Saturday, July 14, 2012

See More Prospects, See What Happens

     I often ask rookie Realtors, "How many prospects did you see yesterday?".  This seems to be a perplexing question .  It should not be.  This is the linchpin of your real estate career. 

      Everything revolves around how many prospects you see.  Listing prospects and buying prospects are important.  No matter how good you are, if you don't get face to face with a prospect, you are not going to make a lot of money in real estate sales.

     Get this thought in the top of your mind.  Wake up every day and ask yourself, " How can I get face to face with a prospect today?".  Look at your appointment book.  Do you have an appointment to show a house or make a listing presentation?  If not, it is pretty unlikely that you will earn any money today. 

     This is a critically important concept for you to understand.  You need to concentrate on making appointments with prospects.  As you fill your calendar with appointments, you may want to learn to increase the quality of those appointments.  For now, let's concern ourselves with the quantity of the appointments.

     If you don't prospect, you won't have any appointments.  Is that simple?  Is that too simple?  It starts with prospecting.  If you read my previous article, "A Perfect Presentation, You Need One", I told you that you need a perfect presentation.  However, a perfect presentation is a waste of time if you have no one to present it to. 

     Make an appointment with a prospect.  If you don't know how, attend my forty five hour post license course that is coming up soon.  I will teach you.

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