Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Perfect Listing Presentation, You Need One

     Has anyone ever called your office or called you personally and said, "We just inherited a house in your town and we are here interviewing three Realtors. Can you stop by tomorrow at ten or would noon be more convenient for you?  Does that happen?  Yes, it does.

     Will you get that listing?  You only have two competitors.   In a field of three,  there will be one winner.  Will it be you?  The answer depends on your PRESENTATION. 

     Do you have a good presentation ready?  You don't have to have the best presentation in town.  You have to have the best presentation of the three that your prospect is going to hear. 

     Why should we list with you?  That is what they want to know.  They are not going to ask that question. You have to answer that question.  Do you know what you are going to tell them?  If not when would be a good time to start figuring it out?  I think a good time would be before you get the aforementioned phone call. 

     Let's start by asking a few planned questions.  How long have you owned this property?  Have you made any major improvements since you bought it?  What price do you have in mind?  How did you arrive at that price?  Is it free and clear or do you have a mortgage?  How much do you owe on it?  What efforts have you made to get it sold?  Have you talked to other Realtors?  What are you looking for in a Realtor?  How would you recognize that trait?  How would it effect your life if it doesn't sell?  What would you have to know to list with me right now, today?

     You can put that or similar questions on a single sheet  of paper.  Put a slot at the top for name, address, legal description.  Make it look like an official form.  It is a perfect way to start your presentation every time.  Those other two Realtors are not starting their presentation this way. I am certain.

     Ask first,then tell.  Tell them how MLS works.  Don't assume they know. They probably don't know. Tell them why it works better for you than it does for your competitors.  Tell them What a Realtor is.  Tell them how advertising works.  Tell them about print advertising works if you use print advertising.  Tell them how the internet works if you use the internet.  Tell them how blogging works if you use blogging to find prospects.  Tell them about the two hundred postcards you mail out to the neighbors works if you mail out two hundred postcards to the neighbors.  Whatever you and your company does to advertise, tell them how wonderful it is. 

     Tell them about your company.  If you have been in business since 1906, tell them.  If your company is wonderful, tell them why it is wonderful.  If your company is small, tell them how wonderful small is.  If your company is large, tell them how great large is.

     Tell them about yourself.  If you have letters after your name, tell them what they mean.  Tell them how few of your competitors have those letters because thet are so hard to get.  Tell the stories about a transaction that was dying but because of what you learned at that seminar, you saved that deal. 

     Tell them how smart your sales manager or broker or team leader is.  Tell them you are lucky and blessed to have been chosen to be on her team or in his office.  Tell them how smart your assistant is .  Tell a story about how your assistant saved the day on a deal just recently.  Tell them how smart your title company is.  Tell them how smart your home inspector is.  Tell them how smart your mortgage guy is.  You don't have to tell them how smart you are for surrounding yourself with this smart people.  It will be obvious to them. 

     Tell them how important financing is to real estate sales.  Tell them you understand financing if you do understand real estate financing. If you do not, when would be a good time to start learning about financing?  You can't  brag about understanding it if  you don't.  If you can show them a chart entitled" The three best ways to finance your house", you will look like a genius.  Show them FHA.  Show them USDA if that works in their neighborhood. Read my previous article about my house in Tryon ,North Carolina. Show them owner financing.  If they own the house free and clear, what a great opportunity for them if you understand owner financing well enough to explain it.  If you don't, when would be a good time to start learning more about it?  Tell them anything you don't know about financing, your mortgage guy does know.    Tell them you are going to write a blog post like the one I wrote a few days ago about my house in Tryon, North Carolina. If you don't have a blog, when would be a good time to start one?  I will bet those other two Realtors don't have a blog.

     Tell them interest rates are lower than they have ever been in their lifetime.  Now is the time to get house sold.  When interest rates go up, property value goes down.  Make sure they understand that you understand financing and financing is the key to success in real estate. 

     Tell them you are honest.  Tell them you work hard.  Tell them you love what you do.  Say something funny every once in a while.  If you can make them laugh, you can make them list.  Tell them you answer your phone and when you don't, you return all your phone calls.  Don't say this if it is not true.  If it is not true, when would be a good tome to change that bad habit?

      Tell them " If you list your house with me this afternoon at the right price, I will get it sold quickly.  Is that what you want?"  When they say yes, Ask them how to spell their first name as you put your pen on the listing agreement.

     If you don't have a perfect listing presentation that you could present to a seller twenty minutes from now, quit wondering why you don't prospect more.  You don't prospect because you don't have anything to say to a prospect when you find one.

     Why call a FSBO, if you don't know what to say when you get there ?  Why call an expired listing, if you don't know what to say when you get there?  Why call a foreclosure victim, if you have no presentation prepared? Why post blog posts to make the phone ring, if you don't have a presentation ready when it does ring?   One of those other two Realtors take home the listing.  That is a lot of rejection.  Rejection on the phone and then rejection at the kitchen table. If you don't have a presentation planned and ready, you will not prospect.

     I have to close with an old story.  Stories are like country music.  The older they are, the better they are.  Two guys were out in the woods camping.  Suddenly they saw a bear running up the trail towards them.  One of them yelled "run run".  The other replied "You can't outrun that bear".  The other yelled back," I don't have to outrun the bear, I just have to outrun you."

     That is real estate.  You don't have to have the best presentation in town.  You just have to have the best ones your prospects sees.  You just have to be  better than those other two Realtors.

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