Thursday, June 21, 2012

If You Want A Florida Real Estate License, Go To A Florida Real Estate School

     Every time I teach my  two day state exam review cram course for the Florida real estate exam, I am amazed at how much these students that took their Florida real estate course on line don't know. 

     My most recent amazement was a student from a gypsy on line school that did not know he needed to apply for a Florida real estate license.  He has been working on his real estate course for several months but no one told him to apply for a license until I told him today. I told him to go to the Department of Business and Professionial Regulation's website at and apply for a Florida real estate license.  This costs $105.  He did not know that he could have done that months if he had known. 

     Do yourself a favor.  Use a Florida real estate school with a brick and mortar building in Florida to get your Florida real estate license.

     We did a survey of our real estate students.  They all agree that the best real estate school in Florida is Climer School of Real Estate.

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