Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Florida Real Estate License Is Easy To Get

     In Orlando, Florida, a Florida real estate license is easy to get.  To get a Florida real estate license, in Orlando you need to apply to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation at .  You can apply on line or you can mail in your application.                                                                                                                                                               
      The next thing you have to do is take the basic sixty three hour real estate course.  You can take that in classroom or on line from Climer School of Real Estate.  Our website is .  Climer School of Real Estate is a good school.  It is a Florida real estate school.  Do not make the mistake of taking an on line real estate course from a NOT Florida real estate school.  This is a disaster.  I have students that come to my two day Florida real estate exam cram course to prepare for the Florida real estate exam.  They took their basic class from a NOT Florida school.  They know a lot of stuff that they don't need to know.  They ask me about community property and dower rights.  We don't have community property or dower rights in Florida .  Often they know stuff that they don't need to know but they don't know what they do need to know.
     Passing the Florida real estate exam is the next step.  This has a fifty per cent pass rate.  It is ten per cent real estate math.  I have posted all the math on You Tube.  No matter where you go to real estate school, watch those real estate math videos. There are nine of them.
The expense involved is a FAQ on our website .

Call us at 407 822 3926, if we can help you get your Florida real estate license.

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