Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Real Estate License In Florida

     This is a open sesame.  This is the key to the door to hidden treasure. 

     This might seem like an exaggeration.  It is not.  Real estate is almost always sold on commission.  If you are good at it, you can earn an extraordinary income.  If you are average at it, you can still make an above average income by working harder or longer hours.  If you are not good at selling, you can get better. You can go seminars.  You can read books about selling better.  You can attend webinars and read blogs.  Information about how to get better is all around us.

     A real estate license in Florida gives you an assurance that you can always earn a living.  You don't have to worry about being laid off if the economy dips.  Profit centers don't get laid off.  When you work for a real estate broker, you are a profit center.  You bring money into the company.  Some of the secretaries might get laid off.  The sales manager might get laid off.  The janitor might get laid off.  If you are the holder of a Florida real estate license, you will not get laid off.  You are the person that is generating income for the firm.  You are the solution.  You are not the problem.

     A real estate license in Florida is like a  high school student with a fancy new convertible.  You know you are going to do well. 

     There are many different ways to do well in Florida real estate.  You don't have to do what someone else is doing.  You don't have to do what the sales trainer did.  You can do what works for you. If you have a real estate license in Florida, you can do well.

     At Climer School of Real Estate, we teach people to get a Florida real estate license.  It is fun to watch people embark on a new career.  I have seen lots of people double their previous income.  I have had students that earn $50,000 in their first transaction.  It is cool just to be a catalyst for that.  I have had students that embraced a whole new life with their Florida real estate license.  It is like a magic wand.  You don't have to impress the boss.  You just have to sell Florida real estate. 

     I have seen people be successful when every thing you know about success tells you they should fail.  That is the magic of a Florida real estate license.  Learn to prospect.  Learn to ask for the business.  Success will knock your door down.  Your mother-in-law may be surprised.  Your co workers from your old job may not believe that you are earning a nice living with your Florida real estate license. 

     After I had been in the real estate business for a few years, I  had experienced enough success that was being paid to do some sales training  for local Realtors.  One morning, I had been asked to come out to a sales meeting to train some new Florida real estate licensees.  There in the audience was a lady that I had worked with in my old job in Orlando when I first got out of college.  I recognized her and I asked her,"Mary what inspired you to get your Florida real estate license?"  She replied,"You did Ron.  I heard you had got your real estate license and you was doing well.  I figured if you could do well any one could do well."  I think that was a compliment. 

     If you would like to change your life and get your Florida real estate license or if you would just like to know what it cost to get started, go to my website at www.climerrealestateschool.com .  Go to FAQ.  Click on "What does it cost to get a Florida real estate license?"

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