Sunday, July 1, 2012

Real Estate Career Opportunity in Orlando, Florida

     A career in real estate in Orlando. Florida is a very real possibility for anyone that is willing to work.  Some careers are better than others. Selling real estate is better than most. 

     Real estate is such an easy career to start.  You don't need a college degree.  You don't need anyone's approval.

     Getting a entry level job in real estate in Orlando is easy. Making an above average income in real estate sales is a very likely possibility.  I have hundreds of graduates at Climer School of Real Estate that do earn a six figure income.  Many of them sell houses .  That is a good way to make a living.  Many of my graduates sell time shares.  Orlando,Florida is the time share capital of the planet.  What a great career selling time shares is.  You work at a fancy resort.  You make a presentation.  When they buy, you make a commission.  Many time share salesman are making six figure incomes in Orlando. 

     Selling houses is a fabulous career if you like flexibility.  Nobody tells you what to do.  Nobody tells you what time to come to work or what time to go home.  If you don't want to work week ends, don't.  You are truly your own boss.  This is the thing that most people like best about a career in residential real estate in Orlando,Florida. 

     What do you have to do to start a career selling real estate?  Apply for a Florida real estate license at the Department of Business and Professionial Regulation at 400 W. Robinson Street in Orlando. Their website is .  You can apply online. The application fee is $105.

     You can take the basic Florida real estate license class at Climer School of Real Estate.  The tuition for that class is $220.  You can also take that class online at Then you have to pass the Florida real estate exam.  It costs $31 to take the state test. 

     You are ready to start your Florida real estate career.

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