Friday, July 13, 2012

Seven Things You Can Do To Reduce Aggravation In Real Estate Sales

Real estate sales has a lot of aggravation built into it.  One thing you can start doing today to lower your aggravation in real estate is to ask your buyer customers for a larger deposit.  My students tell me about getting $1000 or $500 escrow deposits.  No wonder they have aggravation.  Ask for a twenty per cent escrow deposit.  If they ask would ten per cent be OK. Agree to that.  In Orlando , Florida the standard listing agreement has a paragraph that says we will split any forfeited deposit will be split fifty fifty between the Realtor and the owner.  If the buyer backs out just before the closing, that will certainly take the sting out of that bad experience. Ask for a large deposit.

Another thing you can do to reduce aggravation is to work only with buyers that intend to buy a house.  There is a art to learning how to do this.  The sooner you master this art, the better.  I am not talking about pre qualifying for a mortgage.  That is a pre requisite.  I am talking about learning to know if people intend to buy a house soon or are they just "kicking tires".Read my article," When in Doubt, Blow Em Out" .

If you spend time with people that can't or won't buy a house, you don't have time to spend with good people that do want to buy a house.

Another thing Realtors can do to keep aggravation to a minimum is to keep your car in good working order.  There is nothing more aggravating than car trouble.  When a small problem shows up, get it taken care of immediately.  Join AAA.  It is cheap and it is priceless when you need it.

The fourth thing Realtors can do to keep your aggravation level low is to find vendors that will do things the way you want them done.  Surveyors , title companies , mortgage companies , home inspectors , termite inspectors often can't or won't do things the way you want them done.  Keep looking .  Find one that will do things the way you want them done. 

For instance, if your home inspector wants to be paid at the inspection, but he doesn't take credit cards,this may be a problem for some of your customers.  If it is, ask him if he can solve this problem.  If he can't solve the problem, find a new inspector.  That is less aggravation for you.  Let's do things my way.  I like that. 

The fifth thing you can do to minimize aggravation in real estate is to gravitate away from working with buyers and start working more with listing.  It is almost a fact that the selling agent has more aggravation than the listing agent. List more.  Show other Realtors' listings less.  Good advice there.

Number six opportunity for less aggravation is increase your average listing price.  This is not always true but it seems that as you move away from the lower price range aggravation diminishes.  Prospect for higher priced listings.  Maybe it just seems like less aggravation since the commissions are larger.Try it.  See what you think.

Suggestion seven is don't agree to do things that are not your job.  If the termite guy doesn't have a multilock key and can't get in the house, don't you agree to go let them in the house if it is not your job.  Do your job.  If you are trying to do your job and other Realtor's job, you will experience aggravation.

The less aggravation you have the more energy you will have for selling real estate in Orlando, Florida

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