Friday, June 15, 2012

Have You Mastered The Basics of Real Estate Sales

     Many new Florida real estate agents tell me they want to master advanced sales skills.  Let's not worry about the advanced skills until we have mastered the basics.

     Can you call a stranger on the phone?  Many modern sales trainers scoff at calling for sale by owners and expired listings.  What better training ground to learn how to engage strangers on the phone.

    Many real estate agents, even after years in the business, are reluctant to call strangers because they don't have much practice at it.  When they get a referral, they are not smooth when they talk to these strangers.  Calling Fsbos and expired listing is such good practice. Engaging people on the phone is an essential skill in real estate.  You must learn about asking questions and other verbal skills.  Practice is the best way to learn these skills. 

     A basic listing presentation that you can do well is a essential skill.  Often in class at Climer School of Real Estate, I ask the students ,"If someone walked in here right now and said they wanted to list their house with the Realtor  in the room that could make an excellent listing presentation."  Would you be ready to go?  Ninety per cent of the time my students tell me no.  When are you going to be ready?  Your competitor is ready now.  You will be ready after you have made that presentation to about a hundred couples.

     When you are new in real estate, why not take an attitude of I need to practice my listing presentation.  Maybe if I called Mr. Expired, he would let me come over and practice on him.  While I am there, I can practice my rapport building skills and maybe he will even give me a couple of objections that I can practice answering.  If I practice that presentation for 100 days in a row, I would learn it well enough that someone might list with me. 

     Learn the basics.  Prospect , Present , Follow Up



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