Saturday, July 7, 2012

Five Simple Things Mr. Realtor Can Do Today To Increase Web Image

     Mr. Realtor, if you are reading this because you read my previous post, "If You Are Selling Real Estate to Make Money", you Googled yourself and you didn't show up.  You realize this is a problem.  This is a very serious problem if you are selling real estate to make money. If selling real estate for  you is just a hobby, don't worry about it. If you see this as a problem, read on.

     Start today.  Open a You Tube account.  I don't care what your impression of You Tube is.  Open a You Tube account today.  It is free.  This article is about what you can do today to get found on the internet.  Get a video camera, stand in front of it and tell us your name and contact information.  Advanced training will follow.  Get started.

     Next, get a blog.  Start a blog .  If you don't think you need one, Google yourself again.  It won't take long to figure out there is a problem. Start a blog today.  Eblogger or Wordpress.  They are free or cheap.  Start today. 

     If you are a Realtor, you need a website.  You need a website.  The company website doesn't count.  You need your website.  A website is free or cheap.  Check Go Daddy. You need a website.

    If you are not on Facebook, Google plus, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, join all of these today.  Create a profile on all of these sites.  Be sure all of your contact info is on every profile.  It is free.

     The fifth thing you can do is start learning about search engine optimization and keywords.  Get some books about SEO.  Read articles on the internet about SEO.  Keep reading and keep learning until you can Google yourself and you are on page one or you are number one. 

     If you are a new Realtor, attend my 45 hour post license class.  We teach this and other sales skills that will enhance your income and kickstart your real estate career. contact us at  

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