.  What is a prospect?  A prospect is someone that needs or wants your product, can afford it and will, most likely, buy it from you or your competitor in the near future.

     You can go to the MLS and run all the new listings that were put in the MLS yesterday.  Let's pretend that we did that.  Let's pretend that there were fourteen new listings.  Let's pretend that we called these new listing and asked them and ask them how they chose the Realtor that they chose.  What would their possible answer be?

     One might say,"I listed with Joe because he is my son in law.".  What does that tell you?  That tells me that you should call your mother in law and see if they are thinking about moving. 

The next one that you call said,"I listed with Mary because she is a member of my Toastmasters club.".  What does that tell you?  It tells me that you should call all the members of your club and see if moving is on their mind. 

     The next one that you call said," We listed with Susie because she held an "open house" two blocks from our house.  We walked in and met her.".  What does that tell you?  It tells me that you should schedule an open house for Sunday afternoon. 

     The next one that you called said," We had our house For Sale By Owner.  John called us and came out and convinced us that he could get us to the closing table with less aggravation and expense than we could do it on our own.".  What does that tell you?  It tells me that calling fsbos works.  If you need any help with that,  .

     The next one that you call told you that they listed with David because he has half the For Sale signs in the neighborhood and all of the Sold signs.  What does that tell you?  It tells me that nothing succeeds like success.  The more listings you have, the more listings you get.  Read Matthew 25 verse 14 through 30.  This was true when Jesus was on the speaking circuit and it is true today. 

     The next one that you call and ask them why they listed with Paul.  They tell you that they listed with Paul because six months ago, they listed with another Realtor and their listing expired yesterday.  Paul called them at 8:15 AM and told them that he could get their house sold.   They listed with Paul.  What does that tell you?  It tells me that calling expired listings works. They are going to list with someone and they are likely going to do it today.  Why not you ?  Call expireds.  If you need help with that, watch this video. 

     The next listing you call and ask them why they listed with Bryant.  They tell you that the deputy sheriff had shown up on their doorstep and served them with papers telling them that their home was being foreclosed upon.  .  The situation looked hopeless.  Then we received a very nice letter from Bryant explaining that he could help us.  We called him.  He is arranging for us to short sale the house.  He said we might even get some money at closing.  Bryant is our hero. What does this tell you?  Maybe you should contact some foreclosure victims. 

     The next listing that you call and ask them why they listed with Andrew.  The owner explained that his mom had passed away a few weeks ago.  Andrew had sent a card with a short note that said,"If we can help you dispose of any real estate, please call."  Since the son lived in another city, he called Andrew. Andrew has really been a big help with a big problem.  There are five thousand Realtors in Orlando.  Andrew was the only one that contacted us.  We appreciated it. 

     The next listing that you called and asked why they listed with Jane.  They almost seemed surprised that you asked.  They told you that everyone in this neighborhood lists with Jane.  Their house was Jane's listing when they bought it five years ago.  Jane has the neighborhood website.  She sends out the neighborhood newsletter via email every month.  They said they had her magnetic calendar on their refrigerator.  She drops off American flags for the fourth of July every year.  Everyone loves Jane.  Everyone lists with Jane.  What does that tell you?  Adopt a neighborhood.

     The next listing that you call is a giant financial corporation.  You ask the assets manager why they listed with George.  The assets manager told you that about two years ago she got a letter from George explaining that he was a good agent and if she ever needed a good agent in Orlando, give him a try.  She responded to his letter and told him that they already had an agent in Orlando.  George's letters just kept showing up every month with market reports and other information that was helpful.  One day she decided to try George and the rest is history.  George got her houses sold quickly and painlessly.  Today George gets most of their business in Orlando.  What does that tell you?  It tells me you should contact assets managers if you want that business. 

     The next listing that you call and ask why they listed with Carlos.  The seller said he was at a Rotary club meeting and Carlos was the guest speaker.  He spoke about the Orlando economy.  The seller said he as impressed with Carlos.  He stayed after the meeting and asked Carlos a few questions.  He told Carlos that he wanted to sell his house.  Carlos took care of everything.  What does that tell you?  Get out and speak to clubs and organizations. 

     The next person that you call and ask why they listed with Paula.  They tell you that they were thinking about moving.  They were in the grocery store when they saw Paula.  She was wearing a name badge with the name of her real estate company.  They asked her for some advice.  She certainly seemed to know about real estate.  She came to the house and now she has it for sale.  What does that tell you?  Don't be a secret agent.  Wear your Climer School of Real Estate T Shirt.

     The next seller you called said he was a real estate investor that bought several houses every year.  He said he listed with Pete because he had seen his blogs on .  He explained that he read Biggerpockets for education.  He called Pete because Pete was a frequent contributor to the forums at Biggerpockets.  He was impressed with Pete by reading his articles.  He went on to tell you that he had a property listed in Miami  with a Realtor that he had also "met" because he answered questions on Trulia Voices.  He said he had found a Realtor in Jacksonville from reading her blogs on . What does that tell you?  It tells me that a lot of people go to these websites and forums looking for information.  If they find you there, you might get a listing or two.  They won't find you if you are not there.

     The next listing you call, they tell you that they listed with Tom because they received a letter from him asking if they wanted to sell their vacant house in Orlando.  They had owned this house for twelve years.  They had inherited it from his sister twelve years ago.  They pay their taxes every year.  It doesn't bother them but it is not really doing them any good either.  When Tom wrote them and asked if selling it made any sense, it did make sense.  Apparently, Tom had just looked up their name and address on the county property appraiser's website and called them.  Thanks for calling Tom.  What does that tell you?  There are a lot of people that own vacant houses that just need a little push to turn these eyesore properties into mortgages or cash.

    You need to be looking for prospects.  Pay attention to how you spend your time.  Spend your time looking for someone that  needs a Realtor.  When you find one, know how to make an effective presentation.  Make at least, one presentation every day.  You will do fine selling real estate in central Florida.  If we can help, contact us at

The Florida Real Estate Exam Review, An Added Benefit

     All teachers and instructors have a "style" of teaching.  After thirty years of teaching, I have certainly developed one.  I have a high tolerance for people "blurting out" things in class. 

     I average about forty students in my Florida real estate exam review classes. You can see our picture on our Facebook page.  Half of these students are people that took my sixty hour FREC 1 class.  Half of them are people that took their  FREC 1 real estate class at another real estate school or took their real estate course online.  "My" students already know me and are familiar with my style of teaching. 

     About half the people in the room have already taken the Florida real estate exam at least once. In the class that I finished yesterday, I had several students that had, not only, taken the Florida real estate exam but they had also paid thirty five dollars to Pearson Vue to review their test.  When you go to review your test, Pearson Vue allows you to look at your Florida real estate exam for ninety minutes.  You can only see the questions that you missed.  They give you the correct answers.  You can not take notes.  You can leave a pencil and paper on the seat of your car that will be ready as soon as you leave.  All of my students that have already taken the Florida real estate exam and the ones that reviewed their tests were a wealth of information about the test.  As I teach, they would blurt out,"That is on the test".  Some of the students would raise their hand and elaborate on the details of the questions.  This is valuable information.  I am certain this conversation continued without me during the breaks and lunch.  This alone is worth the sixty dollar tuition to my two day Florida real estate exam course. 

     Most of my review students that took their Florida real estate course online from a foreign real estate school had no idea that the Florida real estate exam had a pass rate of twenty seven per cent last month.  No one told them.  In my basic FREC 1 real estate course, I tell the students that the Florida real estate exam is tough.  I encourage them constantly to attend my two day review.  About half of my students attend the review and about half go pass the Florida real estate exam without the review.  We teach what is on the Florida real estate exam in our basic FREC 1 class.  We do not teach anything new in the review class. 

     It costs $31.50 to take the Florida real estate exam from Pearson Vue every time you take it.  Come join us at our next Florida real estate exam review.  The rapport with your fellow students is half the value.   

Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Florida Real Estate Exam, A Tutor for You

     I teach classes at Climer School of Real Estate to twenty to forty students.  This is a less than ideal way to learn.  The ideal way to learn is one on one tutoring.What a fabulous idea.  Why doesn't everyone do it? 

     Every one does not do one on one tutoring because it is expensive.  Failing the Florida real estate exam at $31.50 per try is also expensive. 

     One of the major differences between one on one tutoring and a classroom is feedback.   When I am in a classroom with twenty students, I do a math problem.  I ask the students, " Are you with me?".  All twenty students tell me they are with me.  Do you believe that?  Are all twenty students with me?  No.  Some are.  Some are not.  The ones that are not will never let me know in a classroom. 

     As a teacher, I will never intentionally embarrass a student in class.  That is my policy.  All teachers don't feel that way.  Many instructors think it is OK to embarrass a student in class.  Students don't like it and will avoid it at all costs.  That is why they say they are with me when they are not.  As a veteran teacher, I know this.  I will often repeat the explanation.  Sometimes time will not allow that. 

     When I am tutoring one on one, there is only me and the student.  I don't have to ask,"Are you with me?".  I can watch them push the buttons  on the calculator.  I can ask the student to explain it to me.   There is no embarrassment.   There is no one there but   me and the student. 

     One on one tutoring is wonderful.  I wish I could do all my teaching that way.  I can not.

Passing the Florida real estate exam the first time is not easy.  It costs $36.75 every time you take it. Pass it the next time you take it.  If we can help contact us at

Saturday, May 4, 2013

What Is The Pass Rate For The Florida Real Estate Exam For April 2013

     The Department of Business and Professional Regulation has released the pass rate statistics for April, 2013 for the Florida real estate exam. The news is bad.

     One thousand,one hundred and forty six applicants took the Florida real estate exam for the first time in April.  Three hundred and seven passed.  Eight hundred and thirty nine were disappointed.  That is a pass rate of twenty seven per cent.  One thousand eight hundred and two applicants took the Florida real estate exam for the second or third or fourth time.  Four hundred twenty eight passed.  That is a dismal pass rate of twenty four per cent for the repeaters.  Every one of these people paid thirty one dollars for the experience. 

     How can anyone think this Florida real estate exam is a picnic?  How can anyone think you don't have to study?  Take a hint from this article.  You have to study.  You have to study hard.  More importantly, you have to study what is on the Florida real estate exam.  You have to study the right stuff. 

     If you took your basic real estate class online from a real estate school that specializes in all fifty states, you better start looking for what is on the Florida real estate exam.  A good place to start is to take my free practice exam on my website at .  If you are taking the Florida real estate exam soon, do yourself a favor.  Go take this free exam.  Print the exam out.  Sit down.  Spend two hours answering the questions.  Don't cheat.  Don't go look the answers up in the book like you probably did with your on line real estate course test. Take this like a real test. Grade yourself.  If you don't pass this test, you will not be passing the Florida real estate exam given by Pearson Vue.  If you have already taken Pearson Vue's practice test at the test center at an expense of $31.50, then you fail my free practice test, know that you need to be studying.,  You need to be studying the stuff that is on the Florida test. 

     What should you be studying?  Have you watched all nine of my free real estate math videos on You Tube?  Here is a link to one of the nine videos.  Our user name is Climer School.  If you have not watched all nine of these real estate math videos, that is a good place to start studying for the Florida real estate exam.  There is no math on the Florida real estate exam that is not on these videos.  Spend some time watching these videos.  Do the math with your calculator.  You will not believe how many people fail the Florida real estate exam with a grade of 72,73,or 74 and they got six out of ten on the math.  The math is important.  It costs $31.50 every time you take the Florida real estate exam. It not only costs $31.50, you have to drive to the test site, park your car, remember to bring your certificate from your real estate school every time you take the test.  Even if you are taking the test for the tenth time, you have to bring your certificate from the real estate school with you or they won't let you in.  You have to find a babysitter, take time off your job.  You want to pass this exam the next time you take it. 

     Do you have Linda Crawford's "Real Estate Exam Manual for Sales Associates and Brokers" ?  This is the best study aid that you can lay your hands on.  There is nothing on the Florida real estate exam that is not in this book.  The better news is there is nothing in this book that is not on the Florida real exam.  If you don't have this book, call Kathy at 407 822 3926 and get it.  Quit studying what is on the California test.  Study for the Florida exam.

     We teach a two day review for the Florida real estate exam. The schedule is on our website at . Over half of our students in these classes did not take their basic class at Climer School of Real Estate.  Many took their basic class at an online real estate school from another state.  They ask me questions about the Torrens method.  They ask me what  an executor is.  We don't have these things in Florida.  You need to know what is on the Florida test.  The best way to learn about Florida stuff is go to a Florida real estate school. If you can't attend our two day review, we have it on audio CD and video DVD.  Ask Kathy for the details on that.

     One hundred per cent of the non Climer School students that attend my review classes do not have the state of Florida's "Candidate Information Booklet For The Florida Sales Associates Examination".  This booklet is published by the DBPR.  It has a breakdown of what is on the Florida real estate exam. Why would anyone go take the exam without reading this booklet?  If you don't have a copy of this valuable booklet, call Kathy at 407  822 3926.  She will email you a free copy.

     If you want to be in the 24% that pass the Florida real estate exam , study what is on the Florida real estate exam.  Study Linda Crawford's exam manual.  Watch Climer School's free real estate math videos. Take my free practice test on my website.  Take the four hundred question practice tests in the back of Linda's exam manual. Attend my two day review.  Read the candidate's booklet.  Please do not underestimate this exam.  It costs $31.50 every time you take the Florida real estate exam.