Thursday, June 14, 2012

What Your Customers Really Want

     The first thing your customer wants is respect.  Customers do not want to be treated like they are stupid

     They are not stupid.  A brain surgeon brings his B M W to the repair shop.  The mechanic talks to him like he is stupid because he does not know car parts.  A fifty year old executive is taking flying lessons for two hundred dollars per hour.  His twenty three year old instructor wants to talk to him like he is stupid.  If he were stupid, he could not afford flying lessons.

     At Climer School of Real Estate, I have a lot of students that have a lot of trouble with the stuff  I teach trying to get them a Florida real estate license. These people are not stupid.  Most of my students know a lot more than I know about many subjects. 

     If a student or a seller or a buyer is your customer, treat them with lots of respect.  They deserve your respect.  You might know more about real estate or whatever it is you are selling than they do.  They still deserve a lot of respect.

     We all get frustrated when buyers and sellers do stuff that it seems like they should know better than to do.  We might know more about real estate.  Our customers still know a lot of stuff. 

     Adjust your attitude.  Don't show irritation when Mr. Seller doesn't want his house shown on Saturday.  He doesn't know that more homes are sold on Saturday than any other day. 

     Don't expect your customers to know as much as you know.  Show them respect first last and always.  They will buy from you.

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