Saturday, July 7, 2012

If You Are Selling Real Estate To Make Money...

     If you are selling real estate to make money, Google yourself.  If you do not have a strong web presence today, that would be like having an unlisted telephone number in the 1980's.  Can you imagine this. It is 1980.  "Hello operator. Can you give the phone number for XYZ Realty?"  " I'm sorry, that number is unlisted."

     It is not 1980 and no one is dialing 411 looking for your phone number.  People don't look in the yellow pages anymore. They go to their favorite search engine.  Some people like Yahoo. Some people like Bing.  Most people like Google.  Where do you go when you need a _________________? You go to Google.

     What do you sell?   I sell.  I sell Florida real estate license courses.  When someone decides to get a Florida real estate license, they go to their favorite search engine and start looking for a Florida real estate school to help them get their Florida real estate license.  I want Climer School of Real Estate to come up first or, at least, on the first page of their favorite search engine.

     If you sell widgets or wadgets or real estate, you need to come up first.  Don't you agree.
If someone puts in real estate or houses for sale in your town, are you first or second or third or fiftyfifth.  Are you on page one of Google or page fourteen?  No body is scrolling to page fourteen.  Your telephone is unlisted.  This is not a small deal.  This is a  big deal.  This is like oxygen. Your income depends on it.

     Here is minimum acceptable performance.  Google yourself.  My name is Ron Climer.  If I were doing this, I would put in Ron Climer.  Minimum acceptable performance is YOU will show up; not some serial killer from Kansas but you will show up first.  If you don't show up first and you sell on commission, this is effecting your income.  You may not know it.  You may deny that it is true.  It is true. It is costing you money. Solve this problem.  If you are a Realtor, start learning about search engine optimization. Google Ron Climer. Why do I come up first instead of an evangelist from California or a moving company in Georgia?  Because I have been working at it for two years. You better get to work because it is like pulling a locomotive, momentum counts.

Try this.  Get a stop watch.  Put your name into Google.  How long does it take to find a phone number for you?   Is it  even possible to find a phone number for you?  Solve this problem today.

     If you are a new Realtor, attend my 45 hour post license class.  You have to attend somewhere before you renew your Florida real estate license.  Attend my class.  We will teach you, not only this but many other listing and selling skills that will make you money.

     If you take my advice and Google yourself and if you don't come up first , read my next post, "Five Things You Can Do Today To Increase Your Web Image"


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