Tuesday, July 17, 2012

An Extraordinary Income For An Ordinary Person

     It would seem to me that an extraordinary income for a ordinary person is not going to happen.  People seem to be attracted to that notion.  Why not get attracted to the notion that you can be extraordinary.  When that happens, your income will probably grow to extraordinary levels. 

     The world operates according to laws, like the law of gravity. You don't have to believe in gravity.  You don't have to subscribe to the theory of gravity.  Gravity works.

     There  are other laws that are just as reliable as the law of gravity. 

     The law of compensation tells us that there is no free lunch.  Eighty per cent of people in the world are looking for a free lunch.  There is no free lunch.  There are lunches that you can pay for in arrears on credit with interest.  There is no free lunch.  Some people figure this out early in life.  Some people go to their grave looking for a free lunch. 

     The law of gravity says if you jump off the roof, you will go down.  You will go down every time.  The law of compensation says there is no free lunch.  There is never a free lunch.

     If this is true, it must also be true that no effort can go unrewarded.  What would happen if an ordinary person put extraordinary effort into his work?  Would he excel or would he get ordinary results?  What if, at the same time this ordinary person put extraordinary effort into his work, he also worked on having an extraordinarily good attitude?  He was always cheerful and optimistic.  He encouraged his co workers to do better.  He went what Napoleon Hill called "the extra mile".  He paid little attention to his results but rather paid attention to his attitude.

     What if that same ordinary person spent an extraordinary amount of time and effort studying their area of expertise?  What if that ordinary person read several books per month and also read several blogs and trade journals about their work?  What if that ordinary person learned so much about their work that other people noticed their extraordinary knowledge and started to ask their advice and respect their opinion?  How could that not happen?

     What if that ordinary person was always at work before the boss arrived and rarely left before the boss at the end of the work day?  What if that ordinary person spent a lot of time at work working?

     So let's see.  We have an ordinary person showing up early and leaving late.  That ordinary person is also at work working.  That person is not only working hard but is maintaining an extraordinarily good attitude.  That is always attractive.  That same ordinary person puts in an extraordinary amount of time working.  That same ordinary person is constantly studying and learning about his their work.His boss and peers have started to consider him an expert.

     Since he is spending his extra time studying and learning, he develops a skill that we call good judgement.  He makes good decisions.  One good decision he makes is he decides to live his life on ninety per cent of his income and save the other ten per cent.

     Here is our ordinary guy living on ninety per cent of his income and saving ten per cent, showing up for work early, leaving late with a cheerful attitude and more knowledge than his peers because  he spends an extraordinary amount of time learning how to do his job better.

     What if he also learned how to focus and pay attention to what is important and leave the junk alone?  When he is at work, he is working.  He is not hanging around the water cooler.  He is calling prospects.  He is knocking on doors.  He is asking someone to do business with him.  When he does go to lunch, he goes to the Chamber of Commerce luncheon or similar meeting where he might meet a prospect.  He doesn't spend a lot of time with his co workers whining about how bad management is.

     This ordinary person has figured out that time turns into money only if you invest it wisely.

     I believe this ordinary person would no longer be ordinary. This ordinary person would would probably be called....

     You thought I was going to say extraordinary.  No.  His peers would call him lucky.

     He was lucky.  He was lucky that he landed the Johnson account.  His peers don't know that Mr. Johnson was the twenty fifth door that our ordinary salesman had called on the day he signed up. They don't know he had been kicked out of twenty four offices that day before he found Mr. Johnson.  He was lucky that he sold the Smiths, the lead that the boss gave him.  They bought that huge deal.  He was lucky.  He was lucky that he was in the office at 6:45 when the Smiths came by to visit with the boss.  He called the boss that was already on the way home.  The boss turned around and that big deal was closed.  Mr. Ordinary was lucky that every morning when the boss came to work, Mr. Ordinary had the coffee brewing.  Who else would the boss give that lead to?

     I have read Emerson's  essay,"Compensation".  I have read "A Wealth of Nations" and I have read Napoleon Hill. I believe if you put out extraordinary effort with an extraordinary attitude.   for an extraordinary amount of time, you will earn an extraordinary income.  www.climerrealestateschool.com


  1. Great article Ron, Will definitely repost this

  2. When I was asking about jobs and companies before I started working toward my real estate license, my question was not about what the average guy makes. I don't want what the average guy makes. Looking at the records, the average guy won't stay in the business.

    A fantastic article, Ron. I wish more people would get this. Mind if I repost it on my Facebook page?